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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

ZaniL Design - New Viking Weave Desigs- Earrings

Welcome To My Handmade Swarovski and Gemstone Jewellery Blog

Welcome back. Time does not wait for anyone and I can't believe it has been two months since my last post.

I have been making a lot of new designs and I can't keep up with the photos and blog , so unfortunealty not all of my designs will be listed here. Sometimes the new designs are a hit and will not even make it to the blog.

I have discovered an new hand woven wire method and I have gone crazy with lots of new inspiration, which I knew would follow once I was confident to make it look neat and tidy.

These earrings are so timeless, made with non tarnsih wire work and agate and Onyx

Price: Green/black flecks Agate : $45.50, Onyx $55.00

Code: OCT2011- E001

Gold foil Twist with non tarnish wire work.

Gold plated continental ear, swarovski dangles

Price: $30.00

Code: OCT2011- E002a, E002b

Very popular Infinity wire work earrings with Red Czech Glass.

Gold plated ear. Non -tarnish wire work

Price: $25.00

Code:OCT2011- E003

Infinity Onyx and Agate Earrings.

Price: Top Onyx $35.00 Bottom Agate: $30.00

Code: OCT2011-E004a ( Onyx) E004b ( Agate)

Large 10mm Grey Swarovski Pearl drops with Swarovski Dangles.Silver plated

Price: $32.00

Code: OT2011-E005

Multicoloured Czech Glass and Swarovski.

Gold plated

Price: $20.00

Code: OCT2011-E006

Swarovski Bicone Earrings with gold filled ear .

Price: $45.00

code: OCT2011-E007

Swarovski Limited edition Flowers, gold filled ear wires.

Very Popular.

Price: $60.00

Code: OCT2011-E008

Glass Rondells in Peacock classic colours. Gold plated ear.

Price: $15.00

Code: OCT2011-E009a ( top) E009b ( bottom)

Cheers for now.


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