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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Growing Vegetables for Health and Flavour

Welcome to ZaniL Design Handmade Jewellery.

Swarovski , Bridal and Formal Unique and Timeless Designs.

You are problably wondering why there is a picture of a green house on this blog about jewellery.

The reason for this is gardening is my other passion and something I love to do and have done for years. Since I was child, my parents have always grown some of their vegetable and fruits. I remember once we had a prolific passionfruit vine and one year we harvested 2000 passionfruits. We also had a wonderful Mulberry tree, we made mulberry jam and tarts. After school we would go to feast on the mulberry tree on the hot summer afternoons. These are great childhood memories and now I have finally got a mulberry tree and passionfruit here on our property.

I owe my love to create and grow my own produce to my parents. I just love the idea of a simplier and fuller life by embracing nature and making your own hand made items from clothes, jams jewellery cards and whatever else that you can imagine. It also gives you a sense of being in control by not having to completly rely on buying everything from a super market.

The above picture is of our green house, that my husband Steve has built. We plan to grow our vegetables during the cold winter months here in Canberra. We are not sure what to expect as this will be our first winter . So lets hope it works. First picture is after a couple of weeks planting and the second picture is about one month later. This system is an aquaponics closed system where there a fish in a tank. The nutrients from the tank are pumped into the grow beds, the plants clean the water which drains back into the fish tanks. The water cycles through every hour or so.

Why do we grow own vegetables? I don't think it is because we save money ( I think we could have bought a couple of tons of vegetables by now with the money we have spent) .

For us it is because the vegetables have more flavour and taste so much better than supermarket variety as well as being totally chemical free. You get so much satisfaction from growing your own especially when a meal has been made entirely from the garden. There are immense health benefits, not to mention the excercise you are also getting when you are planting and harvesting the crops.

I get a lot of pleasure from seeing the fruit form and almost go out everyday to see how much the vegetables have grown (which isn't much in the space of one day) - however can be amazing if you are growning water melons and zuchinnis.

You do get a large quantity more than you would need, but you can alway learn to preserve or find some new recipe to use up the excess. The other thing is sharing with friends, who may be inspired to try to grow a few vegies as well.

So the reason to grow your own are many. Above picture is of our chickens - free range eggs taste better as well.

Hope you enjoyed this article , next article will be about Broad beans planting and off course so more beautiful and unique jewellery designs.

cheers for now.


Wednesday, March 4, 2009

ZaniL Design Wins First Prize at the Royal Canberra Show

ZaniL Design Wins First Prize with a design made from Swarovski Square and Triangle Frames.

Welcome all and thank you for reading my posts. On my website you will find lots of beautiful designs to look at, whether you are looking for a special occasion such as an up coming wedding or a casual timeless piece, ZaniL Design can help you out.

This month I was thrilled to bits to find out that I received first prize at our local Royal Canberra Show. I entered two designs and received first prize for this one pictured. Click to enlarge.

Please enquire if you would like to hire this design for a special occasion.

I had these Swarovski beads for over 6 months and had sketched a few designs, but when it came to actually making this design, it sort of changed as I was making it. I found that I did not have enough of the large Squares and more of the Large Triangles and so I had to improvise on my original design ( it was too late to order more beads). You know that is what creating is about. For me it is making something out of a pile of beads that are begging to be turned into something beautiful, to be admired, a little like art. It is also about making something with the materials at hand and improvising with what you have.

My method of creating is a little unorganized, but it works for me. I usually have lots of beads scattered on my work bench and I usually have an idea of the colours I am going to use. If the beads scattered on my work bench happened to be on the bench, I use those, otherwise I look for the ones I have in mind and as I pass my hands over the many bead packets I get lots of other ideas for my other future designs.

Going back to my Swarovski prize winning entry, you know I thought I was going to win a prize for my other design and this one above, I was not really convinced was going to win any prize at all and even considered not entering it in the competition. I loved it and thought, I have already made it and will enter it anyway and see what happens. Lucky I did as I would not be celebrating if I had gone with my original thought.

