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Monday, December 14, 2015

ZaniL Design - Designs for Chritmas 2015

Welcome to ZaniL Design
Timeless Elegance and Australian Made.
Hello everyone and welcome once again. I wish you all a peaceful and joyful Christmas with family and Friends. If you are travelling, hope it is safe . Enjoy the break and come back refreshed.
I have made so many wonderful elegant and even REGAL designs to entice you this Chritmas . I still find enjoyment in creating gorgeous pieces that will last the test of time. Thanks once again for your wonderful support and buying local, Australian made things.
Have a great New year and watch this space as I will add new designs as I get time to make them.
As always if you want to purchase ( 10% off the listed price) please send me an email
DEC2015-0001  $95.00

DEC2015- 0002 $75.00 ( SOLD)

DEC2015-0003 $85.00

DEC2015-0004 $95.00

DEC2015-0006a and 0006b $48.00

DED2015-0007  $50.00

DEC2014  -0008   $70.00

DEC2015-0009  $135.00

DEC2015-0010  $20

DEC2015-0011   $50.00

EC2015-0012   $75.00
Thanks for Browsing, may you have a peaceful day


Tuesday, September 15, 2015

ZaniL Design Early Spring Collections 2015

ZaniL Design Fresh Water Pearl Elegant Jewels

Welcome to my blog and thankyou so much for browsing. There is nothing like this lovely spring weather to get you all inspired to create some beautiful designs. Spring is the beginning of new things and this is a perfect time to show you my new things.
 I recently had some time and decided to get some new beads to add to my ever growing collection . Sourcing new beads is an essential element in the creative process and it allows you make new things using both new and older materials, so it's a good way to use up some of the older beads that you have been collecting and finally get them out of the bag and let them shine.

So here are a few of the things I have made , but I have quite a few more designs in my head  waiting to be made.

Enjoy and know that these designs are unique, timeless and made by Lina in Canberra. Buy Australian and local and thanks for supporting Australian made products.

Red Coral with matching earring and Gold filled findings.
Code: OCT15-N001  Price: $115.00

Code: OCT15-BR001  Price: $50.00 Set

Code: OCT15-E001

Code: OCT15-E002

Code: OCT15-E003

Code: OCT15-E004

Code:OCT15-E005   Price: $30.00

Code: OCT15-PEN001  Price: $25.00

These are $20.00 each at markets only.

Code: OCT15-E006
Code: OCT15-N002 Price: $50.00 set ( $35.00 for necklace only)
Have a great month.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

New Fresh Water Pearl designs from ZaniL Design

Welcome ZaniL Design Blog- Australian Handmade Elegant Jewellery
I have made some new fresh Water pearl designs this month
which I am sure you will agree are beautiful and well priced to suit most budgets. I aim to make gorgeous and elegant pieces that will last the test of time in durability as well as their timeless appeal.
 I was at the markets last week and was visited by a few of my previous customers who have come back to tell me that they have a favourite pair of pearl earrings that they purchased from me and that they have worn everyday to work for quite a long time. So I am glad that the product I am making and selling is of a high standard.
It is also Australia made by myself from  locally and Australia wide  supplied beads and some imported beads (This is becoming cost prohibitive due to low Australian dollar).
Remember  when you buy Australian made and owned, you are helping Australia grow and prosper and ensuring there are jobs and a future in Australia for the next generation. Something to think about when you spend your money. Is it always about getting the cheapest product? You always get what you pay for in the end and is that profit from that product staying in Australia?
Enjoy and do not hesitate to contact me should you want to purchase any of my designs.
I can do a  better price for orders over $120.00 as well as offering 10% for internet orders.
Please enquire.
Classic Red and White. Fresh water pearl and Lucite
Price: $35.00 Code: JUL15- E001

Vintage Buttons, Silver and gold plated . Code:JUL15-E002BL and E002RE

A new Design only limited supply , which may not last at this price,

Simple is elegant- these are 8- 9mm in diameter
only a few in Stock!

