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Friday, May 15, 2009

Infinite Possibilties

ZaniL Design Elegant Handmade Jewellery

Welcome and thankyou for reading my posts.

I aim to inspire my readers to take time out to follow ones dreams and apsirations so that we can all lead more fulfilled lives. We can look forward to better relationships and health when we are in a good place with our inner selves. There are infinite possibilities when we are positive and have peace of mind that we are working towards our goal.
All earrings are about 4- 5cm drop from top of hook
I aim to impart the idea that you can go anywhere and have infinite opportunities and happiness when you wear these earrings. It all in the thinking that you can achieve that you actually achieve your goals.

Top:Peacock Glass with Non - Tarnish infinity wire work,Gold filled wires

Price: $30.00
Code: MAY09-INFE01

Gold filled or Sterling

Swarovksi White Pearls and Black Glass,
Non- tarnish infinite wire work and Sterling Ear wires
Price: $30.00
Code: MAY09-INFE02

Gold filled or Sterling

Bronze and copper Swarovski Pearls
Non-Tarnish wire work and 14ct Gold filled ear wires

Price: $24.00
Code : MAY09-INFE03A left
and INFE03B Right

copper or Bronze

Silver Swarovski 8mm , non tarnish wire
Sterling silver ear wires.
Price: $24.00
Code: MAY09-INFE04

Black Glass and non tarnish wire work
Price: $15.00 each
Code: MAY09-INFE05A and INFE05B (left and right)

left or right

Imperial Jade , with non-tarnish wre work and sterling silver wires
Price: $25.00

Amethyst Czech glass and Sterling Hooks
Price: $23.00
Code:MAY09-INFE007 A and INFE07B

Left or right

As above but with a peacock drop.
Silver plated hooks
Price: $16.50

Gold or silver

Keep posted for more infinite designs - the sky and your imagination is your limit.

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