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Monday, April 8, 2013

ZaniL Design - Autumn 2013 Stylish and Eye Catching Designs

Welcome to my Handmade Elegant  Swarovski and Pearl Jewellery Blog

Hello Everyone, thanks for visiting . Remember if you see something  you like , you can save 10% by ordering it from this  blog , just email me and I will contact you. But remember I usually only have one off items so if you really love it , you really need to act as chances are it may sell at the markets.

I just love this time of the year , the weather is so nice with lovely warm days full of sunshine and hopefully a few where there is some much needed rain. I have begun ripping out old plants getting ready for some spring flowers and winter vegies.

Green Agate.
Price: $40.00  Code: APR13-BR001
I am still finding beads in my stash as well as being fortunate to have some jewellery donated which I pull apart and use an odd bead here and there to make a totally new and interesting piece . I really like the idea that I am using up things that I have been saving for a special piece ( you know what that special piece is the next piece as every piece is special , just like every day is a special day - so don't save your good things for a special day,  use it today as tomorrow may not come). I don;t think I will ever get to the bottom of the stash as you always need new things to mix and match to get creative ideas flowing. Who cares as long as you are having fun along the way.
I have made these elegant and simple designs this month , I am pleases that they are also very reasonably priced so as to be accessible to all.
Enjoy and please do not hestitate should you wish to purchase.

Blue Resin and Viking weave focal with swarovski Pearl.
Price: $35.00 Code: APR13-BR002

 faceted Onyx with Sterling silver and gold filled magnetic clasp.
Price: $78.00 Code: APR13-BR003 

Gold filled and non tarnish wire worked ring. Only at the Markets.
Price: $52.00 Code: APR12-R001

Pendant taken form a chunky bracelet.  Some Swarovki elements.
Price: $45.00 code: APR13-N001

Pendant taken from the same chunky braclet above . Swaorvski elements.
Price: $45.00 Code: APR13-N002 

Silver metal plastic balls. recycled beads.
Price:$15.00 Code: APR13-E001


More wire worked rings. only one off . These are only $22.00 each. come to the markets if you like these and are local. med size rings.

Blue ring has sold.

Cheers , 
Thanks for visiting , please come again .


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