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Saturday, January 30, 2010

ZaniL Design - More Enticing Designs

Welcome to my Blog

Hope everyone is well and rested after the January Holidays and batteries all recharged for the year ahead.

Thank you for reading my blog and do leave a comment to ask me a question or suggestion on how I can help you or make this blog more useful.

This month I have made some more interesting designs for you to feel great in.

Black and gold earrings

$16.00 -$22.00

New item - to inspire you to create!

Please email me on if interested in these designs.

  • Do you need your sentimental piece repaired or remodelled.??
  • Do you need your pearl necklace reknotted??
  • Would you like to host a E-party- Rewards???

Tips for the month.

1. If your beading habbit has gotten out of control- buy only what you need and can use up in a couple of sittings.

2. Jot down your design ideas in a art book , you may be able to improve on the idea over time.


Kindest regards


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