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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

ZaniL Design Red and Black - Be Confident in These New Designs

Welcome to ZaniL Design Elegant Handmade Jewellery

Thank you for Visiting, I do hope you enjoy your browsing, let me know if I can help you in any way.

This month I have gone crazy with the Red and Black and have made some exciting and beautiful designs that I am sure will entice you. These are my favourite colours that I like to wear and create in and these new designs will always be in style, as Red and Black are a fashionable colour combination.

Did you know wearing Red conveys that you are a confident person?

Red Sea Bamboo Rondells and Black Onyx beads and Pendant with Peyote

and matching earring. Gold plated findings

Price: $130.00
Code: AUG2010-NS001

Red SeaBamboo Rondels and Onyx beads and
matching earrings.

Beautiful gold plated clasp.

Price: $85.00 ( necklace and earrings
Price: $22.00 Bracelet.
Code: AUG2010-NS002 or AUG2010-BR002

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Sea Bamboo chips with Onyx Pendant. Silver Plated Findings.

Matching earrings. 56cm length.

Price: $67.00
Code: AUG2010-NS003

Sea Bamboo chip earring combinations with silver plated beads.
Length from 4.5cm to 6cm

Price: Left :$12.50 Middle : $18.00 Right: $16.00

code: AUG2010-EAR001a, EAR001b, EAR001C

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ZaniL Design Naturals have been so very popular.
Necklace in middle has SOLD.

These are made with dyed stone donuts , fresh water pearls and onyx and paua Shell.
Simple and Elegant and Casual

Price: $30.00
Code: AUG2010- N004a anc N004b

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Thanks for browsing and keep coming back as there are always new designs to look at.

ZaniL Design Jewellery and Accessories.
Where you will find Elegnat and Stylish jewellery that will bring joy and delight for years.


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