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Friday, April 9, 2010

ZaniL Design - Mind matters

Hello Dear Friends,

I just can't believe that Easter has been and gone.

Anyway it is now school holidays and we are off to see our relatives in Newcastle for a few days.

I just wanted to share a little insight that I picked up off the biggest loser.

The trainers were advising the contestants that their bodies will do what ever their mind tells them and I would like to add my take on that. You will also do whatever your mind tells you , so if you are telling yourself you can't do this or that for whatever excuse, then that is exactly what will happen. If on the other hand you are saying to yourself that you can do it and you will try your best, then that is what will happen.

I have experimented with the above idea and it definetly works. I have achieved as much or as little as I have let myself or my mind tell me I can. So I have decided I am going to aim high and achieve the best I can, because that is all we can do.

That my thought for the month , hope you have a good month. Pop in and see me at the old Bus depot markets 18th April and if you need any uniquie gifts for any occasion come and see me. I am sure I will be able to help and delight you.
P.S. make someones day and smile at them.

ZaniL Design - Swarovski Rings

Welcome to my Blog.

Think Elegance, Think Stylish then Think of ZaniL Design

Hello again. I have made some more of these dazzling rings. I just fell in love with these. You will too if you see them in real life. These are fun and great conversation starters.

They come in the colours pictured as well as silver and black.
These are a must to see. You will not be able to stop looking at your hands.

These are beautiful and the silver ones are sterling plated.
I have hand beaded the band. They sparkle in the sun and are just gorgeous.
These are available at the markets, but if you want one- please measure your finger with a piece of string and I can make one to fit.
Price: $36.50
Code: APR2010-R001G and R001S
Thanks so much for your support.
Zanil Design CEO

ZaniL Design - Fresh Water Pearls for Mum

Welcome again to my Blog.

I just love making beautiful jewellery and I thank you so much for helping me do what I love.

I aim to make elegant jewellery to delight you for years to come.

I just love pearls as they are timeless and can be dressed up or down.

I have tried this idea of adding a little black to make this classical pearl bracelet a little different. I have used high quality pearls and round pearls that are 9-10mm. This bracelet makes a statement. A matching necklace can be made.

This is similar to another necklace that has been posted.

This necklace has been made with 9-10mm grade AA pearls.
please enquire about the price .if you like . Pearls have a good lustre.Bracelet can be made to match.

Special offer.
If you buy this pearl necklace I will include
this fresh water pearl enhancer for FREE.
I will include a pair of Fresh water pearl drop earrings with sterling silver ear wires.
Value= $25.00.


April Earrings- Mothers Day Gift Ideas

Welcome To ZaniL Design Award winning Jewellery.

Here are some more great ideas for gifts for your mum or a special someone.

I have come up with some lovely stylish designs that are sure to become one of your favourite pairs. I am often told by my customers that their ZaniL Design earrings are their favourites.

This pair has been made with white foil puffed coin and black glass.
Earwires are sterling silver.
6cm drops.
Price: $36.00
Code: APR2010- E001

These are stunning and elegant timeless earrings made with 10mm
Swarovski Bicones and sterling silver findings through out.
These will sparkle in the sun. 5cm drop.
Price: $45.00
Code: APR2010-E002

Beautiful colourful earrings of gold / /green.
Gold plated. 4.5cm drop.

Price: $15.00
Code: APR2010-E003

Lovely clear colours in 2 different blues.
Silver plated. 4cm drop.
Price: $16.00
Code: APR2010-E004

Let me know if you want these- email me and I will email back .


Think Elegant, Think Style, Think of ZaniL Design

ZaniL Design - April Treasures For Mum or You

Welcome to ZaniL Design Award winning Jewellery

I hope everyone had a relaxing Easter Break. We sure did.

We did not go anywhere far and stayed at home and pottered in the garden. Autumn is such a busy time of year in the garden with new things to plant and old plant to remove and harvest from.

Mother's day is not far off , so here are a few designs to look at that you or your mum may like.

If you like these send me an email as and I can send you details on how to pay.

Remember when buying a ZaniL Design you can be assured that your are buying a unique piece and it will be made with highest quality of materials and workman ship. I guarantee all of my work.

I am especially pleased with this months designs as they have been made with beads that I have been hoarding. So I am glad to have finally turned them into beautiful creations that will delight someone out there.

My designs are designed with elegance and style in mind and not fashion. Being elegant and stylish is far superior than being fashionable. Elegance and style set trends, while being fashionable means you follow the trend.

Think Elegance, Think Style, Think Class

Think of ZaniL Design
Above is a teal green foil and peyote necklace.
Price: $80.00
Code: APR2010-N001

Swarovski large 18mm rondel with 12mm copper Swarovski
rondells and peyote tubes.
44cm in length.

Price: $115.00

Code: APR201-N002

This Black and gold necklace will never date.
comes with earring.
42 - 50 cm in length.

Price: $58.00 set.

Code: APR2010-N003

Beautiful colourful necklace set. This will go with lots and it will be a great wardrobe co-ordinator.

52-60 cm in length- can be made shorter.
Price: $38.50 set
Price: $26.00 Necklace only
Price: $15.00 earrigns.
Code: APR2010-N004


Be the person that you want to be. remember you have to think it first. So think that you are already that person and before you know it , you will be.


Think Elegance, Think Style, Think ZaniL Design.