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Friday, October 16, 2009

ZaniL Design - Passionate about Life

Welcome to my October posts.

I can't believe we are in October already. It is not long now to Christmas and it just seems to come around ever so quickly. Across are some large match boxes that I have recycled into some very attractive gift boxes. Ihave covered them with my own wedding paper that I have saved from 14 years ago. I am so happy with how they have turned out as well as keeping with my Reuse,
Recycle and Renew way of life. I just love it when you have got
more than one use out of something.

I have enjoyed this year so far and have enjoyed my personal journey into discovering my self and what is important in my life.

I have found that the important things in life are family and friends and becoming self aware so that you know what it is that
are passionate about and what life means to you personally.

It is then that you can go out and get it and really be happy. When we are happy, we are full of energy and zest for life and are a joy to be with and naturally will want to help others and be more giving.

Talking about giving- Christmas is about spending time with family and giving and it doesn't have to be material , it can be your time, which seems to be a very precious commodity these days.

I hope you enjoy my October posts and remember that my unique handmade items are just that, there is only 1 or 2 items of each, so if you see something you like , send me an email. There is no time like the present to make up your mind.

Thank you all so much for your continued support and let me know if there is anything you would like me to post or change.

Wishing you all a wonderful Day.
CEO of ZaniL Design

Enticing Necklaces

Welcome again

Where is Spring- at least we are getting lots of much needed rain.
Summer is not long off and with Christmas around the corner. I have made lots of new designs to entice you.
Across is a timeless piece that could be worn long after your special day.
Made with Swarovski Sliders and Crystals . Silver plated
Ear wires
Price: $96.00
Code: OCT09-NS030
Sold this necklace - Earrings still available

Large 18mm Swarovski VMeduim Heart on a peyote bail with Glass beads and
lovely Antique Clasp.
Price: $76.00
Code: OCT09-E032
Sold this Necklace- can be remade please enquire

Introducing my Versatile 2 or 3 way necklace made with spiral stitch, with a pendant on a peyote bail that can be taken off for a different look.
Price on enquiry.
Only 1 made of each item- if you buy it , then you are the only person that will have it.

Pearl Earrings with a difference

Welcome to ZaniL Design Pearl Jewellery

I just love pearls and how they lend them selves well to different designs and how they just look so elegant.
Remember earring findings can be upgraded to Sterling , please add
$4.00 to price.
These earrings were made while at the coast hence the beautiful background of the beach.
Black and white never dates- made with large FWP and Black glass , non tarnish wire and sterling ear wires.
Price: $32.00
Code: OCT09-E030

These earrings are a little different.
Left pair have been made with shell coin and silver plated ear wires.
Right pair have been made with Grade A pearls and Sterling wires.
Price: L $22.00 R $29.00
Code: OCT09-E031L or E031R

choose earrigns

Filigree Cones and Grade A pearls and Surgical Ear wires.
Price: $23.00
Code: OCT09-E032

Lamp work -blue and purple. Non Tarnish wire work and Silver plated
Price: $23.00
Code: OCT09-E033

These lamp work beads remind me of Saturn . They are 14mm puffed coins
made with non-tarnish wire work and silver plated ear wires.
Price: $25.00
Code: OCT09-E034

These are a fun pair. made with non tarnish wire work and silver
plated ear wires.
Price: $23.00
Code: OCT09-E035

Find your passion and everything will fall in place for you.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

ZaniL Design- more Stylish Summer Earrings

ZaniL Design Elegant Pearls

This month I made a few of these simple yet stunning drop earrings as they have been quite popular.

I have made a few of them and as a result I am able to offer them at a good price so you can look great and wont have to break your budget.

The first 2 pictures are Fresh water pearls- and shell coins made with a combination of gold and silver with plated findings. click on picture to enlarge to get the details.

These are priced at $9.50 each or $18.00 if you buy 2 pairs( get more value from your postage)

If you would like to order 2 pairs - please email me as I have not created a button in PayPal for this.



Large 9mm Black Fresh water pearls.

Choose your own ear finding- Silver or gold plated. clips.Sterling etc
Price: $9.50 (for silver or gold plated)
code: OCT09-E021

choose ear wire

Shell coin double earrings .

Price: $12.00 .These 2 boards. Buy 2 pairs for $20.00

code:OCT09-E022a,b,c,d,e ,f

Grade A Fresh water pearls on Clipons ( can be changed )

Price: $13.00

Code: OCT09-E023

Oval Fresh water pearls Drop earrings- Timeless and elegant.

Silver plated ear wires. ( can be upgraded)

Price: $15.00

Code: OCT09-E024

Email me with your order.

Want some free jewellery???- join my email list to be in the draw.

More Stylish Summer Earring

Welcome to ZaniL Design

I just love making earrings. These earringns have been created using a pen!
Made with Non Tarnish ear wire and silver plated ear wires.
Remeber all earrings can be converted to Clips and upgraded to Gold filled or Sterling- Add $6.00 or $4.00 Repectively.
Fresh water pearls wire work earrings
Price: $25.00
Code: OCT09-E006

choose earwires

Silver Swarovski Pearls and non-tarnish wire swirl. Silved plated.
Upgrade to Sterling - Add $4.00
Price: $16.00
Code: OCT09-E007

choose earwires

Red is the colour of Passion-Be Passionate about what you are doing or believe in. Made with non tarnish wire work- gold plated ear. Upgrade to gold filled -add $6.00
price: $22.00
Code: OCT09-E008

choose earwires

Infinity earrings made with Foil twist beads and non tarnish wire work with Sterling silver ear wires.
Price: $29.00

Foil twists and Fresh Water Pearls.
Silver plated Ear wires.
Price: $22.00
Code: OCT09-E010

Treat your self this Christmas and support the hand made industry.

ZaniL Design- Swarovski Bracelet

ZaniL Design Elegant Bugle and Swarovski Bracelet

This is such a simple yet stunning bracelet you will just love it.
click on picture to enlarge .
Price: $48.00
Code: OCT09-BR011
Has a lovely diamonte flower clasp.

ZaniL Design - New item- Gift ideas

Welcome to my Handcrafted Jewellery

Here are a few new items that will make great gifts this coming Christmas, which is fast approaching.
These are beautiful butterfly Hair clips made with Swarovski Sliders. Perfect for a young girl .
Comes in blue, purple,black,red,pink. Please email with order.
Price: $7.50 each or $14.50 for a set of 2.
code: OCT09-CLIP01


Chandilier book marks
Last lot I made sold out. Also come in Red and Purple and Blue and Purple. Why not buy one to go with your book -a perfect compliment to your present.
Price: $7.00 each or $13.00 for 2 book marks
Please email me with your colour preference.


Please send me an email if you would like to order. Please remember code and I can easily post out to you.
Thanking you for looking and supporting Australian made.
CEO-ZaniL Design

ZaniL Design- Stunning Summer Necklaces

Welcome to my elegant jewellery

I have beaded a lovely bail onto this lampwork pendant to give it a timeless look. This heart pendant has a few colours so will be able to match a few outfits. On a leather cord.

Wear it casually , to work, out to dinner.
Price: $45.00
Code:OCT09- N01

This is such a beautiful pendant with hues of deep teal green and
Purple. Also versatile to wear with a number of colours and occasions.

Price: $45.00
Code: OCT09-N02

Purple, purple , purple- do you like purple???
Purple hues in this shell coin bracelet with crystal AB . Magnetic
clasp for easy wearring.
Price: $22.00
Code: OCT09-BR010


More designs coming.
Thanks for looking.