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Monday, November 30, 2009

ZaniL Design Earrings - New Designs

Welcome again to my Elegant and Distinctive Jewellery

I have been busy these last months coming up with lots of new styles so you can have some lovely things to chose from for your Christmas presents.

Across- lovely non-tarnish wire work with 9mm Fresh water pearls.
Gold plated ear wires- upgrade to Gold filled- add $6.00

Price: $23.00
Code: DEC09- E021

ear wires

Seed bead and wire work. Simple and stunning.
Made with non tarnish wire work in gold, can be made in silver
non tarnish wire.
Each pair is $21.00- gold plated- Add $6.00 for Gold filled and $4.50 for sterling.

Price: $21.00
Code: DEC09-E022A-D

choose earring

ZaniL Design Simply wired- gold filled ear wires. 9mm Fresh water pearls.
Price: $26.00
Code: DEC09-E023

Simply stunning infinity range. I have a similar pair and I get so many admiring looks. Rondells are 10mm at the width.
Drop is 45mm. Gold plated ear

Price: $26.00
Code: DEC09-E024

ear wires

Orange Czech earrings. 10mm bead.
Price: $12.00

Code: DEC09-E025

Howlite dyed a turquise colour ( these are not real Turquiose)
Silver plated

Price: $15.00
Code: DEC09-E026

Back by popular demand. Made with Gold filled findings
Price: $27.00
Code: DEC09-E027

Black 10mm Machine cut glass . Silver plated ear wires

Price: s19.00
Code: DEC09-E028


New Venetian Earrings

ZaniL Design Venetian Range of earrings

Welcome again.

These earrings are just so gorgeous, you may not be able to stop at one pair. If they have caught you eye, then you have good taste. Beads are made by Murano and come with certification that it is venetian glass.

These earrigns have been made with Swarovski and goldfilled or sterling components and are of a high quality.

Come also in Puple and Black or purple and Red for something a little different.

Price: $60.00 for Gold filled and $55.00 for Sterling
Code: DEC09-VENE01a-1C

choose colour

These are not Venetian, but they still look lovely. Made with Sterling silver ear wires.

Price: $25.00


These are also not Venetian. Foil Octagons. Silver plated ear wires

Price: $14.50- upgrade to sterling - add-$4.50

Code: DEC09-E003

choose ear wires

ZaniL Design New Peyote Pendant Necklace- Pure Elegance

Welcome to ZaniL Design Elegant Jewellery

Be Elegant, Be Stylish and Be Distinctive and feel confident in a ZaniL. When you purchase a ZaniL Design, you are not just buying a piece of jewellery. You are buying the experience and the feeling of luxury and confidence that will come when wearing and recieving the lovely comments from perfect strangers.

I have developed this lovely elagant range keeping the above theme in mind as well as simplicity, as sometimes the most simple things are the best.

As you can see, I have used black in these designs as it is such a strong and versatile colour and makes the pieces really eye catching.

Red , Black .white combination of colours is back in fashion and that is just as well a

s my range has always used these colours. I am so glad as it is incongruent with my brand that

I make elegant and timeless creations that will never date.

Another bonus of buying one of my designs is that I will guarnatee it for the first 6 months.

I have made these necklaces in 3 colours so far- Red/black, Teal and black and Brown and black. More colours to come , perhaps a purple and black .

I have kept the price very affordable, but I am sure if you do decide to buy one of these you will long remeber the quality after you have forgotten the price.

They $85.00 EACH and they have a lovely clasp and if you have a simple pair of black earring at home then you have a set. If not a pair can be made for you at half the normal price of $18.00, so you will have a great set all for under $100.00.

Price: $85.00
Code: DEC09- NS001A-Noo1C
Red and black has Sold ( only 1 bead left to make only 1 more)

choose colour

Red dyed stone and Fresh water Pearls and Black Glass and Peyote
Tubes. Sliver plated Toggle.

This is a bold necklace and so versatile in that it can be mixed and matched , wear it with white , black or red. Buy this necklace and you can purchase a pair of earring to match at 50% off .

Pearl earring drops to match with surgical steel $10.00

Price: $ 83.00 with pearl drops - $93.00
Code: DEC09-NS002

Necklace /earring

Another Classic designs and colour scheme.
Red Sea Bamboo Pendant

Price: $92.00

Code: DEC09-N003

Red Dyed Stone Donut with Black glass and sterling clasp.

Simple yet stunning. I have one and it just looks wonderful.
Buy the matching earring at 50% off- Pearl or Black glass drops for $10.00

Price: $42.00 with earrings $52.00
Code: DEC09-NS004

Necklace or set

Cheers for now.

ZaniL Design, passionate about providing you with quality and unique jewellery items.


ZaniL Design Swarovski Filigree Earrings

ZaniL Design Swarovski Earring - Perfect for Bridal or Flower girls

These Swarovski Filigree earrings are just so sweet. I have made them in fashionable and timeless colours so you are sure to get many years of wear and value.
Don't pay huge prices when you can pay less and get better quality as well as unique items.
My new slogan for my brand is to Be Elegant, Be Stylish and Be Distinctive and when you buy a ZaniL Design you are getting more than just a piece of jewellery. You will also get the experience of elegance and luxury and you will get lots of comments which will make you feel great. Another very important factor is that you are buying a quality handmade item that I guarantee.
These earrings have been made with Sterling silver ear wires and gold filled ear wire.
Price: $26.00 Sterling silver
$27.00 Goldfilled
Code: DEC09-FILEAR01 - 04

choose colour

Why not treat your self to something nice whilst supporting handmade industry.



Saturday, November 28, 2009

Accessorise with ZaniL Design new range

ZaniL Design Swarovski and Pearl Accessories

Welcome again .

Now its only about 4 weeks to Christmas and everyone is getting ready for that special time of year to spend time with family and friends. Lets take the time to take stock of what we have achieved and perhaps change directions if that is what is needed. I don't know about you, but no matter what you do in life it always seems so busy, so it is important to make the time for the things that really matter in your life and that would be making time for the things that make you happy and give purpose to your life.

Let us spare a thought at this time of year especially for the least fortuneate in our communities. Perhaps we can donate some food or gift to charitable organisations this christmas to make it special for these familes.

This month I have had my yearly exhibition and now that is is over, these designs are being released.

My wine rings above have been so popular. Made from Fresh water Pearls in 6 colours.

Price: $16.50


Code: Nov09-WINE01

Swarovski Hair Clips. These are simple clips that you just open by applying pressure at the ends. Flower diameter is 1 inch or 25mm. Suitable for bridesmaides or young girls or anyone really.


Colours come in :

Black and Crystal0 silver, Crystal- Silver and Crytal AB-Gold

Crystal and silver sold out- please email me to reorder

Price: $17.50

Code: Nov09-HairCL01A, 1B, 1C


Keep posted for more great ZaniL Design accessories.