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Monday, May 18, 2009

More Infinite Possiblities

ZaniL Design Elegant Hand made Jewellery.

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Welcome and thankyou for reading my posts.

I aim to inspire my readers to take time out to follow ones dreams and apsirations so that we can all lead more fulfilled lives. We can look forward to better relationships and health when we are in a good place with our inner selves. There are infinite possibilities when we are positive and have peace of mind that we are working towards our goal.

The road is always long and never ending, but the journey is the fun part, and who knows where we could go when we reach the summit- posibilites are infinite.

You are probably wondering why I am continually mentioning the word infinite, well that is because the maths symbol of infinity is what inspired my latest range of earring designs. I have always been fond on maths ( I studied 4 unit maths at school) and it seems fitting that it has found a way into my creative world.

I have been having lots of fun coming up with these designs and it seems there are infinite possibilities with this simple design.

All earrings are about 4- 5cm drop from top of hook

With this new desing I am aiming to impart the idea that you can go anywhere and have infinite opportunities and happiness when you wear these earrings. It's all in the thinking that you can achieve that you actually achieve your goals.

Above- Gold and Black Cliosonne- with non tarnish ear wires and wire work
Price: $24.00 .You can up grade to Gold filled.

Code: MAY09-INFE09

up grade

Czech Peacock rectangle with non- tarnish wire work and ear wires.
Infinite Abaundance - may this be true for you.
Can be upgraded to gold filled.

Price: $22.00
Code: MAY09-INFE10

up grade

Large 10mm white irregular Fresh water Pearls
Non-tarnish wire work and Sterling siliver wires.

Price: $28.00 SS, $30.00 Goldfilled.
Code: MAY09-INFE11

Gold or silver

Fresh water pearls with non-tarnish wire work and Sterling ear wires.
Price: $27.00
Code: MAY09-INFE12

Swarovski crystals (6mm), non-tarnish wire work & Sterling ear wires

Price: $24.00

Code: MAY09-INFE13

choose colour

Aqua Blue Swarovski Buttons, non-tarnish wire work and Sterling ear wires Price: $27.00
Code: MAY09-INFE14

These remind me of Jupitar or Saturn,hence the name , 'Infinite Universe'
Lampwork beads with non-tarnish wire work and Sterling wires
Price: $26.00
Code: MAY09-INFE15

Hope you enjoyed these designs.



1 comment:

LYDO said...

Lina, are you bringing the Gold and Black Cliosonne earrings to Pauline's place next week? They look stunning. I'd like to see them in real life.