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Monday, December 14, 2015

ZaniL Design - Designs for Chritmas 2015

Welcome to ZaniL Design
Timeless Elegance and Australian Made.
Hello everyone and welcome once again. I wish you all a peaceful and joyful Christmas with family and Friends. If you are travelling, hope it is safe . Enjoy the break and come back refreshed.
I have made so many wonderful elegant and even REGAL designs to entice you this Chritmas . I still find enjoyment in creating gorgeous pieces that will last the test of time. Thanks once again for your wonderful support and buying local, Australian made things.
Have a great New year and watch this space as I will add new designs as I get time to make them.
As always if you want to purchase ( 10% off the listed price) please send me an email
DEC2015-0001  $95.00

DEC2015- 0002 $75.00 ( SOLD)

DEC2015-0003 $85.00

DEC2015-0004 $95.00

DEC2015-0006a and 0006b $48.00

DED2015-0007  $50.00

DEC2014  -0008   $70.00

DEC2015-0009  $135.00

DEC2015-0010  $20

DEC2015-0011   $50.00

EC2015-0012   $75.00
Thanks for Browsing, may you have a peaceful day