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Monday, January 28, 2019

New Elegant Designs for 2019 from ZaniL

Summer Collection 2019 - From ZaniL

Welcome, what a summer we have had. So hot and almost unbearable.

I have made a few more new designs that are still true to the theme of classic and timeless design. I have a few more beautiful designs coming, but due to the hot weather I just didn't feel like creating much.

I hope you are all well and this year brings you good health and happiness.

This bracelet looks so good , I am going to make another one in real gold.
Code Jan2019-br01 $50.00

 Lovely Elegant pearl earring Code Jan2019-E01 and E02  $45.00 each 

Simplicity just $25.00 each . Swarovski pink pearls and dyed stone wire work earrings

More simple elegance , Swarovski flower earrings and large fresh water pearls. $40 and $45 and respectively

Fresh water and Swarovski pearl link bracelets . Left bracelets has sterling silver beads.
Code - Jan2019- Bra01 &02 $55 and $50.00 respectively.
Thank you for browsing and if you feel like buying anything let me
Cheers Lina

Sunday, April 22, 2018

ZaniL Design - New April 2018 Designs

Welcome To ZaniL Design Handmade Elegant Jewellery.
Thank you for visiting.
I am having a Sale and giving you  discount of 20% off the listed price for the next 2 months, ending 30th June.
I am doing the Collector Pumpkin Festival and a few other markets so if you see something you like be sure to send me an email as I will not be making the same design. The 20% discount allows me to offer you a great handmade price , while at the same time giving my headspace permission to create more .
 Also as my other passion of gardening ( click here for my Gardening Blog) seems to commanding a great deal of my time and I am not making as much , although I am making time to offer repair services. By continuing to offer  a repair service , I am still able to create some new and interesting designs using beads that I have, as I am keen to make use of the beads I have been stashing.
So have a look and see if you can grab a bargain.
Thanks for buying Australian and Handmade.

Saturday, February 3, 2018

New Designs from ZaniL

Welcome to ZaniL Design Handmade elegant Jewellery.
Thanks for visiting. If you have been wondering why it has taken so long to do another update, its because our computer was zapped during a storm and the USB ports that load the photos stopped working. We can't fix them and have to buy a new computer.
 As I do not like to just throw things away and add to the ever increasing rubbish that goes to land fill I am continuing to get use out of the computer which has lost the memory ports, USB and touch screen functionality.
This problem with not being able to upload picture has been a constant frustration, but where there is a will there is a way and today I have found it. Hooray . It takes longer but at least I can now upload some photos and that is saying something from a person who hates computers. I worked it out and now I feel great.
Gold filled and 12mm diameter coin Pearls
Feb2018b- $22.00
Faux pearl Necklace

Feb2018c- $9.50
Faux pearl bracelet

Feb2018d- $9.50


Feb2018- E002 - $25.00
Gold filled ear and agate deep blue stone. 14mm

Feb2018-E003 -$30.00
Fresh water pearls - ear wires to be added/

Feb2018f- $22.00
Faux pearl necklace

Surgical ear wires to be added
Send me email if you want to enquire.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

New from ZaniL design

Welcome everyone to my ZaniL Design Blog
About the jewellery I have made in Australia
I have made just a few items this month, its been so hot that I have spent quite a bit of time watering all the garden plants so I would not lose everything . I think I'll get a good harvest form the cucumbers and tomatoes at least. I have been having salads every single day.
Interested in any of my designs? please make a reasonable  offer. I have had lots of people looking so if you are interested please drop me an email. Please think if you had made these items, what would you like to be paid, taking into account the quality and your time and that they were made in Australia. Buy Australian and support your local area, it doesn't have to be my things your buying, it can be local produce, local markets, a local butcher etc.
Have a great month.
Kind regards
FEB17-BR001. Price- make an offer
FEB17- E001
Swarovski and Sterling
Make a reasonable offer.

Make a reasonable offer. Fresh water pearls

Make a reasonable offer . Fresh water Pearls.

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Happy New Year 2017 - New ZaniL Designs

ZaniL Design Australian Designed and  Made Jewellery

Hello Everyone
Happy New Year to you all and best wishes for a year blessed with good health and happiness and fulfilment in what ever job you do. I hope you had a good break and are relaxed to tackle another year. I didn't really make any resolutions, but will be trying take time for myself this year and not rush around too much as I want to smell the roses this year.

Thanks for stopping by and browsing. I made these designs just before Christmas , but got too busy to post them. Thanks also if you go ahead that further step and purchase from my blog. You know I made and designed these items, so all the money stays in Australia as I also go and buy from other Australian business at markets and shop at the local markets for vegetables.

Also I have decided that after many years of producing this wonderful jewellery, I am turning it back into a hobby so I can enjoy it more. It will still be unique and still affordable , but there is no huge money to be made unless you are importing the designs for an indecent  wage for whoever the poor person is making it and  Australia handmade jewellery  just can't compete, so please continue to support my hobby if you so wish and thank you for buying handmade. Just remember you always get what you pay for.

Now for the exciting part I have a new idea . These new designs you can make an offer and if it is a reasonable offer I will accept and post you the item after it has been paid for . Registered postage of  $12.00 applies and $15.00 for 3 or more items. Please consider above before making any offers. Thanks.

Surgical ear wires   Jan17- 001
offers above $17.50

Surgical JAN17-002
Offers above $18.50

Surgical JAN17-003
Offers above $15.00

Offers above $15.00

JAN17-005, 006
offers above $16.50

Simple and elegant JAN17-007
Offers above $65.00

offers above $22.00

Offers above $45.00

Offers above $45.00

Offers above $10.00

JAN17-012, 013
Offers above $11.50

Offers above $10.00

Offers above $95 ( was $130.00)
Have a great month and hopefully I'll be able to make some more new designs .
Cheers Lina

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

ZaniL Design Christmas Sales Special

Welcome to ZaniL Design Elegant Australian Made Jewellery.
Hello everyone, Wow its almost Christmas again, it comes around so quickly every year because we are so busy all the time and never seem to stop. Well that's my theory and what seems to be happening in my part of the world. I am going to try to take more time slowing down next year. Easier said than done, but will at least have a go at it.
I have made some fantastic new pieces that will make  unique gifts that will surely be treasured for years to come by who ever is the lucky recipient. I have also decided to be generous and offer some   discounts to encourage you to support Australian made artists. Your support is greatly appreciated and so important so I am glad I will be able to give back to you all.
Here is the deal
Buy 1 item and get 25 % off the next item
Buy 2 items and get 40% off the third item
Buy 3 items and get the fourth item free.
Discounts are on the lesser value item. free gift with all orders over $100.00
Postage is $11.00 registered post and free for all orders over $120.00
Nov16-e001- $42.00

Nov16-E002  $25.00

                                                                      Nov16-E003- $42.00

Nov16-E004 $40.00

Nov16-e005 $60.00


Nov16-br001, 002,003  $50, $50, $85.00

Nov16-PE001  $75.00

NOV16-E007  , I have multiple of these, these are a best seller. Also can be made in gold findings.

Nov16-E008 $30.00


Nov16-E010 $60.00

Nov16-E011 $25.00
Happy shopping and hurry, only one  item of each once sold all gone.