Since we are on the subject of thought, I am reading this fantastic book called "Maxium Achievement" and it has some great philosophy's on why we are the way we are.

Generally speaking if you have positive thoughts you will generally be a person with a positive outlook, and if you have negative thoughts , it is also reflected in your outlook. Thoughts do in fact become reality, as I have found out when I am creating, most of my designs begin as a thought or an idea and then they become reality or real not long after.

One of the challenges in this book is for three days to have only positive thoughts and to think that something good is going to happen to you. On the third day, there will be countless times where something good has happened. I am going to try this and will report on my next post what has happened. Nothing to lose by trying this simple experiment.

Change your life by having positive thoughts one thought at a time.

Any comments, feel free to add your "thoughts" on the subject of thoughts and or my jewellery.
I can assure you you will get lots of positive comments when wearring a ZaniL Design.
cheers for now.
CEO of ZaniL Design.

Bridal Designs and more , by ZaniL Design

ZaniL Design Bridal and Formal Designs

Welcome once again, thanks for reading my posts.

Here you will find beautiful jewellery that will make you feel special and individual.

ZaniL Design can custom design your bridal jewellery for your special day as well as design your Bridal party jewellery so it all looks perfectly matched.

You can have your Jewellery matched to your fabric. At ZaniL design anything is possible. I believe you can make or do what ever it is that you have thought of. This is how I make and create most of my designs, they are first a thought or an idea, then with some experimentation the thought becomes reality.

Click to enlarge photos.

Above design is simple yet elegant for a bride or formal occasion.Fresh water pearl tear shaped pendant ( 3 cm drop) with Swarovski Crystals and Peyote tubes.

Sterling silver findings on necklace and earring.

Price: $63.00

Code: MAR09-N004

Foil twist lampwork with Fresh water pearls and Swarovski .

Sterling silver findings on necklace. Surgical earwires.

Length: 46 cm
Price: $55.00

Code: MAR09-N005

Similar to above- inPink.

Fresh water pearls and Foil lampwork set. Magnetic Clasp.
Length: 42 cm

Price: $47.00

Code: MAR09-N006

Swarovski Baroque penadant on black and Gold Peyote bale.

Left has a deeper Gold seed bead if you like yellow gold.

These are great to slip over gold chains, Pearl strands, glass bead strans ( as pictured). Can come in other colours and custom ordered. Please enquire.
Left: Need to be ordered. Jet Black 8mm Czech beads and Pendant.

Price: $70.00

Right: Need to order a as well. Jet black 6mm glass beads and pendant.

Price: $55.00

code: MAR09-N007A/N007B

A or B

This Set looks absolutely stunning in real life. This was made down the coast. This design and colours are so versatile , could be a great mother of the bride piece or just wear it to dinner.

Light gold foil beads with Jet Swarovski crystals. Gold plated fancy clasp.

Price: $74.00

Code: MAR09-N008

Remember if you see a design you like , it can be made in the colour of your choice.


Turquise Jewellery

ZaniL Design Gemstone Jewellery

Welcome , here is some Turquoise jewellery combined with Carnelian.

Turquoise beads are reconstituted.

Large oval beads with Carnelian. Sterling silver ear wires

Price: $32.00

Code: MAR09-TUR01

Turquoise Set made with sterling silver findings.

Price: $89.00

Code: MAR09-TUR02

Swarovski Earrings and other Elegant Styles

Welcome to ZaniL Design Swarovski Jewellery

At ZaniL Design all jewellery is Handmade locally in Canberra, and by the jewellery designer. Each piece is uniquely hand crafted with designs inspired from nature and beautiful colour combinations.

ZaniL Design jewellery is Timeless as well as Durable, you can rest assured that you will get lots of pleasure ( and comments)from a ZaniL design Piece.

