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Thursday, February 16, 2017

New from ZaniL design

Welcome everyone to my ZaniL Design Blog
About the jewellery I have made in Australia
I have made just a few items this month, its been so hot that I have spent quite a bit of time watering all the garden plants so I would not lose everything . I think I'll get a good harvest form the cucumbers and tomatoes at least. I have been having salads every single day.
Interested in any of my designs? please make a reasonable  offer. I have had lots of people looking so if you are interested please drop me an email. Please think if you had made these items, what would you like to be paid, taking into account the quality and your time and that they were made in Australia. Buy Australian and support your local area, it doesn't have to be my things your buying, it can be local produce, local markets, a local butcher etc.
Have a great month.
Kind regards
FEB17-BR001. Price- make an offer
FEB17- E001
Swarovski and Sterling
Make a reasonable offer.

Make a reasonable offer. Fresh water pearls

Make a reasonable offer . Fresh water Pearls.