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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Welcome to a Prosperous 2010

Welcome to my handmade Jewellery Blog.

I would like to wish you all peace and happiness for the year ahead and I do hope that 2010 is a year that you will prosper in your health and happiness and family life and have the courage to follow your life's purpose.

Looking back on 2009, I had a pretty good year over all. I have achieved some small milestones as well as learnt a lot about being in business and how you get more done when you are more organised. I have met a lot of people as you do in this this voacation and made a few new friends. I have learnt a lot from fellow stall holders and customers and shared a story or two and it was fun.

Most of all I have grown in more ways than I could have ever imagined and it is all because I decided to follow my passion to create and make beatiful items and in my case it is jewellery.

I have you all to thank for your lovely words of praise and encouragement and just when I thought I was getting nowwhere, just at the right moment, I would get a sign or an email that would just make my day and reinforce my belief to keep creating and bringing joy to people through my creations by inspiring or delighting them.

So a big thankyou for all of your support and continued support in 2010

So I will continue in 2010 to bring you beautiful handmade creations that I have made with my hands that have been inspired from my heart and dreams.

I found a beautiful saying that just sums the above up succinetly

"What I make with my hands , I give of my heart"

What I have learnt- tips for beginners

1. Don't wait till everything is just perfect before deciding to go into business- otherwise you may never start.

2. Believe in yourself and that you will succeed. Surround your self with people who will feed your belief in yourself.

3.Put your idea's into action. An idea is great, but better if you act upon it.

4.keep working toward your goal , even if it is small steps each day.

5.Never give up as the day you fail is the day you give up.

6. Mistakes are not mistakes if you learn from them.
7.Pesistence and perserverence will lead you to success

8. Do a business Plan, state your goals in this document

9. Be patient

10. Always be grateful for your little successes.

Hope these tips help.


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