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Sunday, May 30, 2010

ZaniL Design End of Financial Year Specials

Welcome to my Blog and thank you for visiting.

Well almost another year has past and I have been in business for 2 years, only 28 years left.

Well I hope I have quite a few more years left as I know I have thousands of beautiful designs still waiting to be created that I have not even thought of yet. I am still passionate about what I am doing and just love meeting people and connecting with my customers. I am making friends and offering something different and personal to my clients. I just love getting to know people as we are are so similar is so many ways and we are also so different which makes it interesting.

Thanks for your custom over the last year, I hope I can continue to bring you something special and uniquie in the cominng year. My goal is to keep on moving and making little incremental steps toward my goal of becoming a well know brand of Jewellery . So thank you to all who have supported me by becoming a customer or giving me lovely compliments, it all helps in the bigger scheme of things. I hope that I have inspired you as well.

I am going to learn something special later on this year and will be incorporating it into my designs, I can hardly wait for the new designs that this new technique will allow me to create.

  • Don't forget if you need your Pearls cleaned and Restrung, then call me, I may be able to help you.
  • Interested in hosting a party- it's always fun, exciting and personal and you get free jewellery. Some of your Guests also get a free ZaniL Design item -just for attending.

End of Financial Year Specials.

  • Buy 2 pairs of earring ( full priced) and get the third pair free( equal or lesser value)
  • Buy 2 book marks and save 50% off the third.
  • 10% of Necklace and Bracelets (sets)

Why not stock up and save on some gifts for someone special today.

Please feel free to leave me a comment- is there anything I can do to make this blog better for you?

Bye for now.
Parting advice
Always keep moving - small incremetal steps do eventually lead you to success.
Kind regards

Monday, May 24, 2010

ZaniL Design- Be Confident in a ZaniL Design

ZaniL Design Elegant Australian Handmade Jewellery

Welcome. My philosophy in creating these beautiful designs comes from my desire to create elegant, stylish and distinctive pieces that will bring joy and pleasure for many years. Since these designs are elegant then they will not date and will continue to be in stlye even when fashion trends move on.

My design philosophy also fits in with my reuse and recyle way of life in that my designs will be treaured for years and not discarded as the fashion trends moves, therefore there is less waste and more value for money. My designs allow you to be a trend setter rather than a slave or follower of fashion.

Large Fresh water pearls with Swarovski Diamante.
Surgical Steel Studs. 3.8cm drop.
Price: $45.00
Code: JUN2010-E002

13mm Pink Fresh water Pearls on Surgical hooks
4cm drop - one pair only

Price: $29.00
Code: JUN2010-E003

White Fresh Water Pearls and Biwa Pearls.
4.5cm drops
Left: Swarovski with Sterling ear wires
Price: $30.00
Right: Black glass with Surgical steel ear wires
Price: $26.00
Code: Jun2010-E004a or E004b


Large Peacock Fresh water pearls with clip ons.
3cm drop.
note : can be changed to screw ons.
Price: $46.00
Code: Jun2010-E005

Gold Swirls with black Glass- Only this pair.
5cm drop.
Price: $15.00
Code: Jun2010-E006
These have SOLD

Light Green Fresh water Pearls
Price: $9.50
Code: Jun2010-E007

Large South Sea Shell Pearl with Swarovski
4cm drop.
Price: $20.00
Code: Jun2010-E008

Infinite Pleasure Earrings
4.5cm drop. Silver plated Ear wires
Price: $23.00
Code: Jun2010-E009

Shell coin earrings - simple and elegant.
goes with lots colours, black ,white.silver.4cm drop.
Price: $13.00
Code: Jun2010-E010

ZaniL Design - Be Insipiring

Welcome To ZaniL Design Blog

Thanks to all of my readers , I aim to inspire you and to delight you with my beautiful creations as well as with my words. I want you to get as much pleasure from my creations as I have in making them.

It is hard to believe that almost 6 months of 2010 is now over. That's why it is so important to really make the most of the time we do have. I have spent some more time ripping out all of last seasons crops and my partner has shovelled 50 wheelburrows of dirt as we are preparing our garden bed for next season. I really feel great when I have spent some time getting my hands dirty in the garden and I really feel like I have connected with nature.

