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Saturday, January 30, 2010

ZaniL Design - More Enticing Designs

Welcome to my Blog

Hope everyone is well and rested after the January Holidays and batteries all recharged for the year ahead.

Thank you for reading my blog and do leave a comment to ask me a question or suggestion on how I can help you or make this blog more useful.

This month I have made some more interesting designs for you to feel great in.

Black and gold earrings

$16.00 -$22.00

New item - to inspire you to create!

Please email me on if interested in these designs.

  • Do you need your sentimental piece repaired or remodelled.??
  • Do you need your pearl necklace reknotted??
  • Would you like to host a E-party- Rewards???

Tips for the month.

1. If your beading habbit has gotten out of control- buy only what you need and can use up in a couple of sittings.

2. Jot down your design ideas in a art book , you may be able to improve on the idea over time.


Kindest regards


Sunday, January 10, 2010

ZaniL Design E-Party Launch

ZaniL Design Handmade Jewellery E-Parties

I have busy coming up with few new ideas to make 2010 and exciting year and a year that I can use my creativity to help others and community. I aim to do this by holding a few fundraising initiatives. One such is an E-Party- host one for yourself or to raise some funds for a worthwhile cause.

Would you like to host an E-Party?

What is an E-Party??

Simply it is a jewellery party over the interent. You simply send an email invitation to your friends to shop on my ZaniL Design Blog. You friends will have 2- 3 weeks to browse my blog for items that they would like to purchase. All items are posted individually.

You as the hostess recieves 10% of the total sales from your invitees.

There are also chances for your invitees to win a prize simplying for accepting your invitation to shop at my store.

Benefits to You.

  • No entertaining
  • Shop at your leisure and privately and securely with Paypal.
  • You will be purchasing quality handmade items at reasonalbe cost and supporting an local artist.
  • You will receive free jewellery
  • invitees have a chance to win a prize ( handmade book mark or earrings)

Please email me if you would like more information.

Or would you prefer to host a home Jewellery party?? Only Canberra and Surrounding areas.

Email me for details-

Benefits to you when hosting home party.

  • A chance to catch up with friends and family.
  • Great for busy people - I come to you.
  • Save time shopping for gifts or matching jewellery for a special outfit
  • recieve free jewellery
  • guests have a chance to win one of a few door prizes.


thanks for all of your support.


ZaniL Design New Items

ZaniL Design Jewellery - New Items


I have been having a good break and coming up with some ideas for the year ahead.
For this post I have made some new items that should entice.
Fresh Water Pearl Enhancers
Each pearl is different so click to enlarge to see which one you like. Only 1 of each. send me an email with the one you want.
Price: $24.00
Code: JAN10-ENH001

Swarovski Crytal AB & sterling studs
Price: $25.00
SOLD out- place your order now- more coming soon

Amethyst Swarovski Studs and Sterling
Price: $25.00
Code: JAN10-STU002

These are recently NEW offered before Christmas.
These were very popular. ( SOLD out- placed your order now)
These are a steel at $15.00. Only $15.00 on the internet.
I have a few pairs left and will be making a few more soon.
these come in 8mm or 10mm pearls ( $20.00)
Code: JAN10-STU003

Choose Size

Black Swarovski Pearls
Price: $15.00
code: JAN10-STU004

Choose Size

Blue Orchid hair clip- only 2 available
Price: $9.50

Cheers for now.

ZaniL Design -Be Natural this Summer

Welcome to my handmade Jewellery blog

I hope this posting finds you well and in good health and all fired up about the year ahead and what the wonderful possibilities that will open up to you. Its all in the way you think about what you can achieve.
This year I am going to try to be more focused and put more of my ideas into action.
Welcome to my " Be Natural" range. I have choosen to make this range in these colours as they are eye catching and will never date. These colours always flint in and and out of fashion and so I am keeping within my Timeless and stylish theme.
At ZaniL Design I want you to feel great in my designs and one way of achieving this is with colours. When you wear your favourite colour when wearing an article of clo
thing or a lovely piece of jewellery that compliments you, then you feel good about yourself and good things flow on from there. So here's to feeling great and achieving more with our precious time.
This Necklace accross is very eyecatching all made with natural beads.
Also as there is no metal used (except for silver plated clasp) This necklace will always look like this in years to come -no metal discolourations.
Earrings have sterling ear wires. Length is 45 cm.
Price: $68.00 as a set, Necklace only $49.00.
code: JAN10-NS001

Necklace or set

Bracelet , Shell, Onyx, Sea Bamboo. Length is 20cm

Price: $35.00
Code: JAN10-BR001

Earrings matching above set. Drop is 5 cm from top of hook.

