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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Be Stylish, Elegant and Distinctive in a ZaniL Design

ZaniL Design Jewellery Blog

Now that I have survived my first year in business, I look to the year ahead with optimism and excitment. I still have the passion and determination to make ZaniL Design a brand to behold and be identified with. I believe that I am making a big difference, by bringing beautiful wearable art into creation and by inspiring others to follow their hearts desire, what ever that may be.

My New slogan for the ZaniL Design Brand is

Be Stylish, Be Elegant, Be Distinctive and feel confident in a
ZaniL Design

ZaniL Design - Making the world a more positive place to be.

I read today that if it " makes one person smile then it has been worthwhile". I also think that making a difference no matter how small as the sum of all the differences you are making adds up to a big difference. We are all having an effect on someone in this world, let's try and make it positive.

I have decided to donate 5% of my sales this month to Smith Family winter Appeal.

Let us all spare a thought for the less fortuneate, as one day we may need help as well. There have been many millionaires who eventually lost their fortunes and became poor themselves.

What we give to others comes back to us many times over and the more you share, the more you will have. This applies not only to money, but to love, friends and time. Time is one of the best gifts we can give. There is a lot of time invested in Hand made gifts and you are usually buying them direct from the artist- so you know who made it. That is kind of special.

I hope you find what you are looking for amongst my handmade creations this month. Remember your purchase will aid the Smith Family Winter Appeal.

Above Top: Peacock Fresh water pearls 6 mm. Glass drops.
Magnetic clasp. Length -46cm.

Price: $36.00 necklace only. $48.00 with earrings
code: Jul09-N001

Set or Necklace

Above second: Burgundy Fresh water pearls and Cloisonne
with black glass beadsand matching earrings. Gold plated.
Stunning will go with lots of outfits. perfect for mother of the bride.

Length - 52cm
Price: $85.00 set.
Code: JUL09-NS002

Across: Red Jade and black glass. Sterling silver findings.
This is a classic. The red is more of a cherry colour. Length- 52cm
Price: $85.00 necklace only. $100.00 with earrings( sterling wires)
Code: JUL09-NS003

set or Necklace

Garnets- and Ruby Swarovski Pendant and crystals.
Simple and Elagant. Length is 46cm - with a 8cm extension.
Price: $65.00 set.

Be ready for Spring in this design.
Lime green and Amethyst Czech, Foil lamp work pendant. Matching earrings.
Silver plated.length is 48 cm.
Price: $36.00 set.
code: JUL09-N005

Amethyst and Gold , with gold foil pendant.
Matching earrings, Czech glass beads. Length is 42cm
Royal colours
Price: $27.00 set.
Code: JUL09-NS006

Thanks for looking , feel free to add comments or become a follower.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

ZaniL Design Celebrates Ist year in Business

Be Elegant, Be Stylish, Be Distinctive and Feel Confident in a ZaniL Design,

Firstly thankyou to all my readers and customers.

I am pleased to advise I have survived my first year in business and still feel optimistic and looking forward to my second year, so that is good news.

I am very optimistic, even with all the news about how bad the economy is going to be. I believe the future is what you make it, so if you think it will be good then it will be and vice versa. I know that I am making beautiful things that will be admired in good times and bad and sometimes we need nice things ( even more so in bad times) to cheer us up and make us feel good about our selves. So I am going to keep doing what I love and I know that you will all be glad to have some nice things to buy.

After one year I thought I needed to have a slogan to be remebered by and I have come up with this slogan for my brand of Jewellery and it is

" Be Stylish, Be Elegant, Be Distinctinve and Feel Confident in a ZaniL Design"

I have also introduced a reward card that I have been issuing to my loyal and valued customers in the last month or so, which entittles you to a 10% off your next purchases.

What Has ZaniL Design Achieved in 1 year?

The aim of ZaniL Design is to be a brand of jewellery and accessories that deliver excellent value quality. ZaniL Design prides it self in being able to offer beautiful unique gifts for all occasions as well as delivering great customer service. ZaniL Design is a brand of jewellery that will give you lots of pleasure and can even become a hierloom treasure.

In ZaniL Design's first year , ZaniL Design has creatively contributed to a number of worthwile causes including St Joseph's school, Smith Family via VIEW club donations, Cancer Research, Sutton School and Bungendore School.

  • ZaniL Design has donated a total $ 163.00 to charitable causes in the 2008/2009 financial year in a combination of money and donated jewellery. I believe in making a difference in a small but important way.

  • June 2009 Promotion of 5% of sales to Cancer research contributed $63.00 in a combination of cash and donated jewellery.

  • ZaniL Design has donated 6 main items of jewellery for raffle or Auction in 2008/2009.
  • ZaniL Design also won an award of First Prize in the Royal Canberra Show for a Swarovski Triangle and Square Frame design.
  • ZaniL Design also openned a New blog - about leading a simple and contented life , that has tips from recipes , saving money to looking at life positively.

So please join me in being optimistic about the future, it is the only way to be. If you would like to help me help others , why not follow my posts and perhaps comment . Is there a product you would like me to make.

July 2009 Promotion

Let us spare a thought for people who are suffering because of the ecomony or simply because they are poor or less fortuneate.

