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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

ZaniL Design Beaded Pearl Centred Flowers

ZaniL Design Elegant Beaded Swarovski and Pearl Designs
Thank you for visiting. The mind is amazing, with our subconscious calling upon knowledge and memories from the past and when it is needed.

It is also fascinating to learn new things as the mind has a amazing capability to combine the new things learnt with old knowledge to come up with literally thousands of new ideas.

Well that this what happened to me in the last 2 weeks. I was searching desperately for an idea for my second Royal Canberra show piece and I bought an amazing bead book called ' Classical Elegance' that simply inspired me to want to learn something new. I learnt 2 new techniques and then my mind was exploding with lots of new ideas for wonderful new things. These flowers are one of the new items and I am not even sure how I got to this idea.

I am happy with mt second entry and even if I don't get a prize , I have pushed myself to learn some new techniques.

The above is some pictures of my new products- beaded flowers that can be a brooch , or pendant or even a headband attachment. They come in other colours - only I have not had time to make them. they have a pearl centre.

These come with a brooch attachment.

Price: Necklace with leather thong Just $60.00
Code: FEB12-N002a , N002b, N002c

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