JUL15-E005 only a few pairs left.
Price: $32.50

Fresh Water Pearl Pendant
JUL15-P001 Just $45.00

Have a great Month.
Regards Lina

Thursday, May 28, 2015

ZaniL Design - New Chinese Knotted Wire worked Designs- Fresh water pearls

Welcome to ZaniL Design
Australian Handmade Elegant Jewellery
Hello Everyone and thank you for looking at my new designs.
This month I have made these gorgeous new designs. I am so happy with how they turned out. I saw this design over 1 year ago . So I have made them from a pattern, but I  have added my own touch to them. I am so happy with them that I am going to see if I can come up with more variations.
I made a pair for myself and every time I wore them , I got asked about them.
I am offering a special introductory offer on these earrings designs. it is
Buy 1 pair of these earrings and get the next pair ( the lesser value ) at 40% off (this is at cost)
Just gorgeous .

Code:JUN15-E001 and E002
Price: $45.00  ( second pair $26.50)

Code: JUN15-E002 and E003
Price: $40.00 ( second pair $24.00)

Code: JUN15-E005
Price: $50.00 

Code: JUN15-E006
Price $45.00

Code: JUN15-E007 Price: $40.00

Friday, May 22, 2015

New and reintroduced Designs from ZaniL Design- Swarovski and Fresh Water Pearls and more.......

Welcome to ZaniL Design Elegant  Australian made Jewellery

Hello everyone, thank you for stopping by to browse at my new designs. I continue to strive to bring you beautiful unique pieces that I have enjoyed creating. I am sure you will get as much pleasure as I have  in creating them should you decide to take the next step of contacting me and purchasing your unique piece.

I have had many happy customers come back and tell me about all the comments they receive when wearing one of my creations.

I have made some old favourites  and also reintroduced some designs that are still appealing.

Are you interested acquiring some of my designs for free- well it is as simple as hosting your own jewellery party- just  like a Tupperware  party.

Send me and email should you require some information or wish to place an order. There is 10% off blog orders and a free gift with every purchase. Remember also you are supporting an Australian artist and the money stays here in Australia and spent locally. Something to really think about these days.


More information Code: May15- BR101

More information MAY15-P101
Reduced to $25.00- not further discounts

more information code: MAY15-P102
Just $28.00

More information code MAY15-BR101
Make an offer no reasonable offer will be refused.
more information code: MAY15- E101
Just $40.00

Code: MAY15-E102
Just $85.00  timeless .  remember 10% off for blog orders

Code: MAY15-BR102
Just $40.00
Thanks everyone. If you want some of these designs for free you can, just host a Jewellery party, lots of free jewellery for hosts as well as guests and you are also supporting an Australian business.

Cheers for a happy and healthy month.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

ZaniL Design - Jewellery Repairs and Custom Designs

Welcome to ZaniL Design

Did you know that I also repair Jewellery and can custom design special pieces for that special occasion.

Repairs are a good way to breathe new life into favourite jewellery pieces that have sentimental value. Also you can have your beads redesigned into a totally new creation , designed by you .

I can do the following:
  • Professional pearl knotting
  • Gemstone restringing
  • Replace broken clasps, links etc
  • Replace broken earring hooks.
  • All costume jewellery repairs ( if it can be repaired)
  • All work is guaranteed.
See below for a recent custom order.

Have a great week


Saturday, April 18, 2015

ZaniL Design- New Exciting Handmade in Australia Designs - Autumn 2015

Welcome to ZaniL Design
Elegant Fresh Water Pearl & Swarovski  Handmade Jewellery
Hello Everyone, Hope everyone had a nice Easter break and travelled safe. We travelled , but it may the last time we do at Easter as the traffic was very heavy with lots of stops and starts. Anyway it was so nice to catch up with family.
 Also during Easter we had some baby chickens hatch in true keeping with the meaning of Easter . They are growing nicely and are so cute when they are first born. It make me really happy to see this every time and I know I will never tire of witnessing the marvels nature has to offer. In fact we have another two Chickens sitting on eggs. We are so Lucky.
I have made selection of new things still very elegant and timeless.
This is a nice simple necklace, comes with matching earring.

These are so Gorgeous, better than the picture show.
APR15-E101   Price: $50.00

Lapis Lazuli Earring will have Sterling Findings
APR15-E102 Price: $23.00

APR15-E103 Price:$50.00

APR15-E104  Price $29.00

APR15-BR101 Price: $47.00
APR15-E105 Price: $15.00
Thanks for looking Guys. Please send me and email if you would like to buy. Only one item of each available- the beauty of handmade. Also quality is assured.
Thanks for your support.