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Saturday, October 25, 2014

ZaniL Design- More Elegant Designs to Entice You

ZaniL Design Elegant Handmade Jewellery
Welcome everyone, Thanks for stopping and taking a look at my unique designs.
It is not long to Christmas now and the time as Christmas approaches always seems to get faster with each passing year. Never mind, make the most of every minute and enjoy today and tomorrow is never promised to anyone!
I have made lots of great and interesting designs for you so you can give handmade and affordable gifts this Christmas.
As a Christmas Special during the months of November and December instead of the 10% off form the blog the following offers will apply:
Only while stocks last.
  • Buy 1 item & receive 20% off the second ( least value item)
  • Buy 2 items & receive 40% off the third item ( least Value)
  • Buy 3 items & receive 70% off the forth item ( least value)
Postage of $10.00 will apply ( registered post)
So have a browse- click on the picture to enlarge it. Please enquire as some items can be made to order while there is still time before Christmas.  


Please order
OCT14-E010 Price: $40.00
Chriatmas Tree Ornament
Price: $7.50

OCT14-P002 Price: $18.00

Gold filled Ear wires

OCT14-E013 price: $50.00


Shell Based Large 50mm Pearl
OCT14-N005 price: $90.00

Fresh Water pearls and Glass Bracelet
OCT14-BR002 Price:$25.00

OCT14-N006 Price: $50.00 set

Swarovski Pendant s on Leather
OCT14-N006 Price:$75.00 each Silver filled or Gold filled



Onyx and gold filled Findings
OCT14-E014 Price: $35.00

OCT14-BR003 Price: $65.00

Have a great day and remember you always get return what you give , so if you want love, give love to others.


ZaniL Design- Exciting New BLUE Designs for Christmas gifts and Summer

ZaniL Design Elegant and Unique Jewellery Designs

Welcome everyone to my Blog.  I have not posted for a long time as there was a issue with the blog and I just needed the time to sort it out. Funny how a problem seems so large you have no idea where to begin to resolve it, but given time to think and research the problem it somehow resolves. When you look back you think it wasn't that bad. Well that was how it was for my blog problem, I just kept putting it off and then thought about it and some ideas to look it up on the  internet and then one I decided to fix it using the information I found on the net.

 The mind is wonderful and powerful and you can achieve anything given the chance. All things that have been created have first come into VISION  in someone's creative mind .

Over the last few months I have made some beautifully elegant and simple designs ( as this is what seems to be the trend at the moment). See Below and send me an email to to order.
Remember these are unique designs and 99% of the time only one is available.

Simply Stunning
OCT14-N001 Price: $45.00
Glass Bracelet set
OCT14-BR001 Price: $50.00 set
Simple Summer Necklace Sterling components
OCT14-N002 Price: $60.00

Acrylic Beads non -tarnish wire and
reconstituted Truquoise
OCT14-E001A-D Price: $16.50 each
Peyote beaded Necklace with
Fresh water Pearl pendant
OCT14-N003 Price: $130.00

Czech Lamp work Pendant
OCT14-P001 Price: $30.00
Czech beads and Sterling ear wire
OCT14-E003 Price: $30.00
OCT14-E004 Price: $18.00

OCT14-E005 Price: $15.00

OCT14-E006 and E007  Prices as marked
Sterling filled ear wires

 Thanks for browsing everyone and come back again- remember 10% off for orders from my blog.


Sunday, June 1, 2014

New ZaniL Design Winter Style s

Welcome to ZaniL Design
Always Elegant and Stylish Handmade Jewellery
Hello Everyone and welcome to my  Blog. Thanks for browsing , please feel free to contact me about my unique designs or if you would like to host a jewellery party if you are in Canberra region or Newcastle region.
Winter is here, keep warm and well. I have been keeping cosy by the fire and making some more exciting new designs that come into being from ideas I get by doing repairs and thinking about working with what I have. I am exciting about this months creations.
I have been having some fun with some recycled dried flowers in resin, made some brooches and hair clips.See below and remember 10% off for orders off the blog.
This was a custom order. I made the earrings to match the pendant.
I can make more of these Onyx earring - please order or keep checking .

Dried flowers in resin, brooches and Hairclips.
Price: $15.00
Hurry as they are recycled, I only have a few beads left.

Non Tarnish wire gold worked earrings.
Gold filled continental ear wires, Onyx
Price: $55.00 Code: JUN14-E002

These are so gorgeous and eye catching, they will not last long at the markets.
Just $20.00 each.

