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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

ZaniL Designs Wins a First Prize Ribbon at the 2010 Royal Canberra Show

Welcome to ZaniL Design Award Winning Jewellery

I am so pleased to announce that I have won another First prize ribbon for my design below.
This is especially pleasing as I entered in as a professional. I knew I had to make something special and it's so rewarding to get a ribbon.
This is the 3rd year running I have won awards, I am so happy as I do spend all year thinking and dreaming of a design that will be a winner.
I have a story to go with this one. I wanted to make one that incorporated my favourite colours of RED/BLACK / WHITE and Gold. I do so love purple , but that would not work with the other colours and I made a purple one 2 years back.
When I think of this design, it sort of incorporates most of the colours I design with. I also made it in my favourite stitch Peyote. I also wanted to make a piece that could be worn so I could show it. I also wear a lot of these colours and it mixes and matches quite well with a lot of outfits I have.
I wanted to make a plait for a long time and had this idea to kind of weave the ends and this is the design I came up with. This design took about 25 hours to make.
When I found this lovely deep and vibrant red and started to make it, I knew it would look beautiful. The Gold beads at the edges are 14ct gold plated and it really brings up the other colours beautifully. I was happy with it before I entered it and was not worried about winning as I gave it my best shot.
I was not even sure I was going to enter and I entered to make my self come up with a design. I thought that if I didn't put my entery in, I would have no option, but if I did , I could always back out if I couldn't come up with a deisgn. In fact I am glad I had this thought, as if I did not enter this design may never have come about !

A big thankyou to all who encourage me and compliment me, without your support , I am not sure what or where ZaniL Design would be. Thank you for your support as I am able to do what I love and use my creativity to give and to inspire you to do what you love .

Here is my other design that was entered and this was also made
with Peyote stitch. This was made with Black /Gold ansd silver and so it is very versatile and can also be mixed and matched.
This one also took about 25 hours to make and I juat love it because it is so different.
Unfortuneately this design did not win a prize, but I am happy with it . This design was inspired by a movie i was watching. It was orignally going to be an ornate choker, but I couldn't see my self wearing it much or at all. One day after many hours of work on it, the beading fell on the table in such a way that it formed a V shape. I liked it and palyed with for hours , turning it this way and that. I place the round piece ( which had been made first) in different spots and finally decided not to make the choker and press on with the new design.
So that's how that one ended up.
My designs never turn out as I first imagine them. Thats the fun thing about creating- you never know what you are going to end up with- A bit like that saying - "Life is like a box of chocolates- you never know what you are going to end up with"
I found this great book called "The Meaning of Life"
Here is a extract from it that I want to share which I think sums up how I feel about what I am doing with my creative spirit.
If you follow your dreams and do what you love most, you can pull back the bed sheets every morning and feel excited about beginning another day, and be filled with joy, that is contagious, that will inspire someone else to go after their dreams, and that my friend is how you change the world

Cheers- Have a go you won't regret it. You will definitely regret not having a go!

ZaniL Design March Treasures- Necklaces

Hello There.

Thanks for reading my blog. I hope you are finding my designs a delight and inspiration.

This design has been quite popular and doesn't last long once I have made them up. Each one has been a little different to the other. I think the Red and Black colours are so good together.
Length -46 cm

Price: $47.00 set (earrings not pictured)
Code: MAR2010-N001

I do believe in lucky numbers and this designs has been created
around the number "7"- God's number. In Scripture the number
" 7" symbolizes God's Perfection. Anyway I have always liked this number and will be making more jewellery around this number.
In keeping with the theme of "7 "I have priced it at a multpile
of "7".
This Necklace has 7 Olive coin Fresh water Pearls.

If this one becomes popular, I will only make 7 of them! and that will be a first as I do like to keep my designs unique.
Length- 44cm

Price: $49.00
Code: MAR2010-N002

This is a lovely piece made with Burgundy
Biwa Pearls and black seed beads and Onyx round beads. I just love deep rich and vibrant colours. This will go with lots and so you will still love to wear in years to come. This one reminds me of Ruby.
Only one available so Hurry this one wont last.

Price: $95.00
Code: MAR2010-N003


ZaniL Design March Treasures- Bridal

Welcome to ZaniL Design March Treasures.

This month I have been taking it easy and not making to much. I do find that it is good to have a break as it makes you take stock and look at the direction you are heading.

I have been making a few bridal designs as this is the general direction that my designs are taking. I just love to make beautiful and breathtaking designs that are unique. The bride will know that no-one else will have a necklace exactly the same. My bridal designs are made so they are elegant, stylish and distinctive as well as being timeless, as I want my designs to be worn and treasured many years after the wedding day.

I can custom design anything that you have imagined.

I have won awards in the Royal Canberra Show 3 years running for my jewellery designs and I am sure I can make a special piece that will compliment your dress as well as you. Why not give me a call today and let me make you feel special and unique. I am sure you will not be disappointed.

Wedding dresses are only worn once, but wedding jewellery can be worn over and over again. Think of custom designing a hierloom piece , it will cost much less than than the dress.

