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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

ZaniL Design Beaded Pearl Centred Flowers

ZaniL Design Elegant Beaded Swarovski and Pearl Designs
Thank you for visiting. The mind is amazing, with our subconscious calling upon knowledge and memories from the past and when it is needed.

It is also fascinating to learn new things as the mind has a amazing capability to combine the new things learnt with old knowledge to come up with literally thousands of new ideas.

Well that this what happened to me in the last 2 weeks. I was searching desperately for an idea for my second Royal Canberra show piece and I bought an amazing bead book called ' Classical Elegance' that simply inspired me to want to learn something new. I learnt 2 new techniques and then my mind was exploding with lots of new ideas for wonderful new things. These flowers are one of the new items and I am not even sure how I got to this idea.

I am happy with mt second entry and even if I don't get a prize , I have pushed myself to learn some new techniques.

The above is some pictures of my new products- beaded flowers that can be a brooch , or pendant or even a headband attachment. They come in other colours - only I have not had time to make them. they have a pearl centre.

These come with a brooch attachment.

Price: Necklace with leather thong Just $60.00
Code: FEB12-N002a , N002b, N002c

ZaniL Design - Something for you

Welcome Again to ZaniL Design.

Thanks for visiting. If you are looking for somehting different , I think you may just find something here.
Here are some great new designs.

If you want to know more info or want to order, please email me on .

Fresh water pearl earrings with a difference.
Silver plated.
Price: $40.00
Code: FEB12-E005

Large Swarovski 12mm Silver Fresh water pearl
Bracelet and Viking waeve. Silver plated.

Price: $75.00

Simple Coloured shell earrings. These have been my most popualre seller at the markets.

Price: $9.50
Code: FEB12- E006a and E006b



ZaniL Design - Turquoise and Pearl Pendant Sets - Afordable Elegance

Welcome to ZaniL Design Pearl and Turquoise Pendants

Thanks for stopping by, enjoy your visit and do not hesitate to contact me , if you would like to know more about how my jewellery is made or if you want to order on :

I have made some simple and elegant things this
month . These make great gifts and the pendants can be added to a silver chain or leather thong. This give 2 different looks. Simple and Elegant.

Fresh Water Pearl and diamante.
Price: $25.00
Code: FEB12-PEND001
Item has sold

Turquoise Pendant and earring set on silver plated
Findings . Earrings have been so popular at markets.
This set will not last.

Price: $47.50 Set
Code: FEB12-PEND002
Item has sold

Simple Pearl Elegance. Silver plated Findings.

Price: $45.00 Set

Code: FEB12-PEND003

Large 12mm Swarovski silver Pearl Set.

Silver plated finding.

Price: $47.50 set

Code: FEB12-PEND004



ZaniL Design

Designer and Creator.

Friday, February 10, 2012

ZaniL Design - New Swarovski Rivoli Earrigns

Welcome To ZaniL Design Jewellery

Hello everyone , thanks for taking a few minutes to browse on my blog. I am making stylish and elegant jewellery for you, so you can have something a little different.

I ordered these Rivoli beads by mistake. I was not sure what to do with them , until i found some components made for these beads with no holes. Some mistakes do lead to better ideas.

Keep chcking my blogs as there are always new things being posted.

These earring are made with Sterling ear wires .
Price: Just $65.00
Code: FEB12-E004 ( Left with swirls) FEB12-E005 ( Green and black)

Swarovski Button rings are very popular
Only Available at the Markets.
Just $45.00.

So come and see , made with Non -tarnish wire.
Perfect for a cocktail or dinner parties.

Interested in placing an order


Monday, February 6, 2012

ZaniL Design - A Little Something for Valentines

Welcome once again to ZaniL Design Jewellery

I usually don't promote Valentines Day, a little strang for someone in the jewellery business.
Anyway I found these beads today and just could not resisit. They are about 20mm and would make a lovely inexpensive momento.

If interested in purchasing email me:

They are just $13.50

Sunday, February 5, 2012

ZaniL Design February Treasures

Welcome to Zanil Design Elegant Pearl and Swarovski Jewellery

Hello everyone and thanks for stopping by. Here you will find elegant unique and one off pieces that are made with the intention of becoming much loved and treasured heirlooms.

I believe jewellery is meant to make you feel beautiful and feel great and when the right piece is selected to go with your outfit, it just lifts your look from being ordinary to elegant and stylish.
Anyway that is what I am achieving with my ZaniL Design Brand . I have many happy customers come back to me to say how many compliments they have received when wearing one of my pieces.

This month I have made just a few new designs as I am making another show piece for the Canberra show and it has taken all of my energy.

Here are some beautiful and elegant Fresh water pearl bracelets with good lustre and shape. One is knotted with a diamante clasp and the other is strung on tiger tail with a Strong magnetic clasp.

Price: $95.00 each
Code: FEB12-BR001 ( top) FEB12-BR002 ( bottom)
Interested in buying: email pls include code.

Here is a new elegant simple earring . Hand wired scrolls on Sterling

Price: $26.00
Code: FEB12-E001

Interested in buying? : email
send code FEB12-E001

Gold Scrolls- hand wired on gold plated ear wires.

Price: $21.00 ( $27.00 if you want gold filled ear wires)
Code: FEB12-E002

Interested in buying?: email

send code: FEB12-E002

Very popular Rich burgundy colour Acrylic
Beads on gold plated ear wires.

Price: $18.00
Code: FEB12-E003

Interested in Buying? : email

Rich Burgundy set. simple and elegant.
Price: $65.00
Code: FEB12-N001

Perhaps this would be a good mother of the bride necklace. email

Have a good month and start what ever you have been putting off as time passes away so quickly. I am going to take my own advice and do that letter box drop that I have been meanning to do.