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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Stylish jewellery for children

Welcome to ZaniL Design ElegantJewellery

Hello there , thanks you for stopping by.  I am sure you will enjoy your visit , please don't hesitate to contact me about my designs or having something custom made or repaired.

email me please on or call me on 0407 892 760.

This month I have been working on my Royal Canberra show piece so I have not made many new things , but I do have  a lot of designs in the pipe line of my mind just bursting to come out, so watch this space.

I did find some time to make a few stylish pairs of earrings for children. I also got my sewing machine out and made a few items for my kids  from scrap material, that I bought more material in leopard print and made some pencil cases/make up bags and mobile and I Pod covers. I am so happy with them that I decided I would put them out there..

Childrens earrings.  Left to right and top to bottom
Codes: FEB13-001 - FEB13-007
Please indicate if you would like hooks or contential ear wires.
All $7.00 except for the top pair these are $12.00

one only - fresh water pearl childs bracelet
code: FEB13-BR001
Price: $12.00

Leopard Print accessories , made from cotton fabric. Cases are double backed.
Small case with ziper ( one pocket only) $8.50
Larger case with ziper and one pocket only  $9.50
Mobile phone pouches  $6.50 
Please send measurements if you would like a particular size.
Also Available in Zebra Print.

Cheers , here's to happy creating and the joy it brings when one makes something with ones own imagination and hands.


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