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Friday, August 17, 2012

ZaniL Design August 2012- Are you Crazy about Turquoise?

Welcome to ZaniL Design Elegant Hand made Jewellery.
Be Elegant, Be Stylish and Be Distinctive in a ZaniL Design

This month I attended the annal craft fair in Canberra  and found some interesting new craft ideas to make . I found a easy   way to make attractive Christmas decorations using paper and also learnt how to do Japanese weaving where no sewing is required. It looks like a mini quilt. I did not go over board and buy all the equipment, but may look at it more closely next year. 

I also bought some new beads of course and bought some more Turquoise. I have also acquired some Iranian Turquoise which is more green in colour. I have not made anything with it yet as it was quite expensive so I am just waiting for the right dream to inspire me to make something really special with it. However I could not resist the urge to sit down and make something with the other Turquoise strands. I am very happy with what I have made so far. As always I decided to keep a few beads for future design ideas . 

I have also being doing some reflection this month and have come to the conclusion that to have an abundant life you really need to accept who you are and what you are .Being happy is a state of mind and making the most of what you have also gives the feeling of abundance.  I have decided to make a few more designs using the infinity symbols . Here to wishing you an abundant life.

Here they are , my Turquoise designs- Are you Crazy about Turquoise too?

Infinity Earrings, Silver plated. Reconstituted Turquoise.
Deep blue colour.
Price: $25.00 Code: AUG12-E008

Reconstituted light Turquoise Oval Infinity Necklace.
Non - Tarnish Wire work.
Price: $115.00 Code: AUG12-N001
Sorry- only one - now SOLD

Reconstituted Deep blue Turquoise and Onyx Bead Necklace.
Non- Tarnish wire work.
Price: $145.00 code: AUG12-N002

Real Turquoise- Last pairs. Silver plated.
Some blemishes , not smooth.
Price: $20.00 code: AUG12- E009A, E009B

These Oval Reconstituted Turquoise beads are really attractive.
Silver plated. Add  $6.00 for Sterling ear wires.
Price: $23.00 wire work .Price: $18.00
Code: AUG12-E010A and E010B
Simple deep blue Turquoise ( rec) earrings. Silver Pl.
Add $6.00 for Sterling. 
Price: $15.00 top, $17.00  bottom.
Code: AUG12-E011A , E011B (bottom)
Turquoise Ring - only available at markets.

Cheers  and have an abundant life.