Bridal Specials.
Order 3 sets of wedding Jewellery ( including Bridesmaide) and recieve the forth set FREE.
I am Making people happy with my beautiful Award winning designs and it makes me feel great- so Thank you all.

Cheers Lina

ZaniL Design March Treasures- Pearl Bracelets

Welcome .
I have made some simple little bracelets that will make great birthday gifts.
Across is a little Swarovski crystal Bracelet that would be suitable for a christening gift or for a small child's keepsake.
Made with Swarovski crystals and pearls and Sterling clasp.
Price: $28.00
Code: MAR2010-BR001

This bracelet is not as chunky as it looks as is quite elegant. Made
with beautiful autumn colours in olive and burgundy.
It will match blacks/browns as well.
Only one of these.
Price: $18.50

This is a lovely simple white and light pink Fresh water pearl
bracelet. 18.5cm long. Only 1 of these.
Price: $15.00

More simple Fresh water Pearl bracelets.
These will not last long at this price. Why not buy one for your girl and one for a unique gift. Forget the barbie dolls.
Price: $11.00
Code: MAR2010-BR101 - 109.

Choose Bracelet

Cheers for now.

ZaniL Design March Treasures - Rings

Welcome Again!

I have been playing again with wire and have come up with these great designs and yes I have wasted some wire while trying to perfect these rings. Just as well I haven't been using real gold or silver !.

I am pleased with how these have come up and I glad to get this design out of my head to make room for more yummy and individual designs.

You can't buy these over the internet- they are only available at the markets.

I have been doing well with my beaded rings and they are getting a lot of notice at the markets. I have one that is still going after nearly 4 years and I have had it exposed to all sorts of cleaning products and soluitons. I have even done the cleaning in it and it still hasn't broken. I would not recomend that you do that with your ZaniL Design ring. I am only doing this to test them out to make sure I am delivering a quality product.

The Swarovski Ring above has sold

Come to markets to see my beautiful rings.

These rings are available at the Markets- Old Bus Depot and Wambion Markets as well as by private appointment at my Studio.

The range in price from $25.00 to $30.00.
Why not spoil yourself and get a dress ring, you won't be disappointed. These rings are made with real Pearls and
Real Swarovski beads.
Quote - Do what you love and you will be happy.

ZaniiL Design March Treasures- Earrings


This month I have made some more treasures that I am sure will delight and bring joy to the lucky eventual owners.

As you are all aware by now all ZaniL Design jewellery is made here in Canberra in my studio and so there are not lots of these available. So hurry if you want to buy them as I have had a few people miss out when they have come back to find the item is no longer available.

Sterling silver Balls and findings. Simple and yet so elegant.
3 cm drop and 10mm balls.
CODE: MAR2010-E001
Price: $48.00
SOLD- Please email me to order.

Swarovski Tear drops and Crystal AB rounds.
Gold filled Earwires. Short 38mm drop.

Price: $40.00
Code: MAR2010-E002

Swarovski Crytal Bicones and all Sterling findings
4 cm drop.
Price: $35.00
Code: MAR2010-E003

Czech earrings. Silver plated.
3 cm drops
Price: $17.00
Code: MAR2010-E004

Read the post below if you have pearls and want to know how to look after them .
Award winning jewellery Designer and CEO of ZaniL Design

Monday, March 8, 2010

Caring for your Pearls

Welcome to ZaniL Design Elegant Jewellery.

This month I thought I would give you some advice
about how to care for your pearl jewellery, so that it will last longer and continue to look as beautiful as when you first bought or received them.

Pearls are a natural gem and need to be cared for in order for them to remain in optimum condition. I will list what you need to do in dot form so it is easier to remember.

  • Expensive pearls should be knotted so that if the silk thread breaks then you will not loose any of your pearls. Knotting also protects against abrasions from the pearls rubbing against each other over time.
  • knotted pearls have a elegant look and you can see each pearl individually.
  • Store pearls in the box they came in or separately from other jewellery to prevent other jewellery scratching the nacre and lustre of the pearls.
  • Pearls should be re knotted every 1- 2years depending on how often they are worn.
  • Do not allow perfumes, makeup, hairspray or chemicals to come in contact with your pearls. Pearls are a natural gem and will absorb the chemicals which will cause discolouration or loss of nacre. Pearls should be the last item to put on and the first item to take off .
  • Always wipe your pearls down after each wear with a damp cloth to wipe away acids from skin, as over time these will cause discolouration and loss of nacre.
  • If storing pearls it is not recommended to keep locked away in a safety deposit box for too long and the pearls will dry out and become brittle.
  • To clean pearls wipe down with a damp soft lint free cloth that has been immersed in a mild soap and then wipe with cloth rinsed in fresh water.
  • If pearls are really dirty take to a professionally jeweller, or buy some proper pearl cleaning solution.
  • The best way to look after your pearls is to wear them often , wiping them down after each wear. The pearls will absorb the moisture from your body and so will prevent them from becoming brittle. Re knot your pearls every year if you are wearing more than once per week.

Hopefully you have found this information useful. If you need someone to clean and re knot your pearls , I will be happy to do so. If you need some advice, I will be happy to help. Also if you want your pearls remodelled or a long strand made into 2 strands this can also be done. Give me a call .