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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

ZaniL Design Royal Blue Fresh Water Pearls Design

Welcome to ZaniL Design Jewellery
Be Elegant ,Stylish and Distinctive with 
ZaniL Design
This is the design I made for the Royal Canberra show, unfortunately this year this design did not receive any ribbons. I prepared myself in case that was the outcome and was a little disappointed, but in the end I gave it a good try and did the best I could and am very happy with what I have created.I will wear it and that is when the true worth of my effort will be paid back. 
Also not getting any ribbons this year may make me more determined for next years entries. It is all good as in the end I have this great unique design that would not have been made if I had not entered.

I have called it my Royal Blue Fresh water pearl design.

Do you want to hire this piece? Please email to enquire 
Happy creating, that is the essence of life.


Be Elegant, Stylish and Distinctive with ZaniL

Welcome to ZaniL Design Elegant 
Fresh water pearl and Swarovski Jewellery.

Hello everyone, thanks for looking at my designs. 
Please let me know if you would like to order, I have a deal of 10% off the price when ordered from this blog.
  Also I offer a professional pearl knotting service as well as a costume jewellery repair service. All work is guaranteed. Custom bridal and formal orders taken. Create your own design and have it made by a professional.

This months theme is ' Keeping it Simple as Sometimes that is the Answer'. You will see this theme in my designs.  

Fresh Water Coin pearls . Great for all occasions including a bridal or bridesmaid . (bulk discounts avail for bridal orders)
Price: $46.00 ( Necklace only)  Earring : $20.00 ( silver plated ear hooks)
Code : FEB13-N003 and FEB13-E014

 Fresh water pearls and Bicones. Looks so elegant yet it is so simple. Also perfect for a bride.
Pearls are irregular.
Price: $45.00
Code: FEB13-N004

Teal foil glass and Diamante. This is such a nice necklace. great for a teenage formal event. 
Price: $45.00 
Code: FEB13-N005

These are not Turquiose, but they look great. Continental hooks.
Price: $6.00
Code: FEB13-E015

White rectangle foil with fancy wore work.
Price: $16.00
Code: FEB13-E016

Foil Cylinder beads and fresh water pearls.
Price: $40.00
Code: FEB13-N006

So that's it for now- enjoy and please contact me should you wish to order. Thanks for buying Australian in advance.


Saturday, February 16, 2013

ZaniL Design - Royal Elegance

Welcome To ZaniL Design Elegant Pearl and Swarovski Jewellery

       Be Elegant, Be Stylish, Be Distinctive with ZaniL Design

Hello there, welcome, I hope you are having a great day. Do you know I also repair your sentimental jewellery and costume jewellery as well as offer a professional Pearl knotting service. Don't hesitate to contact me

Here is my latest elegant and royal design. I just love this one and it has come about as it has an element in it from my Royal Canberra show piece ( I will upload a picture later this week). Funny how all things fall into place, I was so worried I would not be able to come up with anything special, the mind is incredible.

This royal and elegant design has been made with Blue Fresh water pearl and white large coin pearl wrapped with seed bead peyote work. This took about 4 hours to make.
Price: $110.00 Set.
Code: FEB13-N002 


New Leopard Print Jewellery Designs

Welcome to ZaniL Design Elegant Handmade Jewellery Design.

Thank you for stopping by and having a look. Please feel free to contact me if you have any enquiries.
I am changing my brand slogan to 
Be Elegant, Be stylish and Be Distinctive with ZaniL Design.

I have gone crazy with the leopard print design , having made clothes, scarves, pencil cases, phone covers and now jewellery. I came across these beads and was not even looking for them and just could not go past them. I am really happy with what I have made with them and as always these designs will be unique.

I have made them with gold plated findings, but if you prefer Gold filled or Sterling, please add $10.00 .

Leopard print Earrings with elegant scroll non tarnish wire work.
Price: $29.00
Code: FEB13-E010 (top left) - FEB13-E012(bottom)
Also come in Silver wire work. 

Leopard Print pendant ,non tarnish wire work ,Swarovski dangles.
Price: $40.00
Code: FEB13-N001

Simple and StylishLeopard print earring.

Price: $24.00
Code: FEB13-E013G or FEB13-E013S

If you want to order send me an email


Monday, February 11, 2013

ZaniL Design Elegant Fresh Water Pearl Earrings

Welcome to ZaniL Design Elegant and Stylish Jewellery

Thanks for visiting my blog . I hope you are having a great day and hopefully I will be able to help you if you are looking for something special. Please send me an email if you see something you would like to order as sometimes some designs can be remade to a slight variation to keep them all unique.

email me with any queries re bridal jewellery , custom design and repairs or anything

Here are some new things I made . These grey fresh pearl earrings  have been a favourite , so I used up all the remaining beads I had to make a few more pairs. Be quick if you like these as I have only limited supply and there are not many left.

9mm Fresh water pearls, Silver plated.  Sterling available in french hooks.
Price: $18.00
Code: FEB13-E008

These are so stylish and elegant , made with a royal blue fresh water bead and a 10mm white fresh water pearl.
Price : $35.00 ( $45.00 gold filled or sterling)
Code: FEB13-E009

Cheers everyone, have a good month.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Stylish jewellery for children

Welcome to ZaniL Design ElegantJewellery

Hello there , thanks you for stopping by.  I am sure you will enjoy your visit , please don't hesitate to contact me about my designs or having something custom made or repaired.

email me please on or call me on 0407 892 760.

This month I have been working on my Royal Canberra show piece so I have not made many new things , but I do have  a lot of designs in the pipe line of my mind just bursting to come out, so watch this space.

I did find some time to make a few stylish pairs of earrings for children. I also got my sewing machine out and made a few items for my kids  from scrap material, that I bought more material in leopard print and made some pencil cases/make up bags and mobile and I Pod covers. I am so happy with them that I decided I would put them out there..

Childrens earrings.  Left to right and top to bottom
Codes: FEB13-001 - FEB13-007
Please indicate if you would like hooks or contential ear wires.
All $7.00 except for the top pair these are $12.00

one only - fresh water pearl childs bracelet
code: FEB13-BR001
Price: $12.00

Leopard Print accessories , made from cotton fabric. Cases are double backed.
Small case with ziper ( one pocket only) $8.50
Larger case with ziper and one pocket only  $9.50
Mobile phone pouches  $6.50 
Please send measurements if you would like a particular size.
Also Available in Zebra Print.

Cheers , here's to happy creating and the joy it brings when one makes something with ones own imagination and hands.