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Saturday, October 25, 2014

ZaniL Design- More Elegant Designs to Entice You

ZaniL Design Elegant Handmade Jewellery
Welcome everyone, Thanks for stopping and taking a look at my unique designs.
It is not long to Christmas now and the time as Christmas approaches always seems to get faster with each passing year. Never mind, make the most of every minute and enjoy today and tomorrow is never promised to anyone!
I have made lots of great and interesting designs for you so you can give handmade and affordable gifts this Christmas.
As a Christmas Special during the months of November and December instead of the 10% off form the blog the following offers will apply:
Only while stocks last.
  • Buy 1 item & receive 20% off the second ( least value item)
  • Buy 2 items & receive 40% off the third item ( least Value)
  • Buy 3 items & receive 70% off the forth item ( least value)
Postage of $10.00 will apply ( registered post)
So have a browse- click on the picture to enlarge it. Please enquire as some items can be made to order while there is still time before Christmas.  


Please order
OCT14-E010 Price: $40.00
Chriatmas Tree Ornament
Price: $7.50

OCT14-P002 Price: $18.00

Gold filled Ear wires

OCT14-E013 price: $50.00


Shell Based Large 50mm Pearl
OCT14-N005 price: $90.00

Fresh Water pearls and Glass Bracelet
OCT14-BR002 Price:$25.00

OCT14-N006 Price: $50.00 set

Swarovski Pendant s on Leather
OCT14-N006 Price:$75.00 each Silver filled or Gold filled



Onyx and gold filled Findings
OCT14-E014 Price: $35.00

OCT14-BR003 Price: $65.00

Have a great day and remember you always get return what you give , so if you want love, give love to others.


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