Price: $22.00
Code: JAN10-E201

Shell and Onys Earrings. Note: matching necklace can be made up.
drop is 4cm from top of hook.
Price: $20.00
Code: JAN10-E202

Another Black and white classic combo.
Stone and Fresh water pearl. Silver plated bail( can be sterling)
Price: $19.00
Code: JAN10-PEN01

These are a lovely pair of earrings made with turquiose and sterling. Only 1 pair available. Flower diameter is about 10mm
Drop is approx 3.5cm
Price: $48.00
Code: JAN10-E203

cheers for now.


Thursday, January 7, 2010

New 2010 Fresh Water Pearl Earring

Welcome to my blog.

I hope you all earned a well deserved rest and prepared your minds for the year ahead.

I really love January as this is the time of year the kids have school holidays and you get to spend some time doing family things together, but also a time that is slower and you are not rushing to get things done by 3:00 o'clock pick up time.

I have been using this time to also clear some clutter from my place and it feels like I am clearing the mind as well.

I also redo my business plan and set some new goals to achieve. This year I am going to support even more charitable causes as I want my creativity not only to be admired but also to give back to society and community. Keep reading my posts as I will be raffling some things to raise some funds to achieve this goal. Let me know if you would like to host a office Jewellery display so I can support your cause, everyone wins in this case.

So here's to a great 2010 , may we all achieve the goals we set ourselves and may we all have time to reflect on our blessings.

Note earign wires can be upgraded and the hooks have been hand wired by myself.

Large 15 mm Lilac /Purple Grey Fresh Water Pearls
with Sterling Silver Findings.
Left : 3cm drop , Right :4cm drop.
Price: $45.00 each
Code: JAN10-E001L or JAN10-E001R


Large 15mm Lilac /Grey Purple FWP.

All goldfilled findings. Right slightly gold tinge to pearl.
Both are a 3cm drop.
Price: $47.00
Code: JAN10-E002L or E002R


These are a lovely combination of Silver and Gold.
10mm Silver fresh water pearl with Gold plated caps.
Gold filled ear wires.
Price: $29.00 each
Code: JAN10-E003L or E003R


Sometimes less is more with these simple elegant earrings.
10mm Silver Fresh water pearls and sterling findings.
Price: $24.00
Code: JAN10-E004

Silver Fresh water pearls - but only Sterling Ear wires.
Price: $20.00
Code: JAN10-E005

Large white Fresh water pearls with natural lines.
Surignal ear wires
Price: $18.00
Code: JAN10-E006

10mm Fresh water pearls -white

Gold plated or silver plated- can be upgraded

Sterling add $4.00 Gold filled add $6.00
short Drop 2.5cm

Price: FREE of you purchase over $75.00

Price: $12.00
Code: JAN10-E007


Large 14mm Swarovski Azure Blue Hearts
Surgical steel and non tarnish wire work.
4cmm drop - 1 pair left - (can be reordered)

Price: $26.00
Code: JAN10-E008

White Oval Foils and Sterling silver ear wires.
4cm drop.

Price: $25.00
Code: JAN10-E009

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Welcome to a Prosperous 2010

Welcome to my handmade Jewellery Blog.

I would like to wish you all peace and happiness for the year ahead and I do hope that 2010 is a year that you will prosper in your health and happiness and family life and have the courage to follow your life's purpose.

Looking back on 2009, I had a pretty good year over all. I have achieved some small milestones as well as learnt a lot about being in business and how you get more done when you are more organised. I have met a lot of people as you do in this this voacation and made a few new friends. I have learnt a lot from fellow stall holders and customers and shared a story or two and it was fun.

Most of all I have grown in more ways than I could have ever imagined and it is all because I decided to follow my passion to create and make beatiful items and in my case it is jewellery.

I have you all to thank for your lovely words of praise and encouragement and just when I thought I was getting nowwhere, just at the right moment, I would get a sign or an email that would just make my day and reinforce my belief to keep creating and bringing joy to people through my creations by inspiring or delighting them.

So a big thankyou for all of your support and continued support in 2010

So I will continue in 2010 to bring you beautiful handmade creations that I have made with my hands that have been inspired from my heart and dreams.

I found a beautiful saying that just sums the above up succinetly

"What I make with my hands , I give of my heart"

What I have learnt- tips for beginners

1. Don't wait till everything is just perfect before deciding to go into business- otherwise you may never start.

2. Believe in yourself and that you will succeed. Surround your self with people who will feed your belief in yourself.

3.Put your idea's into action. An idea is great, but better if you act upon it.

4.keep working toward your goal , even if it is small steps each day.

5.Never give up as the day you fail is the day you give up.

6. Mistakes are not mistakes if you learn from them.
7.Pesistence and perserverence will lead you to success

8. Do a business Plan, state your goals in this document

9. Be patient

10. Always be grateful for your little successes.

Hope these tips help.