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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

More Entrancing Bridal Designs to make you feel like a Princess

Welcome to ZaniL Design Bridal

Hello Brides , I hope your wedding plans are falling into place nicely. Just remember not to stress out, as things usually do work out fine. Remember to enjoy the planning as when the day finally arrives it seems to fly like a lightning bolt. Remember the journey is just as important as the destination.

And if something does go wrong on the day - remember that you will be able to look back and laugh. We had to drive two drunken friends to their hotel after all the guests had left. I look back now and laugh and remember thinking I didn't want the day to end.

Here are some more fantastic timeless pieces that I am sure will find a home.

Wedding and Bridesmaide Special Deal
Buy 3 sets of jewellery or earrings and get the forth set FREE

Send me an email if you want these designs.
I make all these designs myself and nothing is imported ready made. Buy handmade, buy quality and buy Australian.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

ZaniL Design - February Bridal Collection and more

Welcome to ZaniL Design Bridal

February has been a month of getting back into routine and the calender is quickly filling up with appointments and market dates. I think this is how the time gets away. We are always looking to the future of the next engagement.

Well I am going to try to be in the moment and try only to think of the task at hand. I will let you know how I go!.

This week at guides where I have also become one of the leaders, the girls learnt about doing a good turn. We are always showing ourr kids how to be kind and considerate towards others and it was lovely to see them learning it again at guides. Also in a group situation the message may get across better.

This month I have been busy finishing my Canberra show pieces and I will post them as it gets closer to the entry date. I am so excited and have stories to tell about how these designs came about.
Also this month have been making some beautiful bridal designs that are sure to make any bride feel stylish, elegant and above all feel like a princess.

This months designs have been created with Swarovski and nothing quite sparkles like Swarovski. Some designs have been made with high quality Glass as well.

Swarovski Elegance will never date and this will make any bride feel like a princess you will even be able to wear it over and over again . Great value for money.
As these designs are stylish and classic they are well suited to high schoool formals.
Made with swarovski and sterling silver findings.
Set is $170.00 ( with long earrings)
Set is $155.00 ( short earrings)
Long earrings $55.00
Short earrings $40.00
Necklace only $120.oo

Glass crystal and sterling earrings
Cope: FEB10-BRID002

Fresh water pearls and Swarovski and all sterling findings
Another timeless classic!
Code: FEB10-BRID003

Swarovski and Gold Filled findings.
These are stunning. Great value when you think of the years you will have them for.
Price: $62.00
Code: FEB10-BRID004

Here's a lovely elegant and yet stylish design.

Made with large glass rondels and Swarovski.
Sterling earwires.
Code: FEB10-BRID005

More Exciting Designs for you.

Lovely light necklace made with
Fresh water burgubdy pearls. Length is 52 cm.
This Item has Sold.

Lovely lampwork pendant. These have been popular and this is the
last bead left. On leather

Code: FEB10-ITEM002

This is a lovely summer bracelet to bright you up.
Made up to use up my blue beads. Came up lovely .Silver plated clasp.
Code: FEB10-ITEM003

Abolone shell beads. This has blues/blacks and pearly tones.
Silver plated.
Code: FEB10-ITEM004

If you want to purchase any of these designs send me an email or come to the markets.It would be lovely to meet you or exchange emails with you. All of my emails are writen by me and not auto generated. This way I ensure my customer service is always personalised.

If you would lie to purchase you can always use Paypal to send me a payment.
Have a lovely day and do something nice for someone. You know it will make you feel great.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

ZaniL Design- Keeping Promises

Hello All and Welcome to ZaniL Design and my Blog about my unique handcrafted designs!

How it is February already?.

I do feel that I have had time to relax so it has not gone that quick, but the pace is starting to quicken, with the kids back at school and having to complete chores and whatever by the 2:45 pm deadline.

You may all recall on one of my previous posts, that I mentioned that I would be supporting some more charitable causes this year. Well I am pleased to announce that the above picture is what I have decided to contribute to a fundraiser raffle being held at the Le Tres Bon Restaurant in Bungendore. There is a fundraising dinner being held on Feb 10th to raise as much money as possible for the Medicines Sans Frontier charity. I am so glad that my creativity is able to give something back to society. Do you know giving is a wonderful thing, you get so much more back - the feeling of giving alone makes you happy. I also feel great about doing what I said i was going to to. Keep posted for more and follow me if you think my posts are inspiring you.

Let us hope that the people of Haiti can rebuild their country and society without the extreme influence of countries wishing to profit from this catastrophe. Want to read more on how this does in fact happen - there is a book written by Naomi Klein - Shock Doctrine - The Rise of Disaster Capitalism - Click here - for more info.

I always like to leave you with something to think about.
Bye for now.