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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

ZaniL Design - Jewels from the Sea- Inspirations from a Coast Holiday

Welcome To ZaniL Jewels from the Sea Blog Post

Thanks for visiting and coming back. This will most likely be my last blog post for 2011.

I will take this opportunity to say thank you to all of my great friends and customers who have helped me so far on this wonderful and amazing journey into my creative side. I do not know where or how I get my creative energy, but I think all the positive energy that you give me certainly helps and I thank you all so very much. I feel free as a bird and feel so fortunate that I am able to express myself in this way and hopefully inspire others to be creative as well.

I have a new design with a Story to share.

I just love this new design and even more so as I have a little story of how it came about.

We recently went on our yearly family holiday
down coast and I was walking along the beach
with my girls. I said to them "look at all the lovely smooth stones on the sand, wouldn't it be nice if we could glue a pearl in the middle?" . I kept thinking glueing a pearl would not be the ideal way to make it and thought I would have to work out a way to make it look elegant as well.

We picked some lovely shaped stones , just right for the future pendants and took them to our coastal cabin. We examined them and talked abut them some more. I was so excited about our new idea. Well, I was so tired form the long drive and in general with nothing to do but relax, I decided to have a little nap.

While I was sleeping , I had a dream that a pendant was being made while I watched it being created in my " minds eye" with the pearl being centred and all these wires wrapping the stone
in a flash. I awoke and I vividly remebered everything.

I began work straight away as I always take my tools and bits and pieces away with me incase I get some inspiration, so I was lucky to have all the items I needed to make my first pendant.

As I made more pendants, I changed the design to make it better , the pendant above is the fourth attempt. I am so glad I had that dream. We called these pendants "Eye of the Sea" and these are unique as there can be no two stones that are the same.

Jewels from the Sea with a Swarovski Pearl.

Price: $45.00 on the leather
Code: DEC2011- N004a or N004b

Coin Shaped Fresh water Pearls and Non tarnish wire. These were the last designs made so far.

The Eye of the Sea - made form stone and Pearls.

Price: $55.00 on leather

Code: DEC2011- N005a ( left) N005b

How the designs evolved. The first pendant was one of the first. The middle the fourth and the last pendant the sixth made so far.

Thank you God for my Creative spirit and energy. I am so grateful. Please help me do good with this gift.

Wishing you all a safe and happy christmasanmd a prosperous 2012,

If you do want to buy any of my things please email me . Also i fix broken jewellery should you not wish to add to your collection.

Please contact me on:



ZaniL Designs- Popular Designs for great Christmas Gifts

ZaniL Design Handmade Jewellery Blog.

Welcome everyone and I hope you are having a great time preparing for this years Christmas.

If you are looking for a unique jewellery gift, you have come to the right place. Enjoy looking and hopefully you will be closer to finding that perfect gift.

Simple yet Elegant Sea Bamboo necklaces.
These have been most popular beign red and black . These can come with earrings. Please Ask.

Price: $30.00 and $35.00 (graduated)
Code: DEC2011-N001a and N001b

Red Sea Bamboo Necklace with Earrings and fancy clasp.
Price: $79.00
Code: DEC2011-N002

Swarovski Ring - Available at the Markets only.
Very popoular and do not last long when they are
on the stall.


Red Stone Donuts.
Very popular. I always make them a little different. It is amazing how many combinations of Red white and black you can ncome up with!

Price: $49.00 ( vikingn weave centre) , $47.50 with silver Swarovski pearl centre.
Code: DEC2011-N003a (viking) N003b

Something for the Bride.

Real Fresh water pearls with good lustre and Swarovski spacers and Vermeil clasp.

Price: $95.00

Code: DEC2011-BR001

Come and catch me at the Bus Depot Markets. I have more on display and even have some specials .

Cheers and a Merry Christmas to you.


ZaniL Design - Viking Weave Developments

ZaniL Design Viking Weave Inspirations
Welcome to my blog.

Here is my latest creations using this new technique I have found. I have taught myself how to make all these things and I am sure if I can do it, then you can too.

I will have these at the markets so please come and have a look. If you would like to order these , if they are still in stock ( as I only make one of each item to ensure unique jewellery) then I will be glad to post it to you.

Many thanks for browsing.

Cheers and happy creating.


Timeless Designs- Earrings- December 2011

Welcome to ZaniL Design - Home of Timeless and Elegant Jewellery Designs

Hello again and welcome back.

Here are some new designs that will be stylish for years to come.

Swarovski Star fish, Sterling silver ear wires

Price: $45.00


Gold filled ear wires and Swarovski Bicones

Price: $39.00


Silver Glass and Swarovski drops with Silver plated ear.

Price: $27.00

Code: DEC2011-E011

Simple Black and white earrings. Silver palted.

Price: $25.00

Code: DEC2011-E012

Simple just pearls earring. Perfect Coordinate for any outfit.

Price: $25.00

Code: DEC2011-E013a ( $23.00), E103B

Pearls with a little Sparkle to jazz thinkgs up.

Silver palted .

Price: $26.00.

Code:DEC2011-E014a , E014B ( Black)

Any of my earring designs can be converted to Sterling ear wires as well as Clips ons. please Ask if you wish to order and I can change for you.



ZaniL Design - Christmas 2011-Earrings

Welcome To My Elegant Jewellery blog

If you are new to my blog, thankyou for stopping by and if you are a regular visitor welcome back, thanks for looking and I hope you are inspired or find what you are looking for.

I must apologise for not updating more oftenI have been busy with Christmas designs and repairs , gardening and in general at this time of the year it is busier.

I have made lots of new great designs and have aimed to keep them timeless and affordable as well. Thanks for everyones great feedback about my website and Newsletters.

