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Saturday, July 20, 2013

ZaniL Design School Formal Jewellery Ideas, Fresh Water Pearls and more

Welcome to ZaniL Design Handmade Fresh Water Pearl Jewellery.

Hello everyone , how are you all?  Thank you for browsing my blog.
Want some of my designs  for free ? 
 Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in receiving free jewellery ( yes I can come to your place and set up ), I am very generous with my hosts and their guests. please contact me for more info.
Can I donate to your cause and help you raise funds ?
This can be achieved by hosting a jewellery demonstration and your cause can receive the proceeds that a host would normally,  a donated piece can be incorporated and this will  greatly assist you with raising much needed funds for your cause. You are not only raising funds but also supporting Australian made.  
What do you think ?   Do something to help someone today.

This month I have made some very elegant and simple fresh water pearl designs, great for school formals. These can also come in other stones ( like Swarovski ) .
These designs are priced from $22.00   to $ 50.00.
Very reasonably priced as they are made with geniune pearls and Swarosvki and most importantly are unique and AUSTRALIAN MADE.

                                                                         CODE: JUL13-001

CODE:JUL13-002- JUST $25.00

JUL13-003- JUST $40.00

JUL13-004- JUST $22.00
Sold at the markets

Sold - to reorder email or SMS code. 10% off for blog order.

JUL13-006 - JUST $24.00

JUL13-007 - just $22.00

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

ZaniL Design - New Sterling Silver Designs - Simply Stunning

Welcome to my handmade jewellery blog .
This month I have made some stunning Sterling silver jewellery  that I am sure will be very popular.

Sterling silver prices have sky rocketed and I think you will find these are very well priced especially as they are also hand made and unique. All work is covered by a 6 month warranty.

Sterling silver and Fresh water pearl.
Price: $130.00  set  ode: JUL13-NS001

All sterling.
Price: $50.00   Code: JUL13-E001

Price: $175.00  - 20% off now $140.00  Code: JUL13- N002