Oval Hoop earrings.
Price: $40.00 Code:JUN14-E003

I did not make this ring, but it does not fit me anymore.
Small size .
Just $35.00  ONO.
 keep safe and happy.


Thursday, May 1, 2014

ZaniL Design - May 2014 Vintage Button Limited Edition Creations

Welcome to ZaniL Design Handmade and Unique Vintage Button Designs
Welcome everyone and thanks for looking at my designs.
I have had some renewed interest in my ring designs  so I have created  some new interesting designs. I had some lampwork beads where there was only one left from previuos projects so the new ring designs have been great in using them up and creatng a limited edition series.
I have also  made some gorgeous new pendants and earrings designs. It is so exciting when you make a  new design that sometimes you suprise yourself as it unfolds and comes into being. That is the beauty of creating you never know what you are going to end up with until you have finished it and are satisfied with the end result.
If you are looking for a Mother's Day  gift I will be at the markets on May 11th or you can order from this blog , I have lots of designs on my other postings.
These rings are only at the markets and are priced from $25.00
Also my Vintage ring range below  has been quite popular and I have sourced some more beads to create some more beautiful vintage button rings. These are limited edition as there are no more of these button left ( that I have sourced)  . If you like these button rings please order them so you do not miss out. I can make 1 more of each of the button rings in the green, blue/red and pink/green/blue. Only one of the Blue Czech rings is available.
There are priced from $37.50 and only at the Markets
These Pearl rings are simple and long wearing and durable and affordable . Very popular and I had to replenish my stock levels as the last stock sold out.
I have reduced the prices from $35.00 to $30.00 ( so no further discounts apply)
Only Available at the markets
Simply elegant and stunning and timeless .
Price: $60.00 Code: MAY14-E001

Swarovski Pendant on a Gold Leather cord with Sterling clasp .
Price: $85.00 Code MAY14-N001

Vintage HairClip  many more designs available see previuos posts or come to markets
Price: $21.00  Code: MAY14- H001
Interested in hosting a jewellery party ? so you can get this jewellery for free as a reward for your effort of having a few friends over , then conatct me
Thanks once again for coming by and looking at my new designs. Remeber if you need anything fixed or restrung feel free to email me .
Also ordering form this blog you will get a  10 % discount ( not availbable on the rings).
Have a good month.
Cheers Lina

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

ZaniL Design - Autumn Inspirations

Welcome to ZaniL Design's Handmande  Autumn Designs
Earrings, Fresh Water Pearls and Accessories
Hello Everyone, thanks so much for browsing on my blog , please feel free to contact me about any of the designs and any repair work you have.
Hard to believe we are almost halfway through Autumn. It was great to get some decent rain, and I have a wonderful garden to show for it. I have been picking beans and there are even more pumpkins and cherry tomatoes . It is Garlic, broad bean and lettuce planting time so get busy with that. I will be and looking forward to harvest time.

Back to the jewellery, below are the designs I have made with beads I have in my stash. I am still getting to the bottom of it, but the problem with creating is that you always need to inject new beads to help with new ideas so you can use up some of the old stock you have been stock piling. So in the end , I don't think you ever actually get to the bottom of your stash.  Still having fun though coming up with new ideas!
Glass Cylinder bead set. Price: $20.00 Code: APR14-BR001
Fresh water Pearl with Onyx and Steling silver focal and Sterling silver Clasp
Price: $60.00 Code: APR14-BR002

Onyx Tear drops 1 inch with Gold filled hooks and findings.
Price: $40.00 Code: APR14-E001

Reconstituted Turquiose. Silver plated ear ( add $6.00 for Sterling)
Price: $20:00 Code: APR14-E002

Vintage Ring - only at the markets and  only 1 available
Price:$45.00 code: APR14-R001

Acrylic tear drops
Price: $15.00 each - Code -APR14-E003a and b

Acrylic with gold plated hooks ( add $7.00 for an upgrade)
Price: $15.00 Code: APR14-E004

Price:$20.00 Code: APR14-E005

Red Acrylic and swirls
Price: $16.00 Code APR14-E005

Vintage Button hairclip
Price: $16.00 Code: APR14-H001

Red Acrylic coin with twist and swirls.
Price: $16.00 Code: APR14-E006

 Large heart pendant
Just $15.00 code: APR14-P001

Thanks for browsing and as you can see new designs are always added. 10% off for ordering off the blog. Hurry though as new designs and rings have been selling at the markets.