Click to enlarge pictures.
Directly opposite, 8mm Copper Czech Glass with Black Swarovski bicones.

Earwires are Gold filled. Simply elegant.
Price: $20.00


Blue green hues of ocean. Foil lampwork beads.

Surgical Steel earwires.

Price A: $ 14.00

Price B: $16.50

Code: MAR09-E002A/B

A or B

These Gold and Black lampwork beads are absolutely gorgeous.

Earwires are Gold filled.

Price: $22.00

Code: MAR09-E003

Burgundy Fresh water pearls and Swarovski ,

Simple and elegant. gold plated, can be upgreaded to Gold filled.

Price: $15.00

Code: MAR09-E004

Classic black and gold colour combination make a stunning look.

Gold foil Ovals with black swarovski. Gold filled wires.

Price: $22.00

Code: MAR09-E005

White Foil Lampwork Twists with rice Fresh water pearls.
Silver plated.
Only 1 pair left

Price: $15.00

code: MAR09-E006

Black Glass and Silver filagree balls.

Silver plated wires

Price: $9.00 (SOLD)

Code: MAR09-E007

Blue and Purple Foil beads with non tarnish wire work.

Surgical steel wires.

Price: $16.00

Code: MAR09-E008

Olive and Black lampwork with Czech Glass.

( match bracelet on Bracelet page)

Gold plated ear wires.
Only 1 pair left (SOLD)

Price: $16.00

Code: MAR09-E009

Lampwork Necklaces/Earring - Summer Inspirations

Welcome ZaniL Design Handmade Jewellery Blog

This month I made some great designs while holidaying down the coast.

These will remind us of the beach as we approach autumn and winter, but as ZaniL Design jewellery are timeless creations you will be able to get them out again next summer and know that they will compliment next summers fashion colours.

This pretty deep blue design is made with Puffed coin Foil Lampwork beads, with Blue green stripes in the shades of the ocean.

Flower centre bead is Sterling silver and the cobalt beads are Czech glass. Matching earring are on Surgical steel ear wires.

Price: $ 72.00 Set.

Code: MAR09-N001

This pretty combination of Purple/green and black will match a lot of item in anyones wardrobe. Add some colour to your outfit.Chips are Amethyst and flourite. Silver Plated Clasp.

50 cm in lenght. Simple Gemstone earring can be made to match.

Price: $46.00 ( necklace only) $56.00 with earrings

Code: MAR09-N002

Earing options

Blue/Green and purple Lolly pop necklace.

This is a nice bright necklace perfect for casual days. Made with catseye beads and Peyote tubes. Length is 47 cm , silver plated clasp.

Price: $49.00


Lampwork Bracelets - Beach and Summer Inspirations

Welcome to ZaniL Design Jewellery Blog

This month I spent some time with my family down the coast and of course I could not resist visiting the local bead shop.

I bought a few Lamp work beads in colours that are bright and summery. I made some fantastic colourful jewellery that is sure to brighten up your day and mood.

I had so much fun making these and I am so pleased with the designs. I think I made one of the braclets 3 times over just to get it perfect.

Above is a Amethyst , white and black combination, looks great .Clasp is silver plated Magnetic overlapping type. other beads are Catseys and glass.
Length : 21cm

Price: $34.00
Code: MAR09-BR001

Green , Purple and Black Lampwork with Amethyst chips.Clasp solid silver plated.
Beautiful. Length :21cm

Price: $34.00

Code: MAR09-BR002

Blue Purple and Black Lampwork, with matching Catseye beads

Matching earring set. Bright and vibrant. Length 21cm

Price: $44.00 Set.


Olive green and Black Lampwork, with czech and Glass Beads.Solid large Gold plated Lobster Clasp.
Length :22 cm ( can be shortened)

Price: $34.00 (SOLD)


Think Positive and good things will happen to you.

Check my other posts for more great designs.