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Monday, May 24, 2010

ZaniL Design- Be Confident in a ZaniL Design

ZaniL Design Elegant Australian Handmade Jewellery

Welcome. My philosophy in creating these beautiful designs comes from my desire to create elegant, stylish and distinctive pieces that will bring joy and pleasure for many years. Since these designs are elegant then they will not date and will continue to be in stlye even when fashion trends move on.

My design philosophy also fits in with my reuse and recyle way of life in that my designs will be treaured for years and not discarded as the fashion trends moves, therefore there is less waste and more value for money. My designs allow you to be a trend setter rather than a slave or follower of fashion.

Large Fresh water pearls with Swarovski Diamante.
Surgical Steel Studs. 3.8cm drop.
Price: $45.00
Code: JUN2010-E002

13mm Pink Fresh water Pearls on Surgical hooks
4cm drop - one pair only

Price: $29.00
Code: JUN2010-E003

White Fresh Water Pearls and Biwa Pearls.
4.5cm drops
Left: Swarovski with Sterling ear wires
Price: $30.00
Right: Black glass with Surgical steel ear wires
Price: $26.00
Code: Jun2010-E004a or E004b


Large Peacock Fresh water pearls with clip ons.
3cm drop.
note : can be changed to screw ons.
Price: $46.00
Code: Jun2010-E005

Gold Swirls with black Glass- Only this pair.
5cm drop.
Price: $15.00
Code: Jun2010-E006
These have SOLD

Light Green Fresh water Pearls
Price: $9.50
Code: Jun2010-E007

Large South Sea Shell Pearl with Swarovski
4cm drop.
Price: $20.00
Code: Jun2010-E008

Infinite Pleasure Earrings
4.5cm drop. Silver plated Ear wires
Price: $23.00
Code: Jun2010-E009

Shell coin earrings - simple and elegant.
goes with lots colours, black ,white.silver.4cm drop.
Price: $13.00
Code: Jun2010-E010


Anonymous said...

Wow, you made them???? doesn't look like they are handmade stuff, i mean the finishing is so neatly and elegantly done that no one can't make out until and unless they read your post. keep the good work up. even i deal with handmade jewellery. please visit my site.

Lina said...

Thankyou for your lovely compliment. I aim to make high quality jewellery and I am glad it is being perseved that way. I did try to go to your site, but would not go there when I clicked on you link. good luck and thanks for visiting.