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Saturday, October 25, 2014

ZaniL Design- Exciting New BLUE Designs for Christmas gifts and Summer

ZaniL Design Elegant and Unique Jewellery Designs

Welcome everyone to my Blog.  I have not posted for a long time as there was a issue with the blog and I just needed the time to sort it out. Funny how a problem seems so large you have no idea where to begin to resolve it, but given time to think and research the problem it somehow resolves. When you look back you think it wasn't that bad. Well that was how it was for my blog problem, I just kept putting it off and then thought about it and some ideas to look it up on the  internet and then one I decided to fix it using the information I found on the net.

 The mind is wonderful and powerful and you can achieve anything given the chance. All things that have been created have first come into VISION  in someone's creative mind .

Over the last few months I have made some beautifully elegant and simple designs ( as this is what seems to be the trend at the moment). See Below and send me an email to to order.
Remember these are unique designs and 99% of the time only one is available.

Simply Stunning
OCT14-N001 Price: $45.00
Glass Bracelet set
OCT14-BR001 Price: $50.00 set
Simple Summer Necklace Sterling components
OCT14-N002 Price: $60.00

Acrylic Beads non -tarnish wire and
reconstituted Truquoise
OCT14-E001A-D Price: $16.50 each
Peyote beaded Necklace with
Fresh water Pearl pendant
OCT14-N003 Price: $130.00

Czech Lamp work Pendant
OCT14-P001 Price: $30.00
Czech beads and Sterling ear wire
OCT14-E003 Price: $30.00
OCT14-E004 Price: $18.00

OCT14-E005 Price: $15.00

OCT14-E006 and E007  Prices as marked
Sterling filled ear wires

 Thanks for browsing everyone and come back again- remember 10% off for orders from my blog.


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