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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

ZaniL Design NEW Rings - Only at the Markets

Welcome Once Again.

I just love rings , I have about 7 or eight different beaded rings . They are so comfortable especially if you have arthritus. These are also durable and I have had one in particular for about 4 years and it has withstood a lot of testing ( dish washing, chlorine pool, cleaning) and it is still intact.

These rings are only available at the markets due to sizing. So if you ever come to Canberra, I will be glad to show you my rings.

They are very eye catching and lots of people comment on them. I alway make new designs as I get bored making the same ones.

Prices vary from $35.00 to $55.00.



Summer 2011 - Elegant Earrings

Welcome to my Jewellery Blog

Firstly thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy your stay. Did you know most of these designs are unique and usually not recreated so you are gauranteed to get a piece that no one else will have.

I am not sure where all my ideas come from , but I am thankful that they keep coming and sometimes my hands cannot work as fast as my mind creates.

I have not been making many things lately due to trying to finish off my Canberra show pieces which I will post soon.

Please leave me a comment if you feel inclined or better still perhaps you would like to purchase some of these items- click on the add to cart and Pay Pal will do the rest.

Remember I also sell at the markets and some popular items may already be sold.

Above Black Onyx Faceted ovals with non -tarnish wire work and Sterling earwires.
5 cm drop.

Price: $45.00
Code: FEB2011-E002

Deep rich colour , looks great .Czech beads
Gold plated. Magnetic clasp and Fob clasp
19cm bracelets.
Price : $40.00 set ( either Bracelet)
Price: $15.00 earring
Price: $26.00 Bracelets
Code: FEB2011-BR001


Elegant Earring that will get muchn use long after your wedding day. Swarovski beads and Sterling ear.
Short 3.6cm drop.
Price: $45.00
Code: FEB2011-E003

Swarovski Sliders , Sterling ear wires.
6 cm drops.
Price: $45.00
Code: FEB2011-E004a - E004b (black)

Choose Colour

White foil coins and sterling ear wires
6 cm drop.
Price: $40.00
Code: FEB2011-E005

Black Glass and Red Sea Bamboo with Silver plated
Continental ear wires. Short 3.5cm drop.
Price: $17.00
Code: FEB2011-E006

Fresh water Pearls and Red Sea Bamboo. Short 3.5 cm drop.
Price: $20.00
Code: FEB2011- E007

Ocean current Swirls and non- tarnish wire work with sterling ear wires. 5 cm drop.
Price: $45.00
Code: FEB2011-E008

Cheers for now. Thanks for looking and hopefully you will return.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

ZaniL Design - Summer 2011 Necklaces

Welcome Friends

Thanks for reading my blog and feel free to comment if you like as it is always so nice to hear from you.

I have had a wonderful break with the kids in the school holidays, I just love having them home . We visited family and friends and spent some time at the coast. We also spent some time at home and going to local attractions. It was a relaxing few weeks and now back into a routine with school.

I did find some time to make a few new designs in between making my Canberra show pieces ( will photograph them soon and post) and here they are.

Please remember findings can be upgraded to sterling or gold filled .

This is a Silver glass and Swarovski pearl necklace with a Sterling silver centre. It looks great and can be casually worn as well.
made with non tharnish wire work. Clasp is silver plated.

Price: $110.00

Code: FEB2011-N01

Matching earrings, Silver plated Findings
Price: $20.00
Code: FEB2011-E01

Two tone Gold foil beads with Black make a Stylish and timeless look.
Price: $95.00 set
Code: FEB2011-N02

Red Black and White ( Fresh water pearls) alway make a stunning combination. These are my best sellers and each one is unique. It is amazing how many different combinations you can come up with. Gold plated findings.
Price: $100.00 Set.
Code: FEB2011-N03

Blue Ocean colours foil beads set.
These have been very popular beads and I must say my favourite of the blues.
Will wear well with Black, green, white so versatile. Silver plated findings
Price: $90.00 Set
Code: FEB2011-N04

Have a great day everyone . These designs are available at the Old Bus Depot Markets as well.
Remember they are unique and once sold may not be able to be made again.
Cheers for now.
Something I heard in Church- Don't just be good, Be good for something.