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Thursday, November 15, 2012

ZaniL Design Elegant Earrings for a Christmas Treat

Welcome to ZaniL Design Elegant Jewellery.

Thanks for browsing on my handmade Blog. Everything is made by Lina including the earring cards and I look only for elegant and stylish beads to make my unique creations.

Please call me on 0407 892 760 if you want to order , or to enquire about a jewellery party where you can get lots of free jewellery. Alternatively you can email me on

Light blue Swarovski Sliders on silver plated continental Ear hooks.
Price: $32.00 Code: NOV12-E001 ( ignore code on picture)

Last of these popular beads. Foil lamp work , great for all year round .
Gold plated ear hooks.
Price: $30.00  Code: NOV12-E002a , E002b

Bali Style metal bead on silver plated ear hooks.
Price: $22.00  Code: NOV12-E003

Swarvoski copper cubes and beads. Gold filled findings. 
Price: $75.00 Code: NOV12-E004

12mm Swarovski Silver shade 5000 round beads wityh Sterling silver Ear wires.
Price: $45.00 Code: NOV12-E005

Swarovski column beads on gold filled findings.
Price: $50.00 code: NOV12-E006

Swarovovski beads and Sterling silver chandlier and hooks.
Price: $85.00  Code: NOV12-E007

Swarovski Briolette and Gold filled Continental hooks.
Price: $75.00 Code: NOV12-E008

Simple Fresh water pearl studs on Surgical posts and backs.
Price: $35.00 Code: NOV12-E009

Very elegant and simple Swarovski tear drops- back due to popular demand.
Price: $70.00  code: NOV12-E010

Swarovski Sliders on sterling ear wires.
Price: $45.00 each. Code: NOV12-E011. ( ignore code on picture)

Cheers  for now , hope you are having a good day.


Wednesday, September 12, 2012

ZaniL Design Commission Works

Welcome To ZaniL Design Elegant 

Handmade Jewellery

Thanks for browsing and I hope you have a nice day. Over the last month or 2 I have had a few commissions to make some special items and bridal sets and I thought I would showcase them here for all to see. 
Let me know if you need to have something made or need to have something repaired. Sometimes jewellers can't  repair costume jewellery. I can also restring gem stone necklaces as well as pearls.

Call Lina 
0407 892 760

This beautiful Lapis Lazuli necklace has been made with Gold filled Corrugated beads and gold filled clasp and has been knotted. It was designed by Barbara and it came up so beautiful.  Gold and blue look Royal together. Thanks Barbara for the work.

This is a bridesmaid necklace made with Swarovski and Glass bugles and sterling silver findings.
I made 4 of these necklaces and they looked so elegant. These were designed by Annette. Thanks Annette for this Bridal commission.

This was also designed by Annette after combining a few ideas from other pieces that I had made. It is  made with Fresh water pearls and Peyote beaded tubes. The pendants and earrings have swirls on them.

This is a Jew fish Necklace made with the 'Jewels'out of a Jew fish. Holes were drilled into the Jewels and then they were wire wrapped and strung onto tiger tail.


Tuesday, September 11, 2012

ZaniL Design - A bridal Affair

Welcome to ZaniL Design
 Elegant Swarovski and Fresh water Pearl Jewellery

I have made some beautiful and elegant bridal designs this month . I have designed these pieces so that they can be worn for many years after the actual wedding day and so become sentimental pieces of jewellery. As there are timeless styles they should grow with you and will be able to be handed down as heirlooms. This is my original plan for my unique ZaniL Design Brand and month by month it is becoming reality. Thanks for browsing by the way. Feel free to contact me should you wish to have your heirloom jewellery repaired or your grandmother's pearls re knotted.

Call Lina 0407 892 760  
for Repairs or bridal quotes or to simply see if I can help.

My new Designs - Enjoy and email me if you want to order

This has been made with Fresh water pearls and Swarovski Diamanté. Sterling Ear wires.
Code: SEP2012- N0001 Price: $150.00 set 
This is a classic necklace made with Gold filled 12mm - 10mm and 4mm balls.
Code: SEP2012-N0002  Price: $150.00
Fresh water coin pearl Sterling silver Enhancer. Stunning.
Code: SEP2012- ENH001 Price: $80.00

10mm Swarovski Pearls with Sterling silver Ear wires
Code: SEP2012-E001 Price: $35.00
SOLD(order another pair)

Fresh water pearls and Sterling drops and ear wires.
Code: SEP2012-E002 Price: $45.00

A little sparkle on your special day- Swarovski drops , gold filled Ears.
Code: SEP2012-E003a ( left ) E003b (right) Price: $45.00 each

Fresh water pearls and non -tarnish wire work on gold filled ear wires.
The shorter versions of these have sold. They are really popular at the markets.
Code: SEP2012-E004  Price: $50.00

Classic Swarovski earrings on sterling ear wires
Code: SEP2012-E005  Price: $40.00

Simple and stunning Fresh water pearl earring, there would make perfect bridesmaid's earrings. Silver plated.
Code: SEP2012-E006  Price: $25.00 
SOLD ( order another pair)

Friday, August 17, 2012

ZaniL Design August 2012- Are you Crazy about Turquoise?

