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Friday, June 28, 2013

New and Elegant June designs- Penadants and more

ZaniL Design Pendants - for Elegant and Stylish  Everyday Wear.

Welcome and thanks for visiting . I can't believe it is already June. I am already looking forward to spring .
I have made some very interesting pendants this month using Swarovski Pearls, Shell based pearls and Agate ovals and round rings. I found some nice large 12mm fresh water pearls and made some elegant pearl earrings.

Only $28.00 and all hand made.
Code: JUN13-PEN01 - PEN03 ( left to right) 
Just $24.00 if you order from my blog.

Another fantastic handmade pendant 
Code: JUN13-PEN04  Price: $26.00

Large 12mm fresh water pearls. Sterling ear wire.
Code: JUN13-E001  Price:  $45.00

Simple acrylic earrings
Code: JUN13-E002 Price: $12.00

12 mm fresh water pearls
JUN13-E003 Price: $25.00

Simple yet so effective
JUN13-BR001  Price: $22.00

Cheers , thanks for your support . These are all made here in Australia and all work is guaranteed

Have a nice day.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

ZaniL Design New Stylish Earrings

ZaniL Design Stylish Swarovski & Gemstone  Earrings

Hello again and welcome to my blog. Thanks for visiting . 
This month I have made some simple designs  so that you can be more versatile with your jewellery .

Please son't hesitate to order as  some designs sell before market day.

Silver Sheen Obsidian , surgical Steel earwires.
Code : JUN13-E001  Price : $16.00

Picture is a little blurry, but these are gorgeous little Swariovski Pearls on gold filled hooks. Perfect for a young girl who does't wnat anything to showy. Very elegant.
Code: JUN13- E002 Price: $30.00

Simple everyday pair of acyrilc earring .
Code: JUN13-E003  Price: $10.00

Large 21mm Swarovski Baroque Crystal AB  on Sterling silver Hooks.
Code: JUNE13-E004  Price :  $ 65.00 
( remember 10% off orders off blog)

Grey Sawrovski 10mm and 6mm pearls with diamante. Surgical Steel hooks
Code: JUN13- E005 Price: $35.00 
So cheap and good quality.

Heres a deal, order 1 item and receive 30% of the second item( least cost) 
or order 2 items and pay only 40% for the 3rd item ( least cost item)
No other discounts apply.

ZaniL Design Vintage Rings and more ......

Welcome to ZaniL Design
 Handmade and Uniquely Designed Jewellery.
Thanks for visiting and if you are a regular visitor thanks for returning.
I am making beautiful and elegant jewellery that is very different than what you will find in shops and even on some internet sites.  I am so blessed to create these designs and it excites me to make something truly unquie and also that other people find them interesting too. 
If you purchase  have purchased one of my designs thank you so very much for your support and I hope it is bringing you much pleasure. Some of my pieces are indeed conversation stoppers . 

These Rings are my new creations and Are only available at the markets Come and see them there if you like them as i have posted what is in stock and I do not have 2 of any item hurry as they will go. 


$15.00 each


I have lots more rings, come and see , they are durable , different and all reasonable priced.