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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

ZaniL Design Christmas Sales Special

Welcome to ZaniL Design Elegant Australian Made Jewellery.
Hello everyone, Wow its almost Christmas again, it comes around so quickly every year because we are so busy all the time and never seem to stop. Well that's my theory and what seems to be happening in my part of the world. I am going to try to take more time slowing down next year. Easier said than done, but will at least have a go at it.
I have made some fantastic new pieces that will make  unique gifts that will surely be treasured for years to come by who ever is the lucky recipient. I have also decided to be generous and offer some   discounts to encourage you to support Australian made artists. Your support is greatly appreciated and so important so I am glad I will be able to give back to you all.
Here is the deal
Buy 1 item and get 25 % off the next item
Buy 2 items and get 40% off the third item
Buy 3 items and get the fourth item free.
Discounts are on the lesser value item. free gift with all orders over $100.00
Postage is $11.00 registered post and free for all orders over $120.00
Nov16-e001- $42.00

Nov16-E002  $25.00

                                                                      Nov16-E003- $42.00

Nov16-E004 $40.00

Nov16-e005 $60.00


Nov16-br001, 002,003  $50, $50, $85.00

Nov16-PE001  $75.00

NOV16-E007  , I have multiple of these, these are a best seller. Also can be made in gold findings.

Nov16-E008 $30.00


Nov16-E010 $60.00

Nov16-E011 $25.00
Happy shopping and hurry, only one  item of each once sold all gone.

Friday, August 19, 2016

ZaniL Design Spring 2016 Collection

ZaniL Design Elegant Australian Made Jewellery
                  Spring 2016 Collection
Welcome everyone and thank you for browsing. I can see that I have had many visitors last month. Please let me know if you like my site or if I could do things better.  Remember there is 10% off when ordering off the blog. I have priced my items competitively and 10% makes them even more so good value for the quality and workmanship that is guaranteed. Also they are made locally and you are supporting a person rather that a huge organisation. SO THANKS AGAIN TO EVERYONE FOR YOUR SUPPORT.

This Month I have found some great pearls and combined them with some beads I already had in stock. I have come up with some gorgeous simple and elegant designs just in time for Spring.
Also Have made lots of Clip on earrings as I have had lots of requests from the market customers.

This month and September I have another Deal - Buy one item and Get 30 % of the 2nd item (least value). Happy shopping !

AUG16-N1 - $70.00

AUG16-N2  $40 Reduced from $65

AUG16-N3  $50

AUG16-E1  $30

AUG16-E2 $35

AUG16-E3  $35

AUG16-N4  $50.00

AUG16-N5   $70

AUG16-E4  $30

Sunday, June 26, 2016

ZaniL Design 20% off in June and July

Welcome to ZaniL Design Handmade Australian Jewellery

Thanks for visiting my blog and buying my beautiful jewellery. This month I am having a sale as I am not going to be at the markets in July . So have a look and grab a bargain. Prices will return to original in August.

 I have decided to put more photos so that you don't have to spend too much time looking and you may even find something you are looking for quicker than you thought. if you do have time you can go through the posts. I  also have a search engine so you can quickly look up what you are looking for.

So here are some new items ( indicated) and some items I have re photographed so I can re introduce them to you.
Take 20% of the listed price.

 Order now and don't miss out- send email to me with codes  and brief description to   offer ends 31/7/2016. First in will get the item,
Registered post of  $11.50 applies to cover postage and handling. Orders of $60.00  easily covers the cost of postage

$85.00 JUL16-02

New $55.00 set JUL16-003

$120.00 JUL16-003
$45.00 JUL16-005a and b
$60.00 JUL16-004
Stunning LARGE 9mm pearls Necklace $150 Enhancer $50.00  Set $195 JUL16-006

$260.00 JUL16-007
$150.00 JUL16-009
NEW $55.00 JUL16-008

NEW $60.00 JUL16-010
$85.00 JUL16-011

$40.00 JUL16-012a 012b
$40.00 JUL16-013
$35.00 JUL16-014
$60.00 JUL16-015
$25.00 JUL16-016a and 016b

$85.00 JUL16-017

$60.00 JUL16-018
$45.00 JUL16-020

$50.00 JUL16-019

Thanks you for browsing and buying my handmade jewellery.

Monday, June 20, 2016

ZaniL Design Get a bargin in June /July

Welcome to ZaniL Design Jewellery
                Proud to be Australian made and always Elegant

Welcome again , hope everyone is having a good year so far. So far it has flown by and have not had much time to blog . I have made a few new designs, but not time to photograph etc.

Thank you to all who have being giving me repairs to do ,it keeps me busy and gives me time to create more beautiful things. The market sales seem to be slowing down , not just for jewellery , but other lines , so it great to get some repair work. I enjoy doing the market these days to keep being in the community and it is even better when you make some sales , so thank you to those who visit the markets and spend money there as it does make a definite impact on local businesses.
This month post is to inform you all of a
huge 20% off my  handmade jewellery.
So do have a browse and if the item is still in stock I will post it you.  this offer is only available from 21st of June to 31st of July.

Send your order request to .com with code of item

Please note there is a $11.50 postage charge to cover cost of registered post and packaging. to make it worth while , get a few things.

So have a good month and hope to hear from you.


Monday, March 28, 2016

New Autumn 2016 Designs from ZaniL Handmade Jewellery

Welcome to ZaniL Design Jewellery
Always elegant and Unique and Australian Made.
Hello Everyone, thanks for browsing on my blog. Hope you all had a nice Easter break and enjoyed your time with family.
I did use the time to catch up on things as well as create a few new pieces for upcoming markets.
I have included a photo of my stall at the St Joseph's Primary school fete at O'Connor. It was the 60th year anniversary of the school and also the school both my children attended. I took some of our lovely home grown produce as well as my well known jewellery.
I am continuing to make simple designs that are elegant, this is what the market place is dictating. thanks to everyone who has used my services  to have their pearls restrung and jewellery repaired. It give me a chance to sit down and make new things as well.
Here are my beautiful new designs, simple elegant and most affordable as well as being Australian made. Money stays here and spent on other locally made items at other markets etc.
Home baked Strudel, choc chip cookies lemon curd etc
Organic pumpkin

Pumpkin Scones, Rocket, Seeds
My Stall at St Joseph's Fete

Deep Blue Glass- Popular Sold out last time
Code: MAR16-N001   $35.00 set

Code: MAR15-N002  $40.00 set

So Elegant , Gorgeous
MAR16-E001  $47.00

MAR16-E002  $49.00

MAR16-E003 $19.00

MAR16-E004   $15.00

MAR16-E005  $45.00
Thanks so much for your support past and present.