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Saturday, August 30, 2008

ZaniL Design Accessories- Book Marks

These are Large Book marks and are great gifts for those hard to buy for people or for those who have everything. They make great decorations, just hang them off a nice vase etc. These can be turned into Handbag Charms as well if so desired.

These are $21.00 ( postage and handling included)

Second blue from left has already sold as well as the Gold and Pearl one.

These are Small Gold book marks .

These are $ 13.00 each(postage included)

Silver Small Book marks.

Some of these have already sold.
Please enquire and I can make some more.

You can have a 15% discount when you order 3 or more bookmarks Large or small(other discounts cannot apply simultaneously).
Remember there is a 5% discount on any item on this site until end of October
(no further discounts on top of other deals).

Did you know all of my products are handcrafted by myself . This is a local Canberra Business. Thank you for supporting Australian made.

Bye for now


Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Zanil Design - Necklace sets August 2008

Welcome to Zanil Design Jewellery Blog

This month I have written an article about Creativity and how we can all benefit from a little creativty in our lives.

I have also added a Jewellery care Tip page as well as another page for my earring designs.

Today I have posted these necklaces , but will post some more later this month.

Remeber if you would like to order send me and email and these are unquie one of a kind designs, that once sold will no longer be available.

Postage and handling are included (within Australia) in price.

The Necklace above is made with Red SIAM Swarovski Sliders and crystals and Peyote stitch bead work.
Black Beads are Glass and the findings are Sterling Silver.
This will be sent via registered post.

Price : $180.00
code: NSAUG08-001

Large gold foil bead with Czech gold beads and
black glass beads and Peyote beaded tubes.
It has a gold plated magnetic clasp.

Comes with 2 pairs of earrings. ( not pictured)
Will send with Registered Post.
Earring can be upgraded to Gold filled.

Add $4.00 per pair.

Price: $125.00

Keep post for more designs later on in month.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Jewellery Care Tips

Welcome to ZaniL Design Jewellery Care Tips
Here you will find a few jewellery care tips that will make your jewellery last longer and look as good as when you first bought it.
  • Pearl Jewellery should be keep separate from other jewellery to avoid scratching the pearls.

  • Pearls should be restrung every 12 -24 months depending on how often they are worn.

  • Keep chemicals ( perfumes, hair spray, hand cream etc) away from jewellery in general, but especially so with pearls ( pearls will absorb chemicals as they are a natural gem) and beaded jewellery.

  • Pearls should be the last item to be put on (after applying perfume and makeup) and the first thing to remove.

  • Clean Pearls and beaded jewellery by wiping down gently with a damp cloth.

  • Beaded jewellery strung on tiger tail should not be bent to avoid getting kinks in the wire as it will retain the kink shape.

  • Do not immerse jewellery in water, sea water, chlorinate pools.

  • Pearls should not be exposed to direct sun light as they will discolour over time.

Why are pearls and beads knotted??

  • Pearls and some beads are knotted between each bead so that if the strand of beads break, you will not loose all or some of the beads.
  • Pearls are also usually knotted to keep the beads seperate so the individual pearl beads do not touch each other to avoid scratching and wearing against the pearls.
  • Beads are knotted for the particular look. Each bead stands out on its own.

Zanil Design Beaded Rings

Welcome to ZaniL Design Jewellery Blog

This Month I have also been making some new beaded rings with Swarovski Filagree beads. These are beautiful dress rings and are very comfortable to wear. I can make them to order and to size. They are definetly conversation stoppers and I get many people asking me about them. They are very durable, I still have some of
the first ones I have made ( from 18 months ago and they still look good. I will be making more kinds of these rings as they look like the real thing from a distance and very effective and have been very popular.
These rings are $37.50 Postage and Handling is included.

If you would like to order, you will need you will need to measure the finger around the widest part of your finger.

I will have them at the Old Bus Depot Market on the 10th August 2008.

Bye for now.


ZaniL Design - Swarovski Filagree Earrings

Welcome to ZaniL Design Jewellery Blog.

I hope you enjoyed this months article and I hope to be able to write about some more interesting things as I learn more about this blogging technology.

This month I have made some Swarovski Filagree and slider pairs of earring as well as some glass pairs. Postage and Handling are included in the price. Please email me on if you would like to order. I will email back with further details.

This pair is a Siam Red and Crystal Swarovski Filagree with Sterling Silver wires. These are limited Edition Swarovski beads.

