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Thursday, September 9, 2010

ZaniL Design Fashion Parade

ZaniL Design Fashion Parade

I was at the recent Fash N Treasure Race Day markets held at the same Building as the famous Old Bus Depot Markets.
Here is a photo of me wearing one of my prize winning pieces on our anniversary recently. I thought some of my internet clients would like to see who was making all of the jewellery.

I was fortunate to be able to have some gorgeous models wear my jewellery as they paraded around the market floor. I took this opportunity to get a few photos and here they are.

I have the models wearing some of my more elaborate and eye catching pieces. I tried to match the pieces to the models and think they look great.

It always gives me great pleasure to see my designs on other people and see what it looks like from a differnet perspective.

Just want to say thanks to Jane and Jill from Fash N Treasuer for organising these models and thank the models as well.

These models are beautiful. We are all

beautiful inn different ways and I believe real beauty comes from deep within our hearts and souls and grows deeper with age as we come to realise the true meaning of life and love.

I came across a very inspiring set of beauty tips written by Sam Levenson, but quoted by Audrey Hepburn , one of my favourite Actresses, that I just had to put them on my blog for you to also enjoy.

Here are the beauty tips that Audrey loved to quote and the ones we could all use.

  • For attractive lips - Speak word of kindness.

  • For Lovely Eyes- Seek out the good in people.

  • For a slim figure- Share your food with the hungry.

  • For Beautiful hair- Let a child run his or her fingers through it once a day.

  • For Poise - Walk with the knowlegde that you are never alone.

  • The beauty of a women is not in the clothes she wears or the way she comes her hair or her figure, the beauty of a woman must be seen from in her eyes , beacuse that is the door way to her heart , the place where love resides.

  • The beauty of a woman is not in a facial mole, but true beauty is reflected inn her soul, it the caring she lovingly gives , the passion that she knows.

  • And the beauty of a woman with passing years only grows.

May these words have an inspiring efftect on you as they did on me and help us to look beyond the outer shell. The saying about not judging a book by it's cover rings true in these words.

This gorgeous model is wearing my favourite creation, that
won first prize at the last Canberra Show.

This Model is wearing another favourite in my signature
Red and Black colour combination

This Model is wearing a black and silver Swarovski slider
Creation , as well as one of my famous Swarovski rings and
Ebony and ivory Fresh Water Pearl Bracelet.
Thanks for reading my blog and if you want to catch me at the markets , I will be at the Old Bus Depot Markets on
Sunday 19th of September
Be happy and Smile

ZaniL Design Special Offer

Welcome to ZaniL Design Handmade Jewellery

Welcome once again. Thanks for reading my blog and giving me great feed back as it really does make a difference.

This month I have a special offer to all my internet browsers, these Silver and Copper Fresh Water Pearls are on special. They are normally $14.00,

but this month and until the end of October they will be $7.50 when purchased directly from this blog.
These are great value and have been very popular at the makets.

These make excellent gifts or thankyou for someone special.

If you want to upgrade to sterling or gold filled then that is also possible- only $6.00 to upgrade the ear wires. Send me an email to request an upgrade,

Silver or copper

Enjoy and cheers


ZaniL Design - Silver and Black Fashion

ZaniL Design Black and Silver Collections

Welcome again to my blog and thanks for stopping by. I hope to inspire you by my creations or perhaps by what I write.

Take a few minutes to browse and if you like what you read and see , perhaps leave me a comment or join my email list- send me an email :

I just love the create with black , it goes with so many colours and it is such a strong colour.

Black Swarovski Bicones and sliders.
Price: $49.00
Code: SEP2010-BR01a BR01B

choose bracelet

A closer view.

These are sterling Bali silver beads with sterling findings.
The decrative beads are 12mm in diameter.

Price: $48.00
Code: SEP2010-E05

Swarovski Square Frames, Vitrial Medium
Slightly Purple. Sterling silver ear hooks and finding.
Very popular.

Price: $55.00
Code: SEP2010-E06

Same as above- but Swarovski Silver Frames.
These sell out very fast.
Price: $55.00.
Code: SEP2010-E07

Sterling Silver Balls 10mm and sterling silver findings.
Elegance and Style and very popular.
Price: $48.00
Code: SEP2010-E08

That is for this collection so far. Keep checking as more designs will emarge with time.

Be happy and grateful for all that you are and have and be at peace that you have all that you need.

Hope you enjoy this months offerings.