Welcome to ZaniL Design Elegant Hand made Jewellery.
Be Elegant, Be Stylish and Be Distinctive in a ZaniL Design

This month I attended the annal craft fair in Canberra  and found some interesting new craft ideas to make . I found a easy   way to make attractive Christmas decorations using paper and also learnt how to do Japanese weaving where no sewing is required. It looks like a mini quilt. I did not go over board and buy all the equipment, but may look at it more closely next year. 

I also bought some new beads of course and bought some more Turquoise. I have also acquired some Iranian Turquoise which is more green in colour. I have not made anything with it yet as it was quite expensive so I am just waiting for the right dream to inspire me to make something really special with it. However I could not resist the urge to sit down and make something with the other Turquoise strands. I am very happy with what I have made so far. As always I decided to keep a few beads for future design ideas . 

I have also being doing some reflection this month and have come to the conclusion that to have an abundant life you really need to accept who you are and what you are .Being happy is a state of mind and making the most of what you have also gives the feeling of abundance.  I have decided to make a few more designs using the infinity symbols . Here to wishing you an abundant life.

Here they are , my Turquoise designs- Are you Crazy about Turquoise too?

Infinity Earrings, Silver plated. Reconstituted Turquoise.
Deep blue colour.
Price: $25.00 Code: AUG12-E008

Reconstituted light Turquoise Oval Infinity Necklace.
Non - Tarnish Wire work.
Price: $115.00 Code: AUG12-N001
Sorry- only one - now SOLD

Reconstituted Deep blue Turquoise and Onyx Bead Necklace.
Non- Tarnish wire work.
Price: $145.00 code: AUG12-N002

Real Turquoise- Last pairs. Silver plated.
Some blemishes , not smooth.
Price: $20.00 code: AUG12- E009A, E009B

These Oval Reconstituted Turquoise beads are really attractive.
Silver plated. Add  $6.00 for Sterling ear wires.
Price: $23.00 wire work .Price: $18.00
Code: AUG12-E010A and E010B
Simple deep blue Turquoise ( rec) earrings. Silver Pl.
Add $6.00 for Sterling. 
Price: $15.00 top, $17.00  bottom.
Code: AUG12-E011A , E011B (bottom)
Turquoise Ring - only available at markets.

Cheers  and have an abundant life.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

ZaniL Design- August 2012- A collection of Stylish things

Welcome again to ZaniL Design
Be Elegant , Be Stylish and Be Distinctive and Feel Confident in a ZaniL Design .

Did you know that ZaniL Design brand of jewellery is about feeling great and stylish without the expense. All my design ideas stem from wanting to create elegant and timeless pieces so my clients can feel confident . Many clients do come back to let me know that is what I am achieving, so thanks to all my current and previous clients for that positive feed back.

Tear drop Fresh water pearl bracelet and diamanté clasp ( not knotted).
Price: $90.00 Code: AUG12-BR001

Something fun & different. It will definitely make people look twice. Fresh water pearls & Silver sheen Obsidian.
Price: $ 65.00 Code: AUG12- PEN001

Be quick, these glasses holders have been popular. Made with Fresh water pearls and Seeds , this will not last in this particular colour scheme.
Price: $40.00 Code: AUG12-GL001

ZaniL Design August 2012 - Earrings

Welcome to ZaniL Design  Elegant  Hand Made Jewellery Blog 

Thanks for browsing and please feel free to email me  or call me on 0407 892 760, if you have any questions.
I have been busy this month with some commission's for bridal jewellery and have a lot of new ideas that have flowed from that work.  Also  I have had a few repair jobs which has kept me busy, let me know if I can fix something for you.
Don't forget I offer lay-by service so you can have what you want , it will be even more rewarding as you would have saved up for it.

These are strictly the last pair and be quick as the last pair did not even last 2 markets. 
Turquoise and sterling silver ear. Non tarnish wire work.
Price: $45.00 Code: AUG12-E001 

Fresh water pearl coins with Non tarnish wire work and Gold filled ear wire.
Price: $48.00 Code: AUG12-E002

Fresh water pearls Studs . Perfect first pair of pearls for teenagers . Great Value.
Price: $25.00 Code: AUG12-E003

Tanzanite Swarovski Sliders and beads. Sterling silver ear. Very Sweet.
Price: $42.50  Code: AUG12-E004

Shell based pearls with smaller fresh water pearls  and fancy non tarnish wire work. Sterling ear wires.
Price: $55.00  Code: AUG12-E005

Oval flat Fresh water pearls . Non tarnish wire work and Sterling ear.
Price: $48.00 Code: AUG12-E006

Tear drop oval Fresh water pearls , non tarnish wire work and sterling silver ear wires.
Price: $36.00 Code: AUG12-E007

Cheers until the next post.