This month I will pledge 5% of sales will be donated to Smith Family to help with this years Winter Appeal.

So kill two birds with one purchase- buy a unique hand made item and keep me employed and also indirectly contribute to Smith Family Winter Appeal.

Would you like to host a party as a fundraiser ?( Canberra and surrounding areas)

Until next time Keep posted for more new designs.



ZaniL Design - Sorry this item is out of Stock

Welcome To ZaniL Design

Thank you for your interest in ZaniL Design Jewellery.

We are sorry that this item is out of stock. As some of the items are unique a similar item may be recreated. Some items can be remade if requested.

Please email me with any questions. I am more than happy to help.

Are you interested in obtaining free jewellery?

Why not host a jewellery party in the comfort of your own home?
Why not have a E-Party. You simply pass my website on to as many of your friends and they purchase directly off my website and 10% of sales( excluding postage) will go towards your free jewellery.

Email me for more info-


Firstly a great big thank you

Friday, June 12, 2009

Infinitely Free to Follow your Dreams

Welcome to ZaniL Design Jewellery

I am having so much fun with this design and having even more fun with coming up with the names for these beautiful earrings.

They really do make me feel like I have infinite ideas and hopes to keep carrying on, even when it seems that I should just give up. But I am not one to give up easily, you only fail when you stop trying.

A chance to help a worthwhile cause

We all know someone who has suffered from cancer or died from this disease.
This month I have decided to give back something and donate 5% of my sales to this very worthy cause. It make me feel great that I can creativley contribute whilst also being able to do what I love. Isn't this what life is all about and may you feel infinitely healthy and happy in your life. Offer is until June 3oth.

So let me help and donate by your generous and continued support. I am infinitely grateful for your past and future support.

Earring can be upgraded to Gold filled- Add $6.00.

Above: Silver Swarvoski- 10mm pearls-Sterling earwires
Price: $28.00
Code: Jun09-E001
Only 2 pairs Left

Above: Infinite Desire- Czech and Non tarnish wire and ear wires
Price: $20.00.
Code: JUN09-E002

Across- Infinitely Elegant- Swarvoski pearls and gold filled wires
Price: $29.00
Code: JUN09-E003

Infinite Abundance
All non tarnish wire- Cliosonne
Price: $27.00
Code: JUN09-E004

Infinite Hope
All non tarnish wire work
Price: $25.00
Code: Jun09-E005

Infinite Happiness
Czech glass -Gold filled- earwires - $28.00
Non tarnish ears- $22.00
Code: JUN09-E006

Are you a passionate Person?- perhaps these are for you.
All non tarnish wires
Price: $22.00
Code: JNU09-E007
Only 1 pair Left.

New Chainmaile Earrings made with Non tarnish rings
and ear wires and delica beads 24ct plated.
Large 10mm Fresh water pealrs
SOLD- please enquire I can make another pair
Price: $ 32.00
Code: JUN09-E008

Cheers for now and thank you for all of your support.


CEO of ZaniL Design.

Any customer enquiries about designs and jewellery parties please email me


Wedding and Bridal Jewellery

ZaniL Design Bridal and Formal

These design are going to be part of my new Bridal range. They look so much better in the flesh and even better on someone.

Do you really need a reason to buy something special? On the odd occasion I think we all like to buy something that we don't feel guilty or have to justify.

These designs are really stunning and can be worn for your partner at home, there is nothing wrong with looking nice and feeling special when you are with your best friend and soul mate.

Better still these designs are perfect for your wedding or formal occasion and these pieces will have sentimental memories attached after they are worn for the special occasion that they were bought for. That is what my ZaniL Design brand is about. It is about being Elegant, being stylish , it is about being distinctive and individual and most of all it is about feeling great and good about your self.

Recently ZaniL Design was able to donate to a worthy cause of Cancer research, I feel great that my creativity is able to give back to society. I feel that my creativity is here to serve a higher purpose as well as being an outlet for me to express my self.

A Chance to help a worthy cause, I am going to donate 5% of internet sales-( less Paypal fees) to Cancer research and I will do this until June 30th. So this is a great opportunity to get a unique hand made gift as well helping a worth cause and support an Australian business.

I will send you my bank account details for a direct deposit ( preferred).

Above: Fresh water pearls , Swarovski, Peyote Beaded , matching earrings with sterling wires

Price: $125.00

Code: JUN09-NS001

Across: Fresh water pearls, Swarovski, Peyote ans matching earring with sterling wired

Price: $145.00
Code: JUN09-NS002

Black and Gold Swarovski sliders with peyote tubes and Swarovski beads.Matching earrign with Gold filled wires.
Last similar design sold immediately.

Price: $155.00
Code: JUN09-NS003

Swarovski Vitrial Medium Heart (18mm)with peyote bail
on leather.
Matching earring with Gold filled wires.

Price: $75.00

Code: JUN09-NS-004

Do you love purple- you will love this design
Swarvoski sliders and crystals.
earrign can be made.

Price: $95.00
Code: JUN09-N005

So next time you really want something just buy it, you will never come accross it again. Also life is too short not to enjoy an occasional indulgence.

Why not let ZaniL Design make you feel special.

Any comments let me know what you think. don't be shy.