ZaniL Design Spring 2010 Bridal Styles

ZaniL Design Bridal Jewellery

Welcome to my blog. I hope you are having a great time planning your special day. Did you know that I can help you save time and money by custom designing your bridal jewellery and your bridesmaid jewellery to perfectly match your colour scheme and theme. You also get a very generous discount when you order 3 or more of the same design. I can also restring your sentimental pearls so you can wear them on your special day. Give me a call and see what I can do to help make your day memorable.

ABOVE: These pearl bracelets make great wedding keepsakes - everytime you wear it, it will remind you of your special day. Give me a call if you would like one of these.

These are a beautiful pair of Grade AA Fresh Water pearl and

Swarovski sterling silver studs. Can be made shorter.

Price: $48.00

Code: SEP2010-BRID01

Simple and elegant and always in Stlye.

Swarovski Diamonte on Sterling studs

Price: $47.00
Code: SEP2010-BRID02

Swarovski Disco Ball and sterling ear hooks

Price: $42.00
Code: SEP2010-BRID03

Back by Popular demand.

Silver Swarovski Pearls innnontarnish wire work and

sterling silver ear wires.

Price: $33.00

Code: SEP2010-BRID04

A slight Variation on above.

Price: $33.00

Code: SEP2010-BRID05

Have a great day and I hope you are in a great place- enjoy this moment and be free of all your troubles even if it just for a few minutes.
Kind regards

ZaniL Design Accessories

Welcome to ZaniL Design Accessories

Hello again and welcome, thanks for stopping by.

Accesorising is a great and economical way to mix and match.

This is a Sterling silver Pearl Enhancer with as 12mm Silver Swaorvski round pearl. It makes a plain pearl necklace look stunning for that special occassion.

Price: $49.00
Code: SEP2010-P01

Glass Chains- these have been so popular .
They come in a variety of colours, but Gold and black and silver and black are the best sellers.

Price: $22.50
Code: SEP2010-GL01G or GL01S


These are are a great accessories and they go with som much. I have added a little wire work this time to keep things interesting.
They will fit onto a 2-3mm leather cord.
Real pearls.

Price: $27.00
Code: SEP2010-P02A, p02B, P02C


A little different to above.

Price: $22.00
Code: SEP2010-P03s or P03G


Cheers for now.


ZaniL Design Stylish Spring 2010 Styles

Welcome To ZaniL Design
Australian Hand Made Stylish and Elegant Jewellery

Thank you
for visiting and I hope you enjoy your time on my website. I hope that you are able to find what you are looking for. If you like this website, book mark it as I am updating every month with new designs that come out of my thoughts into the real world. Enjoy and I hope to at least inspire you by my creations and or words. I just love this creativty that I have and the best part is that I am able to share it with you.
Here is another creation I have made with some
new materials I got from the local craft fair. This is a choker in my famous black and gold colours that I absolutely love to create in. I have made an attachment that can be taken off and used on other neck pieces as well. It is also adjustable.

A close up of the design.
Price: $49.00
Code: SEP2010-N01

This is a stunning and elegant timeless piece made with Venetian Focal and Swarovski.
It was going to be a bracelet, but decided it looked better as a necklace.

Price: $120.00
Code: SEP2010-N02

These are a very popular design and I sell out each
time I make them. I make them a little different each time to keep them unique.
This also comes in silver accents .

Price: $55.00 set
Code: SEP2010-N03


Turquoise Tear shaped beads and Black Swarovski.
Makes a nice striking combination.

Price: $40.00
Code: SEP2010-N04

Don't forget that I am running a promotion and all you have to do is spend $50.00 or more to enter into a draw to win a swarovski bracelet or Turquoise earrings.



Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Welcome to Spring 2010 - Stylish Earrings

Welcome to ZaniL Design - Spring 2010

Finally Spring is here, I am so glad we have some sunshine. Glad to get all of this rain, all of our tanks are full to the brim and there are beautiful blossoms on our peach and apricot trees.

Welcome to my September postings!
I have mades these earrigns with my recent finds at the local craft show. I have a few more designs up my sleeve and will make some special things for Christmas which is not too far off.

These gorgeous Onyx and crystal earrings are a classic.
They will still be stylish 20 years from now.
Gold filled ear wires.
Price: $40.00
Code: SEP2010-E001

gold or silver

Chinese Crystal Rondels in a classic Red and Black Combination
These are great accessories essential.
Price: $12.00
Code: SEP2010-E002

REAL Turquoise in non tarnish wire work and Sterling silver ear wires
Price: $34.00
Code: SEP2010-E003a and E003b


REAL Turquoise and black Swarovski and Sterling Silver

Price: $35.00
Code: SEP2010-E004

More beautiful designs to be posted.
Don't forget the promotion i am running- spend $50.00 or more and enter into a draw to win some stunning ZaniL Design jewellery.