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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

ZaniL Design Purple Passion Range- Earrings

ZaniL Design Purple Passion - Just in time for Mother's Day.

Welcome again, I hope you are blessed with good health and happiness.

Are you passionate about purple???. Well at ZaniL Design we are and we have made some beautiful pieces that are sure to make you feel Royal and special now and in future. Did you know that the colour purple was once only worn by royal families?

Ancient purple dye was called Tyrian purple and was made in Tyre. Purple dyes were rare and expensive and only the rich and Royality were able to afford them. The reason for this was due to the fact the the dye was made from various marine mollusks , mostly Murex and they need to crush so many of them as many as 12000, just to make a small amount thus made it expensive and possibly drove the species to near extinction. It was once worth more than gold itself, due to the laborious task to produce.

These days Purple is made from artifical dyes

Here is a link to read more about Purple .

We are also made about Peacock colour combination. Purple for ZaniL Design is one of the main colours used in our designs. Purple always comes back in fashion every couple of years. I just feel do good in purple and it just brightens up my day.

Above are a pair of Peacock earrings made with Czech glass beads.
Made with non-tarnish Brass.

Price: $23.50

Code: May09-E201

These Tomasi Murano Venetian Glass are stunning and come with certification .
Made with Swarovski and 14ct Gold filled wires.

Price: $53.00 (SOLD)
Code: MAY09-E202

Swarovski Tear drops and crystals with 14ct gold filled wires.
These are so beautiful, perhaps a great bridemaid gift./

Price: $29.00
Code: MAY09-203

Purple Czech Glass and non-tarnish wires.
Very beautiful

Price: $20.00 left , $19.00 Right
Code: MAy09-E204

Left or right

These are a great pair of casual earrings, made with Surgicla steel wires

Price: $18.50
Code: MAY09-E205

Braclet and earring set. Lampwork, fresh water pearls and Czech.
Price: $39.00 for the set
Code: MAY09-E206

Purple Lace Agate .
Price: $12.00

Cheers for now.


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