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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

ZaniL Design - Jewels from the Sea- Inspirations from a Coast Holiday

Welcome To ZaniL Jewels from the Sea Blog Post

Thanks for visiting and coming back. This will most likely be my last blog post for 2011.

I will take this opportunity to say thank you to all of my great friends and customers who have helped me so far on this wonderful and amazing journey into my creative side. I do not know where or how I get my creative energy, but I think all the positive energy that you give me certainly helps and I thank you all so very much. I feel free as a bird and feel so fortunate that I am able to express myself in this way and hopefully inspire others to be creative as well.

I have a new design with a Story to share.

I just love this new design and even more so as I have a little story of how it came about.

We recently went on our yearly family holiday
down coast and I was walking along the beach
with my girls. I said to them "look at all the lovely smooth stones on the sand, wouldn't it be nice if we could glue a pearl in the middle?" . I kept thinking glueing a pearl would not be the ideal way to make it and thought I would have to work out a way to make it look elegant as well.

We picked some lovely shaped stones , just right for the future pendants and took them to our coastal cabin. We examined them and talked abut them some more. I was so excited about our new idea. Well, I was so tired form the long drive and in general with nothing to do but relax, I decided to have a little nap.

While I was sleeping , I had a dream that a pendant was being made while I watched it being created in my " minds eye" with the pearl being centred and all these wires wrapping the stone
in a flash. I awoke and I vividly remebered everything.

I began work straight away as I always take my tools and bits and pieces away with me incase I get some inspiration, so I was lucky to have all the items I needed to make my first pendant.

As I made more pendants, I changed the design to make it better , the pendant above is the fourth attempt. I am so glad I had that dream. We called these pendants "Eye of the Sea" and these are unique as there can be no two stones that are the same.

Jewels from the Sea with a Swarovski Pearl.

Price: $45.00 on the leather
Code: DEC2011- N004a or N004b

Coin Shaped Fresh water Pearls and Non tarnish wire. These were the last designs made so far.

The Eye of the Sea - made form stone and Pearls.

Price: $55.00 on leather

Code: DEC2011- N005a ( left) N005b

How the designs evolved. The first pendant was one of the first. The middle the fourth and the last pendant the sixth made so far.

Thank you God for my Creative spirit and energy. I am so grateful. Please help me do good with this gift.

Wishing you all a safe and happy christmasanmd a prosperous 2012,

If you do want to buy any of my things please email me . Also i fix broken jewellery should you not wish to add to your collection.

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