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Monday, May 18, 2009

ZaniL Design Creatively Supports Cancer Foundation

ZaniL Design Supporting Charitable Causes Creatively

Did you know that ZaniL Design can come to your Office/home to show beautiful and elegant jewellery with a percentage of sales donated to a charity of your choice. Jewellery can also be donated to be raffled to aid in your fundraising efforts.

There are many beneifits to this arrangement which can be held during your lunch break or if a home show on a relaxing Sunday afternoon.
  • Raise funds for your charity.
  • supporting local artist .
  • avoiding busy shopping malls therefore save time , money and petrol. All very important commodities these days.
  • you buy a uniquie and handmade gift of high quality.

ZaniL Design supports the Cancer foundation and a Fundraiser is coming up on May 29th at Australia's Biggest Morning Tea and these earrings have been made especially for this occasion with the cancer symbol.

I am selling these for $13.00 each.

$2.00 from each pair will be donated to Cancer Foundation.

First pair is the only pair available in this colour.

Others can be re-ordered.

Colours also come in Amethyst Czech glass and Red and Olive.

Please email me your orders, I will prefer a direct deposit on these so most of the money goes to charity rather than PayPal Fees.


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