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Thursday, December 17, 2009

ZaniL Design Elegant pearls and Pearl Knotting

ZaniL Design Elegant Pearl Jewellery

Welcome again. Christmas is fast approaching and you have probably almost completed all your Christmas shopping. Good for you. I still have a few things to buy.

If you are still looking for a nice gift that will last for years to come , you just cant go past the elegance and timeless appeal of Pearls.

The ones across are large 9-10mm Fresh water pearls and almost perfect rounds. They look so beautiful in the flesh and have been beautifully finished off with a lovely Onyx and sterling silver clasp.

If you order a set of pearls from me , I guarantee my work and also include a free complimentary pair of matching earrings. Please enquire and I will give you a quote.
Send me and email

The clasp stones can also come in garnet, Amethyst , pearl and Citrine.

These pearls across are also 9 - 10 mm but are corrugated. They look just as nice as the smooth ones and it depends on what you prefer.

I have also Pearl enhancers that can be purchased to occasionally dress up your pearls.

These large knotted pearls strands really do look stunning and I pack them in a lovely box .

Don't miss out on your free pair of matching pearl earrings.

Also dont forget if you already have pearls , I can reknot them for you.

Have a very happy Christmas and Great New Year.

This Year I am going to make time to slow down and enjoy the time we have on this earth. What the point of spending it rushing around all the time.


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