Welcome to my new range of Inspiration jewellery. A good friend of mine gave me a garnet and pearl bracelet that was made of chips and it was so lovely and simple, I could not stop admiring it. That was a few years ago and it inspired me to want to make beautiful jewellery. When I found these lovely shell chips, it reminded me of that bracelet and hence the name I have decided to call my new range.

The jewellery I have created in this range has been very popular and I have extended my design ideas to these new pieces. These will definitely brighten up your day and perhaps even inspire you.

Coloured shell chips with black Glass beads and Onyx oval Pendant.
43cm with a 4cm pendant drop.
Earring 4cm drop
Price: $39.00 set
Code: JUN2010-N001

Shell Chips with black Square beads.
50cm necklace and 3cm drop -clip on earrings.
note : earring can be converted.

Price: $36.00
Code: Jun2010-N002

Shell Chip Bracelet with silver toggle clasp
Length: 19.5 cm
Price: $10.50
Code: JUN2010-BR001

Shell chip and black glass earrings
Length: 4cm drop.
comes in silver or gold and clipons.
Price: $9.50
Code: JUN2010-E001

Hopefully You will feel inspired by my new Inspiration collection. What do you think- leave me a comment.
Check out my other new designs.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

May Earrings for Mum or You

Welcome to ZaniL Design Elegant Jewellery

Think Elegance, Think Style, Think Unique then Think of ZaniL Design.

Thanks for reading my blog as without you I would not have an audience. If you think anyone else would like to know about my website, please pass on this website to them and I thank you in advance for that.

Last month we went down the coast and off course, I could not resist seeking out the bead shops and buying some more beads. I find that it gets my creative ideas flowing like a river when I have new beads to work with and it also brings a flood of ideas that enables me to use up some beads that I have been hoarding.

This month I have made lots of new earrings that I am sure you will love.

These are a classic design that will go with any dress or occasion.
They are timeless, made with Swarovski Austrian Crystal and Sterling findings.

Price: $62.00
Code: MAY2010-E001

Gold or Silver

These are swarovski Pearls in a loop, a beautiful earring.
Made with non-tarnish wire work and Sterling silver and
gold filled ear wires.

Price: $30.00 - $33.00 ( gold filled)
Code: MAY2010-E02a-E02C

Choose Colour

These have been very popular, I made more of them.

Price: $25.00 -$29.00
Code: MAY2010-E003a- E003b

Choose earrins

Shell chip earrings- very simple and sweet- perfect for little girls
Price: $6.50 or 2 for $11.00
Code: MAY2010-E004
Selling well order your pair today

One or 2

Deep Gold foil ovals with Gold plaited clips
Price: $21.00
Code: MAY2010-E005

I found these lovely light gold foil beads and feel in love with them.
I made these infinite design earrings and they have come up just beautiful.
Ear wires made of gold filled , wire wore made with non-tarnish wire.

Price: $36.00
Code: MAY2010-E006

These are lovely rich deep blue with a splash of Gold and Black.
They look great!.
Price: $9.50 - $15.00
Code: MAY2010-E007a - E007b


As above , I just love these blue foil beads. Gold filled ear.
Price: $ 36.00
code: MAY2010-E008

I just could not resist adding black to these and they really look
great. What do you think?
Gold filled earwires.
Price: $30.00
Code: MAY2010-E009a-E009b


These are a fun pair to add a bit of colour . Non -tarnish wire work and
sterling ear wires.

Price: $33.00
Code: MAY2010-E010

You will be sure to get soem remarks about these fun earrings.
non-tarnish wire work and silver plated ear.
Price: $32.00
Code: MAY2010-E011

Deep green foil coins. Silver palted ear wires.

Price: $17.50

gold or silver

Hopefully you will find what you are looking for.

Remember, I can mend your broken jewllery into a totally new item or restore it back to original. I also professionally knot pearls.

Happy Mother's Day to all and thanks for all you do for us and others.

Thanks you for buying Australian.

May you be always happy and grateful.


ZaniL Design CEO.