Price : $23.00
Code: EAUG08-001

These Earrings Have Sold

This pair are also a Swaroski filagree with dark
saphire in the centre and light saphire on the edge.

Price: $23.00

These Earringshave Sold

Crystal Swarovski Sliders with Sterling silver

Price: $23.00
Code: EAUG08-003

I have combined Gold and silver together here to make a versatile pair of earrings, wear them with your Silver or gold jewellery.
Mix and Match.
Sterling findings and ear wires.
Swarovski crystal triangles.
2 inch drop.

Price: $45.00

These have been made with Bali Silver and Turquiose.
The are beautiful.

All sterling silver.

Price: $40.00
Code: EAUG08-005

Swarovski Slider Hearts inPeridot.
Sterling Silver findings.

Price: $23.00
Code: EAUG08-006 (SOLD)

Black 10 mm Glass balls and Silver plated ear wires.
Non -Tarnish silver swirls.

Price: $12.00
code: EAUG08-007

Pink Swarovski beads on Sterling Silver ear wires

Price: $22:00
Code: EAUG08-008

Blue Glass 10mm beads on silver plated findings

Price: $14.00


Check my other posts for Beaded rings .

Friday, August 1, 2008

Medical benefits of Creativity

Welcome to ZaniL Design Jewellery Blog

This Month I would like to write about Creativity and it benefits on our health and well being.

We are bombarded with lots of health information about the kinds of food we should eat or drugs we should avoid or the amount of exercise we do, but there is not a lot of health information about exercising our minds creatively.

The etymological root of the word in English comes from the Latin word creatus which means 'to have grown'.

The definition for creativity from Wikipedia is Creativity (or "creativeness") is a mental process involving the generation of new ideas or concepts, or new associations of the creative mind between existing ideas or concepts. There is lots of information on Wikipedia about the creative mind, too much to articulate here in my blog, so I have only mentioned a few points here.

Creativity can be in many forms, in writing, in music, in thinking of new ways to solve problems, in everyday life and as a parent when trying to get your child to look on the bright side of things or when inventing new ideas or products.

Creativity to me is about making something out of nothing or getting inspiration from everyday objects or in nature that can be applied to another field. Many inventions have been created from ideas and thoughts that happen to present them selves in forms that were unrelated, for example, take the design of the Sydney Opera house ( Jorn Utzon 1957- 1963), the inspiration for the design came from looking at a the the rind of a peeled orange all curled up ( to find out more

I often look for inspiration in every objects, that can be later turned into a great new design.

Creativity keeps our minds active and alert and when we think we are creating dendrite connections in the neural pathways of the brain. Our Brains need to keep creating these connections to keep us from becoming senile. When our creative juices start flowing there is no stopping them and you feel good that you have solved or achieved a milestone. Also new ideas can often lead to new possiblities that were there or thought of before the new creation or idea came about. Creativity makes us feel positive and this is good for the mind and soul.

Being able to be in a creative state of mind allows you to relax and thus the stresses of the day are forgotten. Sometimes this allows you to look at your problems differently and you are able to deal with it better when you go back to it. Needless to say that it must have a positive effect on the way you see things and in your life in general.

For more information on creativity look it up on Wikipedia or the internet, there is loads of information there and too much to add to my blog.

Beading and creativity
When I first began beading my initial thought were that I would make loads of the same item, but I soon found that I did not enjoy doing this and I needed to CREATE something new each time I beaded. I don't think I have made the same item twice.

I love to hoard beads ( and I don't think I am the only beader that does), and I do think that hoarding beads has some merits. I often find that when I buy new beads, I can combine the new beads with hoarded beads and come up with an entirely new design and truly one of a kind as the beads that I have been hoarding ( some for years) are no longer available.

Needless to say that I feel truly gifted to be able to make something beautiful and unique out of a pile of beads. I often have dreams about new ideas that later become real life creations.
I am so fortunate and very blessed that I have friends and family that encourage me so much and keep me going by appreciating my work.
Speaking from experience the benefits of creativity is happiness and a sense of contentness. You can create your own future and destiny if you can believe in your ideas and make them happen.
I hope I have encourage you to try a little creativity and see what happens.
Hope you enjoyed this article.
Please feel free to leave me a comment and feel free to browse my other posts.

Let me know what you think, it great to get feedback.

Best regards