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Monday, December 15, 2008

Season's Greetings from ZaniL Design

Welcome to ZaniL Design Elegant hand crafted jewellery.

Firstly , I wish you all a great and happy christmas and prosperous new year. Thanks to all my customers for your
custom and I hope I can continue to deliver great customer service and unique hand crafted gifts that are exclusive. I am just passionate about making beautiful jewellery and big thanks to you all for helping me have the patience and perservence to continue.

ZaniL Design is a Brand of Jewellery and accessories that exude Elegance, Style, Luxury and Individuality.
Please remember that I love to hear from you and would welcome any new suggestions for new products that you would like to see. I am now making chokers and will have them at the markets. They will look similar to above bracelet. New products also include Gift vouchers in $25.00 and $40.00 denomination, these can be redeemed on the blog as well.
For Local Canberra and surrounding areas, I will be at the Bus depot market on Saturday 20th December. Hope to see you there. Don't forget I can custom design anything you imagine.
I leave you with a saying that helps me to realize my goals and live my dream.
Imagination is everything, it is the preview of lifes coming attractions.
Albert Einstien's Law of Attraction
Cheers now .
From the CEO of ZaniL Design

ZaniL Design Elegant Necklaces- Christmas 2008

Welcome to ZaniL Design Elegant Hand made Heirloom Treasures

This month I have made a few new designs which are sure to make you feel special when wearing. You don't need any special occasion as every day is a special, so treat your self and wear a piece that will make you feel good and confident and good things will flow from your feeling good about your self.

My jewellery is designed so that each piece is unique and eye catching, with bright and contrasting colours that are sure to be conversation starters. ZaniL Design Jewellery are timeless statement pieces that you will want to pass to your grandchildren.

What does your Jewellery say about you?

Remember postage and handling is included in posted price and anything $50.00 and over is sent via registered mail.

Above Gold Foil diamonds with black glass.

Earring can be made- simple add $12.00, with gold foil beads - add $14.00

Price: $48.00 ,Code: N-DEC-0001

Tanzanite Swarovski crystals and sliders . Glass seed beads and bugles.

Earring can be made.
Price: $ 90.00(SOLD)

Code: N-DEC-0002

Teal Green puffed foil focal with Czech beads. Peyote tubes and
Sterling silver clasp.

Price: $100.00 ( SOLD)

Code: N-DEC-0003

Swarovski Strass Leaf pendant onPeyote bail made with Delica seed beads. Swarovski crystals. Gold and silver tones. Sterling silver leaf clasp. Very elegant.

Price: $103.00
Code: N-DEC-0004

Swarovski Crystal Sliders and crystals.
Great for a formal occasion , dinner , wedding occasions.

Price: $89.00 (SOLD)

Code: N-DEC-0005

Cherry Red Lampwork Heart with black
glass.Gold plated Magnetic Clasp.

Simple Earring can be made- add $10.00
Price: $48.00(SOLD)
Code: N-DEC-0006

Olive Foil Heart, peyote tubes.

Price: $92.00 (SOLD)

Code: N-DEC-0007

Lime Green and Amethyst Foil lampwork focal with matching
Czech and Glass beads.Gold plated clasp.

Price: $45.00
Code: N-DEC-0008

Czech Crystal bicomes with accents of gold black and Red.
Simple but elegant . Gold plated magnetic clasp.

Price: $34.00 (SOLD)
Price: $45.00 with earrings.

Code: N-DEC-0009

Recontituted Turquiose and black Glass.
Silver plated Clasp.

Price: $50.00 (SOLD)
Code: N-DEC-0010

Thank you for taking a look and hope you have a happy and safe Christmas.

I leave you with a good saying that always makes me think I am so fortunate and it is,

Count your blessings and not your troubles.

Lets us think about less fortunate people in all walks of life and what we can do to help them, especially at Christmas.

best regards


ZaniL Design Earrings- Christmas 2008

Welcome to ZaniL Design Elegant Hand Crafted Jewellery

I have made some fantastic new and elegant designs that would make great christmas gifts.

Earrings can be upgraded to Sterling and Gold filled ear wires.
Sterling Silver- add $4.00
Gold filled ( gold plated over sterling base) add $5.00.
Earwires can be also changed to surgical steel and clip ons.
Add extra $2.00

Postage and handling is included in posted price.

Earrings are Black Rice Freash water pearls matched up to be a pair. Gold filled ear wires.

Price: $28.00

Code: E-DEC01-0001

Gold hoops not included

Swarovski crystal rounds (8mm) with Gold filled
head pins. ( can be made in sterling)
These are great for a change of earring on your hoops.
Chop and change colours. These come in black, Tanzanite, Siam Red, Copper etc

Price: $18.00 ( 8 mm )
Price: $22.00 ( 10 mm)

price: $27.00 ( 12mm)
Code: E-DEC01-0002
Order 2 or more pairs and receive a 15% discount.

Peacock Fresh water pearls-Gold plated.

price: $20.00
Code: E-DEC01-0003

Amethyst Glass - gold plated
Short Drop

Price: $15.00

Olive Czech - gold plated

Price: $16.00
Code: E-DEC01-0005

Orchard Road Octagons and Czech Glass.
5 cm drop, gold plated

Price: $ 17.00
Code: E-DEC01-0006

Summer Hues- great bright colourful combination to cheer up your day. Glass beads.

Price: $15.50
Code: E-DEC01-0007

Fresh Water pearls, Swarovski, Czech Cubes.
Sterling wires.

Price: $21.00
Code: E-DEC01-0008

Gold ruffled foil beads with black glass and gold plated bead.
Gold plated wires.
2 inch drop from top of hook.

Price: $17.50
Code: E-DEC01-0009

Cheers for now


Sunday, December 14, 2008

ZaniL Design Hand Made Earrings - Christmas 2008

ZaniL Design Hand crafted Elegant Jewellery

Earrings Christmas 2008 continued

Gold foils hearts with Black Glass.
Continental hooks, 4cm drop from top of hook.
Price: $17.50
code: EDEC02-001

Czech Bicones with Tanzanite Swarovski crystals.
Sterling studs and Surgical steel backs.
2 inch drop from stud.

Price: $23.00
Code: E-DEC02-0002

Cherry Red and black lampwork hearts
Gold plated. 3.5 cm drop

Price: $15.50
code: E-DEC02-0003

Cherry Red and Black round beads.
Gold plated. 4cm drop from top of hook
Price: $18.50
Code: E-DEC02-0004

Gold foil Diamond with black Glass.
Gold plated. $cm drop from top of hook
Price: $18.50
Code: E-DEc02-0005

Teal foil round beads with black glass.
Silver plated. 3.5 cm drop.
Price: $ 16.00
Code: E-DEC02-0006

Olive Czech Glass.
Gold plated. 5 cm drop
Price: $ 17.00
Code: E-DEC02-0007

Red Sea Bamboo chips and Glass.
gold plated. 3.5cm drop from top of hook.
Price: $12.50
Code: E-DEC02-0009

Amethyst glass beads. Silver plated.
2 inch drops.
Price: $16.50
Code: E-DEC02-0010

Peacock Fresh water pearls and Amethyst Swarovski 8mm rounds,
Sterling silver Ear wires. 3.5 cm drop from top of hook.
Price: $ 35.00
Code: E-DEC02-0011

Buy 2 pairs and receive savings on postage and handling.
Cheers for now.