Remember to make the most of what you have and that way you will always be happy. 


Sunday, July 1, 2012

ZaniL Design - New Red Black and White Designs

Welcome To ZaniL Design  Hand Made Jewellery

Thanks for stopping at my website to have a browse. Please don't hestitate to contact me if you need to ask me a question. Did you know that I also do the following:
1. Professionally knot and clean pearls.
2. Repair other jewellery ( including vintage) and restring gemstones etc.
3.Make and design bridal and formal jewellery.
4.Come to your house , display my designs for a private viewing for you and your guests   ( you will get lots of free jewellery if you do this)

I have made yet even more designs with these 3 colours Red , Black and white. It is amazing , it seems the possibilties are infinite . Here they are, enjoy.

I don't even know how I came to decide to wrap the wire around red donut, but I liked it and decided to go with it. The wire I have used is Non- Tarnish wire.
Left:  Silver Sheen Obsidian and Fresh water pearl drop. Silver wire. Leather thong &magnetic Clasp.
Right: Fresh water pearl centre, Silver wire and Magnetic clasp
Price:  $60.00 (necklace only), with Sterling silver pearl earrings: $80.00 
Code:  Left- JUN12-N002 ( SOLD)  Right-JUN12-N003 

Swarovski slider set, wire wrapped with Non tarnish black wire. Sterling silver ear wires.
Price: $80.00 set Code: JUN12-N004

Left: Black and gold centre bead  Code: JUN12-N005
Right: Gold Wire worked swirl & silver wire. Code: JUN12-N006
Price: $60.00 each.

Would you like to order? simple send me an email to with the code of the desired item. I will reply with how to pay.

Many thanks.
Remember you only have one life to live so live it well and always believe in your innate ability to accomplish great things. If you don't believe in yourself , no one else will.
My two bobs worth.

Until next Cheers 
from Lina , designer and creator at ZaniL Design

ZaniL Design Gifts for young Ladies

Welcome to ZaniL Design Jewellery Blog

I have made some very stylish  teenage Jewellery. These sets have been made with Swarovski sliders. They make great gifts and can be gift boxed if you would like them posted directly to your nieces or grandchildren.
There are 2 simple steps to ordering:
1. Note the code underneath the photo.
2. Send an email to, include code. I will reply on how to pay.

Green Swarovski Sliders ( SOLD ) Please order.
Price: $45.00 set. Code: JUN12-SET001

Purple round Swarovski SLiders ( SOLD) please reorder.
Price: $45.00 Set  Code: JUN12-SET002

Large Swarovski Blue heart 18mm .
Price: $42.00 Code: JUN12- N001

Saturday, June 30, 2012

ZaniL Design - Spring 2012 - Earrings

 Welcome  to ZaniL Design Elegant Handmade            Pearl & Swarovski Jewellery.
Thanks for visiting, enjoy your visit and come back again as my designs are always emerging. 
If you would like to purchase it is very simple, see below:
  • Note the code under the photo of the desired item.
  • Send me an email on
  • I will reply and send you information on how to pay. 
  • Save on postage by buying more than one item. 5% discount when you buy 2 items.

Large Fresh water pearl and Sterling silver wire work earring. These have sold but I can make another pair.
Price: $70.00 Code: JUN12-E001

Swarovski copper cubes on Gold filled wire with diamante.
Price:$65.00 Code: JUN12-E002

Be quick , the last paironly lasted 1 hour on the stall. Blue Swarovski drops with Sterling silver ear wires.
Price: $70.00 Code: JUN12-E003

Swarovski Red Rivoli on gold filled ear wires. If you love red you will love these.
Price:$48.00 Code: JUN12-E004

Deep Purple Fresh water pearls 8 mm. Gold filled ear wires.
Price: $20.00 Code: JUN12-E005

Beautiful Blue Swarovski Rivoli set . Sterling silver ear wires.
Price: $ 75.00 Code: JUN12-E006

Large 10mm Fresh water pearls on Sterling silver wire worked ear wires.
Price: $70.00 Code: JUN12-E007

Glass Bead earrings. One bead is slightly bigger.
Price: $14.00 Code: JUN12-E008

Ocean Blue glass beads .
Price: $13.50  Code: JUN12-E009

Top- Purple glass drops with Swarovski Sliders Price: $25.00 Code: JUN12-E010
Purple glass drops on their own . Price: $20.00 Code: JUN12-E011
Simple Chinese crystal , changes colour. Price: $12.50 Code: JUN12-E012