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Thursday, June 25, 2009

ZaniL Design Celebrates Ist year in Business

Be Elegant, Be Stylish, Be Distinctive and Feel Confident in a ZaniL Design,

Firstly thankyou to all my readers and customers.

I am pleased to advise I have survived my first year in business and still feel optimistic and looking forward to my second year, so that is good news.

I am very optimistic, even with all the news about how bad the economy is going to be. I believe the future is what you make it, so if you think it will be good then it will be and vice versa. I know that I am making beautiful things that will be admired in good times and bad and sometimes we need nice things ( even more so in bad times) to cheer us up and make us feel good about our selves. So I am going to keep doing what I love and I know that you will all be glad to have some nice things to buy.

After one year I thought I needed to have a slogan to be remebered by and I have come up with this slogan for my brand of Jewellery and it is

" Be Stylish, Be Elegant, Be Distinctinve and Feel Confident in a ZaniL Design"

I have also introduced a reward card that I have been issuing to my loyal and valued customers in the last month or so, which entittles you to a 10% off your next purchases.

What Has ZaniL Design Achieved in 1 year?

The aim of ZaniL Design is to be a brand of jewellery and accessories that deliver excellent value quality. ZaniL Design prides it self in being able to offer beautiful unique gifts for all occasions as well as delivering great customer service. ZaniL Design is a brand of jewellery that will give you lots of pleasure and can even become a hierloom treasure.

In ZaniL Design's first year , ZaniL Design has creatively contributed to a number of worthwile causes including St Joseph's school, Smith Family via VIEW club donations, Cancer Research, Sutton School and Bungendore School.

  • ZaniL Design has donated a total $ 163.00 to charitable causes in the 2008/2009 financial year in a combination of money and donated jewellery. I believe in making a difference in a small but important way.

  • June 2009 Promotion of 5% of sales to Cancer research contributed $63.00 in a combination of cash and donated jewellery.

  • ZaniL Design has donated 6 main items of jewellery for raffle or Auction in 2008/2009.
  • ZaniL Design also won an award of First Prize in the Royal Canberra Show for a Swarovski Triangle and Square Frame design.
  • ZaniL Design also openned a New blog - about leading a simple and contented life , that has tips from recipes , saving money to looking at life positively.

So please join me in being optimistic about the future, it is the only way to be. If you would like to help me help others , why not follow my posts and perhaps comment . Is there a product you would like me to make.

July 2009 Promotion

Let us spare a thought for people who are suffering because of the ecomony or simply because they are poor or less fortuneate.

This month I will pledge 5% of sales will be donated to Smith Family to help with this years Winter Appeal.

So kill two birds with one purchase- buy a unique hand made item and keep me employed and also indirectly contribute to Smith Family Winter Appeal.

Would you like to host a party as a fundraiser ?( Canberra and surrounding areas)

Until next time Keep posted for more new designs.



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