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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Mobile Phone Charms - Hand Made by ZaniL Design

Welcome To ZaniL Design

Looking for Swarovski and Fresh Water Pearl Bridal jewellery ?

ZaniL Design can custom design something to make you feel really special.

Thanks for Visiting this website. I am sure you will find this lots of beautiful things to look at here. ZaniL Design uses Swarovski, Fresh Water Pearls, Gems, Lampwork, Sterling Silver and Gold fillded. ZaniL Design specialises in formal and bridal jewellery.
Anything is possible so if you are looking for a custom design please email me.

These designs have been made for the local Show, I have entered them in a beading competition.

This month I have added mobile phone charms made from beautiful lamp work beads. These were made from beads bought down the coast of N.S.W and so reflect the colours of summer and the fun of the beach.

I have made a variety and each one is different.
I am offering these at a introductory price of $ 5.95 .

Mobile Phone fun Charms. Click picture to enlarge.

Price: $5.95
Code: MAR09-MOB1

Left to Right

Thoughts for the month.

Peace of mind and Happiness comes from being at peace with yourself. You are resposible for your own happiness. Make your self happy and only then can you help to make others happy.

Count your Blessings and not your Troubles .

Do you see your glass as Half empty or half full?



Friday, February 6, 2009

ZaniL Design Rewards Program

Welcome to ZaniL Design Hand made Elegant Jewellery

This month I have made some changes to make my unique and distinctive jewellery and accessories even more affordable as well as deliver great customer service.

Blog and Internet sales

My blog prices from February onwards are going to be 5-10% cheaper on the blog.

I have also made it easier to order and purchase by adding a shopping cart. All tranactions are performed by Paypal and are safe and secure. You can view you cart at anytime with the "View Cart " button top right of page.

ZaniL Design Rewards Program

I have introduced a reward program. Every time you spend $25.00 you can collect a stamp and once you have collected 10, you will receive $15.00 worth of ZaniL Design Product.

Party Plan Changes

Hostess now receives $20.00 plus 10% of party sales. More rewards are avalialbe if parties are booked from hostess's parties.

Please feel free to email me with any suggestions on how I can provide better service to you.

I also perform repairs and can restring and knot pearls.

New this month:

  • 16 new pairs of earring.
  • New Biwa pearls Necklace and braclets
  • Abalone jewellery
  • Bridal designs.
  • Surgical Steel ear wires now available.

Enjoy .

Thanking you all in advance for supporting handmade economy especially in the current ecomonic climate.

best regards


ZaniL Design Summer Earring- Feb 2009

Welcome To ZaniL Design

Timeless Elegant , Stylish and distinctive Jewellery.

Hello all , this month I have made some beautiful earrings that are sure to make you feel special. You will want to wear them all the time.

Blog prices are 5-10% cheaper as I am trying to promote my site,

I am always thinking of better ways to deliver great customer service as well as a great product so if anyone has any suggestions please send me a email.

These are antique looking Swarovski sliders with Swarovski Bicones.Made with Gold filled ear wires. Absolutely Stunning.

Price: $26.00, Code: FEB09-E001

Similar Design to above.

Swarovski Sliders and Swaorvski crystals , Sterling silver wires.

Price: $26.00

Code: FEB09-E002

Swarovski 8mm pearls and bicones. Sterling ear wires

Price: $17:00

Code: FEB09-E003

Swarovski Pearls and non Tarnish wire work. Surgical Steel wires

Price: $17.50
Code: FEB09-E004


Swarovski Pearl in non tarnish cage. Surgical steel wires.

Price: $17.00 (sold)

Code: FEB09-E005

Swarovski diagonal Crystal AB and black Glass rondelle
Sterling Silver earwires.

Price: $24.00 (SOLD)


Fresh Water Pearls, Swarovski, Black Glass rondelles, Sterling wires.

