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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Be Stylish, Elegant and Distinctive in a ZaniL Design

ZaniL Design Jewellery Blog

Now that I have survived my first year in business, I look to the year ahead with optimism and excitment. I still have the passion and determination to make ZaniL Design a brand to behold and be identified with. I believe that I am making a big difference, by bringing beautiful wearable art into creation and by inspiring others to follow their hearts desire, what ever that may be.

My New slogan for the ZaniL Design Brand is

Be Stylish, Be Elegant, Be Distinctive and feel confident in a
ZaniL Design

ZaniL Design - Making the world a more positive place to be.

I read today that if it " makes one person smile then it has been worthwhile". I also think that making a difference no matter how small as the sum of all the differences you are making adds up to a big difference. We are all having an effect on someone in this world, let's try and make it positive.

I have decided to donate 5% of my sales this month to Smith Family winter Appeal.

Let us all spare a thought for the less fortuneate, as one day we may need help as well. There have been many millionaires who eventually lost their fortunes and became poor themselves.

What we give to others comes back to us many times over and the more you share, the more you will have. This applies not only to money, but to love, friends and time. Time is one of the best gifts we can give. There is a lot of time invested in Hand made gifts and you are usually buying them direct from the artist- so you know who made it. That is kind of special.

I hope you find what you are looking for amongst my handmade creations this month. Remember your purchase will aid the Smith Family Winter Appeal.

Above Top: Peacock Fresh water pearls 6 mm. Glass drops.
Magnetic clasp. Length -46cm.

Price: $36.00 necklace only. $48.00 with earrings
code: Jul09-N001

Set or Necklace

Above second: Burgundy Fresh water pearls and Cloisonne
with black glass beadsand matching earrings. Gold plated.
Stunning will go with lots of outfits. perfect for mother of the bride.

Length - 52cm
Price: $85.00 set.
Code: JUL09-NS002

Across: Red Jade and black glass. Sterling silver findings.
This is a classic. The red is more of a cherry colour. Length- 52cm
Price: $85.00 necklace only. $100.00 with earrings( sterling wires)
Code: JUL09-NS003

set or Necklace

Garnets- and Ruby Swarovski Pendant and crystals.
Simple and Elagant. Length is 46cm - with a 8cm extension.
Price: $65.00 set.

Be ready for Spring in this design.
Lime green and Amethyst Czech, Foil lamp work pendant. Matching earrings.
Silver plated.length is 48 cm.
Price: $36.00 set.
code: JUL09-N005

Amethyst and Gold , with gold foil pendant.
Matching earrings, Czech glass beads. Length is 42cm
Royal colours
Price: $27.00 set.
Code: JUL09-NS006

Thanks for looking , feel free to add comments or become a follower.

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