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Thursday, March 3, 2011

ZaniL Design Wins Third Prize at 2011 Royal Canberra Show

Welcome to My Award Winning Jewellery Blog

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you enjoy your visit.

This month and particulary this post , I am happy to announce I have won a Third place ribbon in the professional class at the local Royal Canberra Show recently. I am so pleased all of my hard work has paid off.

This design came to me in a dream and it involves a 5 strand plait which I learnt while volunteering at Girl Guides. I always wanted to use that plait in something special. the design just evolved as I was making it ans it kept on changing and this is what I ended up with. I have had these beads for a while and the smaller beads are a vintage Swarovski. I just can't wait to wear it some where special.

This piece took over 50 hours to make , but all the effort is well worth it. I will have it on show at the markets if anyone is interested in looking at it.

Here is a more detailed picture of the design.

Amazing as this piece was not going to be made and it was finished just 1 week before it had to be handed in. I imagined it and it came into being as the saying "Imagination is everything , it is the preview of lifes coming attraction "by Albert Einstien.

This is the 4th Year I have won awards for my designs. I have won awards in the 2008/2009/2010 and 2011 Royal Canberra Show.
ZaniL Design makes Award Winning jewellery designs that are Stylish, Elegant and distinctive. I want you to feel great and confident in one of my creations. I make high quality jewellery for all occasions and most importantly for you to enjoy and feel great in for a very long time. My designs are timeless and award winning, so come and visit me some time at the markets and be suprised.

Here is my other entry and this has been made with Swarovski Crytals. This sparkles and is so beautiful.

I will take this oppotunity to thank of my friends and customers who support and encourage me is so many ways.
Beading is my passion in life at the moment and it has opened up a world of great expereinces in the world of self discovery, business, and people and I am just loving the feeling of being free to explore the endless opportunities and possibilities. I always think that if it feels right keep doing what you love ( and you have to love it ) because you will get so much more that monetary benefits from it.

You know life is just too short not to spend some time away doing what you love and just letting your self go. I am so lucky and so grateful that I am able to do this now, so thanks once again. I read somewhere to just believe in your self and what you can achieve and just go for it.

My parting words , as I always like to end off with a interesting quote or thought.

If you have something you always wanted to do , do it, do it now , we only have today and tomorrow may never come.

This months post
  • My award winning design
  • Swarovski style- Bracelets
  • Mother's Day gift ideas - All posts apply
  • Red and Black Love affair.

My services

  • Pearl knotting and cleaning service.
  • Jewellery repairs
  • Jewellery parties ( Canberra and surrounding areas, Newcastle and Goulburn)
That's it for now. Please email me on for enquires

I get lots of positive feed back verbally- I would love to see you send me some comments- tell me what you think , what can I improve?

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

ZaniL Design - Swarovski Style

Welcome to my Blog !

Hello Everyone, How are you all going? I hope well.
I have been making some Swarovski designs for all the people that love things that sparkle and glimmer in the sun. I just love things that shine and I just can not stop looking at them, which I suppose is the reason we are all attracted to them.

Looking for a Mother's Day gift, well yoyu have come to the right place.

These rings are only available at the markets so do come and have a look, they are so attractive.

Swarovski never dates so it will always look great.

These Swarovski bracelets are so gorgeous and
so affordable. They come is so many colours. I have made this selection for now.

They are $57.50 each.
Code: MAR2011-SWB01 -06 ( 01 top - 06 bottom)
made with Swarovski crystals

choose bracelet

This is a new bridal design made with Swarovski

Price: $120.00
Code: MAR2011-N05

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions at all about my designs. I will be more than happy to help.

Also if you have any jewellery needing repairs or pearls that need restringing - let me know.

cheers for now.


ZaniL Design - Mother's Day Gift Ideas - March 2011

Welcome to my Award winnign Jewellery blog

Mother's Day Gift ideas

Thank you for stopping by and looking at my creations.

This month I have made some more red and black earrings, so if you are looking for these colours you have come to the right place.

These earrings are stunning- all glass and gold plated.
5.5 cm drop.

Price: $30.00
Code: MAR2011-E02

Red and black combinations
Price: $18.00
Code: MAR2011-E03L , E03R


choose earring

Just Red. Glass and Gold plated/silver palted
Short Drops. 3.00 - 3.5 cm
Price: $15.00
Code: MAR2011-E04L , E04R

choose earring

Just red dyed Sea coral.
Price: $13.00
Code: MAR2011-E01L , E01R

choose earring

Thats it for this post.
Have a great day . Have a look at my next post which will list all my latest swaorovski bracelets.

ZaniL Design - A Love Affair with Red and Black

Welcome to my Award Winning Jewellery Blog

This month I have made some more Red and Black Designs.
Can you tell that I am in love with Red and Black. These colours are like a magnet to me and I just buy and look at everything Red /black and white. So naturally I am creating in these colours as well.
I think these colours have so much appeal and when put together they really do make eye catching designs.
So thankyou once again for browsing my blog and I do hope you find what you are looking for especially since Mother's day is around the corner ( my the time does get away).
Above: Red Swarovski Crystal sliders with Black Swarovski Crystal and Black Glass drop. Matching earrings with silver plated finding.
Price: $155.00 Set
Code: MAR2011-NS01

This has been a popular design and each one has been made
just a little different so it is still unique.
Dyed Red stone Pendant with Shell based Tear shapped pearl on leather cord. Matching earrings on silver plated ear wire.
Price: $60.00 Set
Code: MAR2011-NS02

upgrade to sterling

Red dyed Sea coral . This is a lovely Vivid Red colour. Simple , classic and elegant.
Price: Earrigns $13.00 each
Bracelet $27.00
Code: MAR2011-E01a, E01b, BR01

choose item

These is a lovely Green / purple set. The colour changes in the light. Very Simple , can be dressed up or down.
Price: $46.50 set
Code: MAR2011-NS03

This is such a nice and simple necklace
made with Garnet chips and seed beads and a easy secure magnetic clasp.
Price: $38.00
Code: MAR2011-NS04

choose set

So that is it for now. I have more coming- the mind is full if ideas and my poor little hands can not keep up!.
Keep happy