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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

ZaniL Design - August Red and black Sensations

Welcome to ZaniL Design August RED and Black Collection.

Thanks for visiting my blog and I hope you enjoy your visit. Do come back every now and then as my designs are always changing.
This month I went crazy with Red and Black designs. I held a jewellery party for my cousin and she wore one of the designs ( see picture on right) she had purchased from me a few years back. A few of the ladies that attended also liked it and asked for it to be made again and so I made a few different combinations of the original design up. It is a testament to what I am trying to do with my ZaniL Design label , to make stylish and elegant jewellery so that is can be enjoyed for years and years, and eventually become a heirloom treasure. I am achieving this and it gives me great pleasure that I am able to share my creative gift with others for them to enjoy.
Did you know Red is a colour that conveys that you are a confident person. It is also a colour of passion and vibrancy it increases our enthusiasm. It is an attention grabbing colour. It is one of my favourite colours to work with and it really is beautiful.
I have been reading about living an abundant life and it is very interesting, as it is all about the way you view life and your attitude. An abundant life is not about owning lots of material possessions or rather being obessed with aquiring lots of material things. We can never really own anything, only enjoy it while we are here. We seem to have no time and the weeks come and go and before you know it's Christmas again.
Living abundantly to me is accepting where you are and taking the time to nourish your inner soul, getting in touch with nature to appreciate the whole lifecylce of our lives and living a less is more kind of lifestyle (decluttering). It is also about enjoying the journey of our lives and a truly happy life is one where you have served others and have been loved by others. Here is a good little link about 9 steps to Living Abundantly .
Speaking of getting in touch with nature, I have picked about 20 kg of cherry tomatoes out of our green house in the last two weeks as we prepare the beds for new plants. I am so excited about the coming season and all of the things that will abundantly grow in our vegie patches.I will be posting about these on my other blog and I plan on achieving my 1000kg of harvest this year. Just can't wait.
Tip of the month
Share your beautiful smile with everyone- not only will you get one in return , it will cheer up the person you smiled at, but most of all you are the one that benefits.
Research shows that smilling and laughter, builds your immune system and defends against illness, medicated the body, sells ideas and attracts more friends and extends your life.
I read this in a book called "People Skills for Life, Easy Peasy" by Allan and Barbara Pease.
So I am going to do even more smiling.
Cheers and happy browsing
ZaniL Design CEO

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Anonymous said...

Hello my honey. I haven't visited your site for ages so thought I would drop in. I absolutely love your posts! You are truly an inspiration. Look forward to seeing you soon. Gayle. x