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Sunday, February 5, 2012

ZaniL Design February Treasures

Welcome to Zanil Design Elegant Pearl and Swarovski Jewellery

Hello everyone and thanks for stopping by. Here you will find elegant unique and one off pieces that are made with the intention of becoming much loved and treasured heirlooms.

I believe jewellery is meant to make you feel beautiful and feel great and when the right piece is selected to go with your outfit, it just lifts your look from being ordinary to elegant and stylish.
Anyway that is what I am achieving with my ZaniL Design Brand . I have many happy customers come back to me to say how many compliments they have received when wearing one of my pieces.

This month I have made just a few new designs as I am making another show piece for the Canberra show and it has taken all of my energy.

Here are some beautiful and elegant Fresh water pearl bracelets with good lustre and shape. One is knotted with a diamante clasp and the other is strung on tiger tail with a Strong magnetic clasp.

Price: $95.00 each
Code: FEB12-BR001 ( top) FEB12-BR002 ( bottom)
Interested in buying: email pls include code.

Here is a new elegant simple earring . Hand wired scrolls on Sterling

Price: $26.00
Code: FEB12-E001

Interested in buying? : email
send code FEB12-E001

Gold Scrolls- hand wired on gold plated ear wires.

Price: $21.00 ( $27.00 if you want gold filled ear wires)
Code: FEB12-E002

Interested in buying?: email

send code: FEB12-E002

Very popular Rich burgundy colour Acrylic
Beads on gold plated ear wires.

Price: $18.00
Code: FEB12-E003

Interested in Buying? : email

Rich Burgundy set. simple and elegant.
Price: $65.00
Code: FEB12-N001

Perhaps this would be a good mother of the bride necklace. email

Have a good month and start what ever you have been putting off as time passes away so quickly. I am going to take my own advice and do that letter box drop that I have been meanning to do.



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