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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

ZaniL Design - NEW ITEM Luxurious Textile Furnishing

Welcome to ZaniL Design.

Happy New Year to all.

Hope everyone had a realxing break. Hope 2009 is a good year for all of you and that you will find contentment and happiness in the simple things. Enjoy the present as this is really what belongs to us

Check out all my posts this months- lots of new earring, necklaces and bracelets.

I have added some new items to diversify a little.
I have always been a keen sewer and for a little while now my sewing machine has been calling me. I found some beautiful fabric and made this table runner. Now that I have started my imaginaion is running wild with all the things I can make with the beautiful fabric. The only problem is that there is not enough time in the day.

This table runner also comes in a burgundy and gold ( I will get a picture soon). They look so nice on the table and can be used all year round as well as at Christmas. This material is a thick tapestry material so I have not backed it.

These are $40.00 plus postage - $7.50.
Measures: Border to border -140 cm , Tip to tip - 174cm.

ZaniL Design,
Hand made and Australian Made.

by Lina.

Monday, January 5, 2009

ZaniL Design Bracelets

ZaniL Design Elegant Stylish Hand made designs

Hello and Happy New Year.

Hope everyone had a realxing break. Hope 2009 is a good year for all of you and that you will find contentment and happiness in the simple things. Enjoy the present as this is really what belongs to us.

Please note that all 2009 postings will not include postage and handling in the price. Please check lower Right column for postage charges.

I have made some beautiful bangles and bracelets.

This bangle had been made with Silver Swarovski pearls and white Fresh water pearls and peyote tubes made with Delica beads. Centre focal bead is Sterling and there is a Fresh water and Swarovski Charm.

Price: $60.00
Code: JAN09-BR001

Olive green Shell beads and Czech glass Bangle.
Gold plated magnetic clasp.

Price: $22.00
code: JAN09-br002

Baby Blue Glass beads with Fresh water pearls- Set.
Silver plated Findings.

Price: $30.00
Code: JAN09-BR003

Blue Green Foil lampwork Summer Bracelet.
Gold plated secure clasp.
Czech Glass and Lime green glass.

Price: $33.00
Code: JAN09-BR004

"Imagination is everything- it is the preview of life coming attraction"- Albert Einstien.

ZaniL Design.

Locally made in Sutton / Canberra.
Australian and hand made.

ZaniL Formal and Bridal Designs -Jan 2009

Welcome to ZaniL Design- Timeless Hand made jewellery

Did you know that ZaniL Design Jewellery and accessories is Australian made. Only the beads are imported and no item is mass produced. Also 95% of my designs are one off .

These elegant designs have been made using Swarovski Pearls and Crystals. They come in 4 colours ( but can come in others if ordered), Bronze ( right), Silver, Copper, and white.

They are classic and can be worn formally or casually so are versatile. Swarovski pearls are a durable and hard wearing pearl and will not be damaged if chemicals and perfume come into contact with them. They are also of a similar weight to real pearls and will also warm up as you are wearing them.

These Necklaces are reasonable priced and come with matching earrings.

Price: Bronze with Magnetic Clasp $50.00
Code: JAN09-N001A

Price: Silver with Pearl secure clasp $55.00
Code: JAN09-N001B

Copper with 18ct gold plated clasp and gold plated
extension chain.
Price: $58.00


Simple Fresh water pearls and Glass bugle beads.
Silver plated magnetic clasp.
Price: $26.00
Code: JAN09-N002

with Earrings

Swarovski Pendant 12mm and fresh water pearls.
Gold plated magnetic clasp
Price: $25.00
Code: JAN09-N003

Simple Teenager necklace.
Fresh water pearl pendant.
Price: $16.00
Code: JAN09-N004

Cheers ,
"Imagination is everything it is the preview of lifes coming attraction". Albert Einstien.
that says it all, so imagine you are living your dream and it will happen.

ZaniL Design Elegant Necklaces- Jan 2009

Welcome to ZaniL Design

Happy New Year.
I have been having some fun with these Dyed Stone donuts and mixing the colours to get some lovely colour combinations.
They look great in real life.

Blue and Green make a great summer colour combination.
This has been made with Czech glass and glass and foil focal bead.
Price: $47.00
code: JAN09-N005

Black and Red make a striking Colour combination.
Peyote bail .old plated findings.
Price: $65.00 for set
Code: JAN09-006

Black dyed stone and Coin Fresh water pearl pendant.
Fresh water pearls and black glass.
Contempary and Classic.
Price: $46.00
Code: JAN09-N007

Matching Earrings

Red Dyed Stone and Black/grey South Sea Shell pearl pendant on leather.
Price: $22.00
Code: JAN09-N008

Red Dyed stone and black glass and fresh water pearl pendant on leather.

price: $22.00
Code: JAN09-N009

Red and black dyed stone and seed beads.
Price: $25.00
Code: JAN09-N010

Black dyed stone and South Sea shell pearls pendant.
Green /Grey fresh water top drilled.
Price: $50.00
Code: JAN09-N011

See lower right hand column on how to order and to calculate postage charges.Paypal will automatically calculate postage and handling.

ZaniL Design Hand Made Earrings - Jan 2009

Welcome to ZaniL Design and Happy New Year.
I wish all of my readers and customer and prosperous new year. May this year bring happiness and contentment to all of you. Remember to enjoy the present and today as that is all we really have. Remember life happens while we are busy thinking of the future. Most of all do something you enjoy and do it now while you still can.

I have made some changes to the pricing structure- 2009 postings prices do not include postage and handling. See right hand column title for "postage charges". Hope this makes it easier . Previous posts include postage.

Remember Earrings can be upgraded to Sterling or gold filled or changed to Clipons. I now have surgical Steel ear wires in Hooks and Studs.

Sterling silver - Add $3.00 (hooks only)
Gold filled- Add $ 4.00 ( hooks only)
Clip ons - Add $1.50 ,
Surgicla steel Studs - Add $1.50
Surgical steel hooks - no extra charge.

Lime Green and Saphire Blue foil
Lampwork. Sterling Silver earwires.

Price: $24.00
Codes: EJAN09-001A & 001B

Copper Shell coins 10mm and fresh water pearls
Gold plated.

Price: $10.00
Code: EJAN09-002

White 8mm Fresh Water pearls and 4mm Silver
Swarovski Pearl Sterling silver Findings. Wire wrapped.

Price: $21.00
Code: EJAN09-003

Bronze Swarovski Pearls -6mm and 4mm on non tarnish Brass wire work. Gold plated hooks. 6cm drop from top of hook.

Price: $17.50

Code: EJAN09-004

Silver Swarovski Fresh water pearls ( 8mm and 6mm)and crystal.
silver plated hooks. 5 cm drop.

Price: $17.00
code: EJAN09-005

Red dyed stone.
Surgical Steel hooks.

Price: $10.00
code: EJAN09-006

Red Dyed stone and Black Glass. Surgical Steel hooks

Price: $11.00
Code: EJAN09-007

Red dyed stones and black Glass- Surgical Steel Studs and Back.

Price: $ 13.00
Code: EJAN09-008

Red dyed stone . Surgical steel hooks

Price: $13.00
Code: EJAN09-009

Maltese flag colours and Christmas colours.
White Fresh water pearls and gold palted continental wires for a secure fit.

Price: $15.00
Code: EJAN09-010

Red Dyed Stone and surgical steel studs

Price: $13.00
Code: EJAN09-011

keep checking as I am always adding new designs .