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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

ZaniL Design- July Necklaces

Welcome to
ZaniL Design Jewellery Blog.

Well we are now in July and the first part of the year has just flown by. I do wonder where the time seems to go.

I know I spend quite a lot of time designing and making new and interesting pieces of jewellery and as the saying goes , time flies when you are having fun.

Purple is the colour of this winters fashion and that is lucky for me, as Purple is my favourite colour. I took the time to find out some interesting facts about the colour purple.

Purple is made by combining Red and Blue and thereby brings together the energies of both colours. Purple is associated with Royalty and in the Elizabethan Era only people decreed by the English Sumptuary Laws were allowed to wear Purple. Simply said, only people in the royal family were allowed to wear the colour purple.

Purple symbolizes power, nobility, luxury, and ambition. It conveys wealth and extravagance. Purple is associated with wisdom, dignity, independence, creativity, mystery, and magic.

The purple color was produced from an extremely expensive dye called Tyrian purple which originated in Tyre in Lebanon. The purple dye was made by crushing thousands of sea shells - Mediterranean Murex. It took ten thousand Murex mollusks to make dye forjust one toga! This purple dye was worth more than its weight in gold and therefore came to symbolise both wealth and power. Production of Tyrian purple has now been replaced by cheaper dyes like lichen and madder.

Back to my jewellery designs for this month. I have made a few items in this Royal colour with accents of blue. Remember postage and handling are included in the price. Send me and email if interested in ordering to .

This is a simple Purple and Blue Pendant with three glass dangles.

I have used Czech Glass and glass seed beads.
It comes with earring. ( not pictured - Amethyst Czech Glass)

Silver plated , with extension chain.
Great for Spring fashions.

Price: $44.00 incl post and Handling.

Code: JUL08-NS01
This Necklace has been Sold

This necklace has Peyote beading to create a more solid look.
Czech and glass beads with Sterling silver findings and earwires.

Price: $90.00

code: JUL08-NS02

This necklace has been Sold.

This design is simply stunning and definitely a "coversation stopping" piece.
I have used rich purple coloured fresh water pearls throughout with matching seed bead Peyote tubes.

Sterling silver findings and ear wires.

Price: $110.00

code: JUL08-NS03

Purple Lamp Work Heart Pendant with Peyote Tubes and White Fresh water pearls. Comes with simple pearl earrings that can be worn with other pieces as well.

Price: $56.00

Code: JUL08-NS04


This is a classic simple design that can dress up or dress down any outfit.

10mm Coin Fresh water pearls with Gold Glass bugles. Gold and silver glass beads to give it versitality. Matching earring are on Sterling Silver earwires. Gold Plated magnetic Clasp.

Price: $ 55.00

Code: JUL08-NS05

Gold, Black ,Silver and white make a beautiful combination.

Peyote beaded tubes using Delica seed beads.

10mm Coin fresh water pearls.

Sterling Earwires.

Price: $160. 00 ( silver plated clasp)
Price: $175.00 ( Sterling Clasp)
Code: JUL08-NS06.

Keep checking my blog as there are always new designs coming up.

Bye for now.


ZaniL Design - Niffty Bead Accessories

Hello Customers and fellow bloggers,

I hope all is well with you all. Well I have been busy making some niffty bead accessories. A new addition to my range of products are Bag charms ( pictured right) and brooches ( picture below) . Bag charms can be attached to the zipper or another part of your bag as a simple decoration. I have wire wrapped the all connections to make it extra strong and durable. They come in a range of colours and can be custom made to match any bag colour. I have lots of different styles. I have made some is Blue, Purple, Red and gold, Gold and Black, black and white.

They are $19.00 including postage and handling.

Here are some more examples of Bag charms.

These make great gifts for friends and family.

Brooches can also come in a range of colours and can be attached to scarves to hold in place or simply attached to the lapel of your coat.

See the photo below for one of the brooches I have made.
I will be making some more designs so keep coming back to see what evolves on this product.

Brooch made with Coin fresh water pearls and Non-Tarnish wire work and Gold bugles.

Price: $23.00 including postage and handling.

For book lovers, I have made these wonderful colourful book marks. Each one is unique and I don't think I have made two that are exactly the same. These are about 9 cm long.
I have used all sorts of beads including foil and fresh water pearls and lamp work.

I have incorporated a new wire wrapping technique into these book marks.

These make great little gifts and great if you have a few friends to buy for.

These are $12.50 ( including postage and handling). If you Purchase 3 or more , take 10% off the total price.

To order any of the items above or items on other posts, please send me an email to I will respond and give you further details.