Price: $24.00 (SOLD)

code: FEB09-E007

Swarovski Briolette, and black Glass, Gold filled earrwires.

Please order this design as last pair has sold.

Price: $65.00

Code: FEB09-E008

Swarovski Crystal and Black Drop with 14ct gold plated findings and wires.

Price: $65.00 (SOLD) Do you want a pair?
Email me.

Code: FEB09-E009

Large Pink Tear drop Fresh water pearl. Sterling silver findings.

loop have been wrapped. Pearls have been matched.

Price: $34.00

Code: FEB09-E010

Large White Fresh Water pearl drops, sterling silver, matched pearls.

Price: $35.00

Code: FEB09-E011

Abalone ovals and glass rondells

Surgical Steel ear wires.

price: $14.00

Code: FEB09-E012 (SOLD)

Swarovski crystal Drops, on sterling wires.

Price: $37.00


Swarovski Pearls and Crystal.

Sterling silver ear wires. Silver plated Dangles.

Price: $22.00 ( SOLD)

Code: FEB09-E014

Swarovski copper tear drops and black bicones.

Gold filled ear wires.

Price: $33.00 (SOLD)

Code: FEB09-E015

Ruby Swarovski Baroque drops- 14mm on surgical Studs.

Gold filled findings.

Price: $31.00 (SOLD)

Code: FEB09-E016

Milifiori Glass on silver plated wires

Price: $9.00 (SOLD)

Code: FEB09-E017

Fresh Water Pearls on Gold bugles. Gold plated.
Price: $4.00



That all for now. keep checking for more great designs.

God bless you all.


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Thursday, February 5, 2009

ZaniL Design Pearl Jewellery- Perfect for Brides

Welcome to ZaniL Design

The New year has well and truly begun with January already gone. I hope everyone is keeping cool with 40 plus degrees. Looking forward to autumn.

This month I have made some great Biwa Fresh water Pearl designs. I have also made a few changes to make my hand made unique and distinctive jewellery and accessories even more affordable.

Cheaper when you order from the blog
My blog prices from February onwards are going to be 5-10% cheaper on the blog. So if you see a design you like be sure to send me an email : .

ZaniL Design Rewards
I have introduced a reward program. Every time you spend $25.00 you can collect a stamp and once you have collected 10, you will receive $15.00 worth of ZaniL Design Product.

There will also be monthly Specials from time to time.

This I hope will help you save some money when buying gifts or a special heirloom piece for your self.

With all the news about the economy I think it is so important to support your local businesses,
to save local jobs and keep small business operators going. Buying a Australian hand made item is not only special and unique but it keeps local people creating and making beautiful items and out of the unemployment queues.

So thank you so buying hand made and supporting this very important industry.

Above and on the right.
New Silver plated clasps I will be using.
White Biwa Fresh Water Pearls.
Price: $62.00 (SOLD)
code: FEB09-N001

Biwa Fresh water pearls and Abalone Ovals
Magnetic fold over Clasp- secure
Price: $60.00
Code: FEB09-BR001

White Biwa and Fresh Water Pearls
Silver Plated C clasp

Price: $81.00
Code: FEB09-BR002

Large white foil Heart.
This one needs to be ordered.
Price: $32.00
Code: FEB09-N002

Large FWP drop with Swarovski .
Peyote Bugle tubes .
Come with Sterling earring.
Price: $125.00
Code: FEB09-N003

Swarovski and Abalone Shell ovals bracelet /earring SET.
Surgical steel ear posts. Magnetic clasps.
Price: $58.00 (SOLD)
Code: FEB09-BR003

Simple Mother of Pearl - Blue Summer Necklace.
Looks beautiful on. Great for young adolescents gift idea.
magnetic clasp.
33cm in length
Price: $14.00
code: FEB09-N004


That's it folks - Thought for the month
Always offer a smile to strangers as you never know who you might cheer up.
When ever you smile , 99% of the time you will get a smile in return.
cheers for now