I found these beautiful rich burgundy Acrylic beads down the coast recently and I couldn't pass them up ( I try not to make things out of Acrylic) as the colour was so attractive. Perfect for Christmas.

Simple Christmas earrings with Gold Leaf.

Price: $15.00

Code: DEC2011-E001

Simple sweet Little Drops made with Acrylic beads.

Very short drops. Gold plated.

Price: $8.50

Code: DEC2011-E002

Christmas Tree Diamante.
Silver plated.

Price: $22.00

Code: DEC2011-E003

Lucite Red Donuts with Swarovski and Fresh water pearl centres. Silver plated

Price: as marked

Code: DEC2011- E004a, E004b (Fresh water pearls)

More Burgundy Acrylic earrings with Non tarnish wire work.

Price: $17.00

Code: DEC2011-E005A ( Gold) E005B ( silver)

Large Swarovski 5000 rounds 10mm.

Sterling silver findings.

Price: $40.00

Code: DEC2011-E006

Rich Burgundy Cliosonne and Swarovski Bicones.

These always sell fast- only 1 pair left.

Price: $22.00

Code: DEC2011-E007

Clip ons ( can be converted to pierced)Gold plated leaf with fresh water pearls.

Price: $24.00

Code: DEC2011-E008

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

ZaniL Design - 1920's Glass Button Inspirations

Welcome To My Elegant Stylish Jewellery Blog.

Welcome back. As they say time flys when you are having fun and I have had an amazing couple of months.

I have discovered a new wire wiven technique to take the ZaniL Design brand to the next level. I have also found some gorgeous and exquisite 1920 glass buttons. My mind is going crazy with ideas and I just can't wait for the designs to be made. I never draw any of my designs and I feel I have already created in my mind and I just need to find the time to sit and make it ( this is not so easy with a million things to do).

I think the hand woven wire cords ( which take hours) really compliment these buttons.

I am so grateful to a customer Phylis who introduced me to
supplier of these buttons. I am learning not to go beserk and
not to buy to many buttons. As these buttons are from the 1920's these designs will not be able to be recreated once sold out. I like that about my designs.

This is simply equisite. I am not sure I will be able to part with it, but I will have to as I do not have enough necks to wear all my pieces.

This button is one of four I hav sourced andf it is gold and peacock and looks better that in the photo. Cord is made with purple non-tarnish artistic wire.

Price: Please enquire if Genuinely interested.
Code: OCT2011- N001

Mother of Pearl Pendant with Hand woven wire and Fresh water pearls.

This is so elegant and perfect for your wedding day.

Price: $140.00

Large Baroque Pearls with black Rondells.

Comes with earrigns on Sterling ear wires. Magnetic clasp ( can be changed to parrot).

Classic and simple.

Price: $130.00

Code: OCT2011-N003

I found the diamante pendant at a antique shop.

Truly stylish and a little different.

Swarovski beads and Hand woven wire. Sterling clasp.

Price: $140.00

Code: OCT2011-N004

Onyx and Red Czech. This design just happend as I was making the Conical tubes. Wire wrapped black cord as well.Magnetic clasp.

Price: $75.00

Code: OCT2011-N005

Glass pendant on matching Woven wire. Cord can be used for other pendants.

Price: $105.00

Code: OCT2011-N006

Onyx and Silver, classic colours.

Definetly Stylish.

Price: $120.00

Code: OCT2011-N007

Red and Gold are a regal combination.

Strong Magnetic Clasp.

Clip ons, but can be changed to pierced

Price: $100.00 ( set)

Code: OCT2011-N008

Swarovski Filigree and Beads.

Price: $48.00

Code: OCT2011-N009

Onyx and Agate necklace with Sterling silver findings.

Pewter Clasp. Matching earring with sterling shephards hook.

Price: $180.00

Code: OCT2011-N010

If you are a previous customer , I will mbe happy to discount by 5% on the prices above. In some cases this will mean you save the postage.

If you would likie to order please email me and I will send you a paypal invoice.

ZaniL Design - New Viking Weave Desigs- Earrings

Welcome To My Handmade Swarovski and Gemstone Jewellery Blog

Welcome back. Time does not wait for anyone and I can't believe it has been two months since my last post.

I have been making a lot of new designs and I can't keep up with the photos and blog , so unfortunealty not all of my designs will be listed here. Sometimes the new designs are a hit and will not even make it to the blog.

I have discovered an new hand woven wire method and I have gone crazy with lots of new inspiration, which I knew would follow once I was confident to make it look neat and tidy.

These earrings are so timeless, made with non tarnsih wire work and agate and Onyx

Price: Green/black flecks Agate : $45.50, Onyx $55.00

Code: OCT2011- E001

Gold foil Twist with non tarnish wire work.

Gold plated continental ear, swarovski dangles

Price: $30.00

Code: OCT2011- E002a, E002b

Very popular Infinity wire work earrings with Red Czech Glass.

Gold plated ear. Non -tarnish wire work

Price: $25.00

Code:OCT2011- E003

Infinity Onyx and Agate Earrings.

Price: Top Onyx $35.00 Bottom Agate: $30.00

Code: OCT2011-E004a ( Onyx) E004b ( Agate)

Large 10mm Grey Swarovski Pearl drops with Swarovski Dangles.Silver plated

Price: $32.00

Code: OT2011-E005

Multicoloured Czech Glass and Swarovski.

Gold plated

Price: $20.00

Code: OCT2011-E006

Swarovski Bicone Earrings with gold filled ear .

Price: $45.00

code: OCT2011-E007

Swarovski Limited edition Flowers, gold filled ear wires.

Very Popular.

Price: $60.00

Code: OCT2011-E008

Glass Rondells in Peacock classic colours. Gold plated ear.

Price: $15.00

Code: OCT2011-E009a ( top) E009b ( bottom)

Cheers for now.